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U-Ram Choe: New Urban Species Exhibition


U-Ram Choe: New Urban Species is on view at the Frist Center through May 16, 2010.

Korean artist U-Ram Choes kinetic sculptures are made of delicately curved sections of wrought metal, joined together in movable parts that are driven by motors to expand, contract, or otherwise suggest the autonomic motions of such primitive life forms as plants and single-celled aquatic creatures. The intricate workmanship and graceful movements of these mechanical sculptures offer viewers an unparalleled visual delight.


Chuck Beard

Video by Hans Schmitt. Matzen


Everyone knows Custer died at Little Bighorn. What this art show presupposes is…maybe he didn’t?

Have you ever wondered what Willy Wonka’s fallback plan would have been if that whole chocolate thing with golden tickets promotional stunt hadn’t caught on at the time it had? Or what did Mr. Rogers do after he changed his shoes for the 4th time of the day and put on his going out on the town Cosby sweater? Well, no need to wonder any longer. Thanks to artist Jeff Bertrand and a fantastic group of artists gathering together this Saturday at Studio 83, they will give you a good picture or two of such answers you’ve possibly/randomly searched for while spotting reruns of your favorite children’s TV icons after they’ve long left the boob tube of your parents’ living room.

Alongside the rest of the East Nashville Art Stroll this Saturday, March 27th, Studio 83 is more than excited to give Jeff Bertrand the opportunity to curate a magical art tour called 5 Themes/15 Artists. From 5-10pm, admission is free for all those who are curious at all to find out just what the Garbage Pail Kids have been up to since the 1980’s, who else Dorothy and her crew met along the yellow brick road to Oz (the deleted scenes if you will), and many other topics that are near and dear to your hearts and imagination that long to be sparked.

You may still be asking yourself, what’s really behind the curtain of the title of 5 Themes/15 Artists besides the obvious of it consisting of 15 artists. To somewhat clarify, Bertrand has presented the various participating artists with the objective of putting their own spin on each theme via their own art (one intriguing theme that might catch your fancy being “previous jobs held by your favorite children’s TV icons”). And with such a stellar line-up of talent hailing from all around the Nashville area consisting of Memphis-based illustrator Michelle Duckworth, painter and graphic designer Heather Crook, Savannah College of Art and Design graduate Anjeanette Illustration, pop surrealist Brandt Hardin, watercolor painter Aimee Davidson, acrylic and watercolor painter Charles V. Bennett, Icon Tattoo artists Rachel Napier and Shannon Wages (founding members of Bad Apple Art Studio), Kustom Thrills tattoo artist Jonny Lashley, acrylic and foam-core creator Dustin Dirt, local hit Brenan Sharp, Erin Lord, Brooke E., and caricature-illustrator Randy McQuien, JR, you are sure to see a combination of works that will make you laugh, cry, smile and cringe and everything in between within your personal curiosity, intrigue and imagination all at the same time!

I can’t think of much else that cost nothing on a Saturday night that can give you this much entertainment. I shouldn’t forget to reveal that Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School of Nashville, hosted by Larry and Lolly Lehmann, will also be very much present and have a ‘class’ consisting of anything from a burlesque model to a roller derby girl and possibly even a trapeze artist modeling for those (anyone, even if you don’t consider yourself an artist can participate) attempting to create their best interpretation of the models. Did I mention that they are giving prizes away to several participants throughout the class?!

So whether the weather is as nice as last Saturday or not, make the time to meander down the East Nashville Art Stroll and hit up the rest of the magical art tour of Art & Invention Gallery, Billups Art, Bongo Java, Fanny’s House of Music, Open Lot, and the rest of the crew on your way down the road to finish your night at Studio 83. You won’t regret it!

Chuck Beard


Take a seat, any seat, and give to the best chair-ity in town

Hello, Spring. Hello, better weather and sporting shorts outdoors every day. Hello, flip flops (Wait; who am I kidding? I wear flip flops in the snow). Anyways … hello, avid examiner reader, YOU! Boy oh boy (and girls) do I have a great event to share with you and all those altruistic souls out there this Thursday. Wait for it; wait for it.

Here it be. You are cordially invited to click THIS and register online to attend and participate in the 14th Annual Chair-ish The Kids event presented by HCA/TriStar to benefit the Kids on the Block organization. Located at the Loveless Barn this Thursday, March 25th, this annual art auction held every Spring is quickly becoming one of the premier events on the Nashville social circuit. Whether you are an art collector, enjoy great evenings for good causes, or have an inkling of compassion at all, this will be THE event to attend.

If you find it in your time and heart to make the effort to attend and help this event, you will be in for a delightful treat; a gift that keeps on giving if you will. The fundraiser is a live and silent auction of one-of-a-kind chairs, chair-themed art and other types of artwork and jewelry. Local artists are invited to participate and donate their talents in order to create and/or decorate chairs, furniture, sculptures, paintings, photographs and any other art medium in order to entice the rest of us to reach into our pockets and give a little bit of paper that goes a longer way than what we were probably going to use it for otherwise (just a relative guestimation of course).

I don’t really have too much else to say about this incredible event that you all should attend. Quite frankly, I think it speaks for itself. Again; if you’d like to register and attend, click HERE or contact Erin Daunic at Kids on the Block. And if you haven’t clicked HERE yet, I should tell you that this year’s warm-hearted Nashville-based list of artists that have donated their chair-ity gifts are the following: Aaron and Michelle Grayum, Sarah Shearer, Emily Harper Beard (ef harper), Jodi Reeves, Andee Rudloff, Herb Williams, Jack Spencer, Stacey Irvin, Sherri Warner Hunter and the legendary Don Evans! Not to mention that they will have featured judges including Landry Butler, John Reed and Susan Shockley. Now if that group of people doesn’t instantly put a smile on your face then I’m afraid what we have here is a YOU problem. Seriously, cheer up and pull a chair on over and sit with the rest of us trying to make this city a better place to live in.

What are you waiting for?!  Click THIS now, por favor.

For more information:

Free for the family … and anyone who is interested in anything but NCAA Basketball for that matter

If you are not the most avid NCAA Men’s Basketball fan that has already scheduled the entire weekend around trips to the store in between the games you have highlighted on your many brackets, or want to get out on the city of Nashville to enjoy the warmer weather without the sea of UK blue smacking you in the face around every corner, then you might be a wee bit interested in the two events that I am about to share with you for Saturday. Both are family oriented in their own right and sure-fire ways to make anyone with a pulse have a smile on their face.

Before any of the games even begin (I think) on Saturday, March 20, from 11am-2pm, why not come join others at the Bicentennial Mall to join together in fighting childhood obesity. How are we going to do that you may be asking yourself as you sit at your computer with or without your bag of Bugles (boy oh boy did I love those things before or after playing outdoors all day long- for the record, I am currently Bugle-less)? Well, I’ll tell you just how and how easy it is.

Come down to the Bicentennial Mall for the first KITES and KIDS Day! Get up off your couch and get moving; get moved by bringing your kite, your family, your lawn chairs, or just your enthusiasm to help others enjoy the outdoors and good company. Side note: They are still looking for extra volunteers, sponsors for food, T-shirts, Music and kites aside from just numbers showing up to support the inaugural event. If you have any or all of the above, you can contact State Representative Brenda Gilmore (615-876-3665), Council Lady Erica Gilmore (615-248-8852) or Fantasia in Red Lois Winston (615-876-6358).

And just as you are about to head home after flying your kite in order to catch the highlights of the morning games and previews for the night games to follow, remember that ESPN will show all of the highlights from every game under the sun on Sunday morning if you decide to also take me up the following gem of an event downtown. Located in the heart of The Rymer Gallery, the musical duo Quote are planning an exceptional CD release of their latest work, “A Deeper Green.” Alongside art of Nashville-based artists and fellow Quote collaborators L.A. Bachman and Casey Pierce, Jamie Bennett and Justin Tam are coming full circle from their first debuted project at The Rymer Gallery nearly two years ago. This Saturday, from 7pm-10pm at The Rymer Gallery, admission is FREE (I repeat … admission is FREE) for all those interested in coming out to witness another inspiring interactive exhibition with fresh music.

So, regardless of whether the weather is better outside the comfort of your own living room or sports dive with a big screen, realize that by thinking outside of the television box and participating in either or both of the events mentioned above (or just a walk around the Shelby Bottoms Greenway for that matter) that regardless of the final score … YOU WIN!

Chuck Beard

Don’t forget to sport your GREEN!

If you aren’t the most celebratory person on the day of a saint called Patrick that I’ve never met (Not that I have met many or any, but I do know a few saintly Patricks) that is honored by wearing green, pinching people who forget to do so, and drinking green beers provided for one night only in every restaurant/bar/café East and West of the Mississippi, then I have something that you can toast with me. You can take a moment to give thanks to the life and art and BIRTHDAY of my good friend, and one-of-a-kind photographer, Stacey Irvin.

Not to say that I can say where she will be kicking another year to the curb with a smile, but I can tell you that she would appreciate very much the thought of you sending positive birthday wishes her way. She would rather you give to charity than send her a gift, but if you take a second while checking your email or reading this story to look over Stacey’s recent write-up in last month’s Nashville Arts Magazine or ride a wave of fun while surfing across her brand new website I’m sure that would certainly make her day.

Tomorrow’s spin around the Earth, and this coming year’s lap around the Sun for that matter, is sure to be the best one yet for Stacey. With a new website, a fresh calendar continually being filled with more excursions and world travels, and the know how to never forget to wear green on her birthday, Stacey is on top of her game and knows where she wants to go. So raise your green beer or juice and let’s all toast to a great day, a great year and a great person.

Cheers to Stacey!

PS– If you don’t have plans for Thursday night other than watching The Office or catching up on the latest podcast from Steve Gorman Sports, then I highly suggest that you see a perfectly unique blend of Nashville’s music and art scene all in one. Don’t be scared to run by Simon Ripley’s Music and Art this Thursday, March 18th at 6pm to see “Piano and Paint: Art and Performance by Rachel Kice.” Kice will create a painting during a solo piano performance by Ripley. Hey, you can TEVO the shows and catch up on the podcast for the after-party if you really think clearly about it after the green haze that St. Patty hits you with tomorrow.

Chuck Beard

When I took this non-Facebook quiz, I was Achilles

If you have not already filled your schedule or conference brackets this weekend with immense amounts of time and money at the 2010 SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament, I suggest that you spend nothing at all and get everyone you know on over to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts for some priceless entertainment for the entire family. That’s right, I said that it won’t cost you a dime! Not to mention, you have two opportunities this weekend to make the most of the excellence that the Frist is practically giving away.

First of all, the weather forecast is calling for rain filled with cats and dogs this Friday night. Instead of shelling out roughly $50 for two people to go see a movie (before considering popcorn) with a plot only a teenager could like totally understand or have a Twilight attention span to follow, why not bring a busload of people down to Films at the Frist to catch a free glimpse of a modern day epic film that relates to a popular current exhibit. I’m talking about being able to watch the movie 300 in a wonderful auditorium this Friday, March 12, at 7pm. Not to mention if you come early while the gallery hours are open, you can like totally school your friends and family with the Frist’s Heroes: Mortals and Myths in Ancient Greece exhibit that is running thru April 25. Consider it an stellar 3-D preview for the movie that follows.

Then, after you make it through Saturday’s March Madness that will surely rock your team and world after the University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball Squad handily marches its way through the prequel to the big dance (I’m not the biggest fan of any of them, but a lot of my friends are!), why not spend some more time at the Frist on Sunday, March 14, at 3pm to wind down from the events of the fun-filled rainy weekend with some Jazz music. Jazz on the Move: The Life and Music of John Coltrane with Rahsaan Barber & Friends is also in the Frist’s Auditorium and is also absolutely FREE of charge! Presented by the Nashville Jazz Workshop and the Frist Center, this concert is made possible by an Arts Builds Communities (ABC) grant from the Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission in cooperation with the Tennessee Arts Commission.

Can you think of any better way to chill out on one of the first Sundays of Spring? Wait; don’t answer that! Since we all know there’s not much better quality of any kind of art in Nashville than the Frist, and when this weekend in particular the price is definitely just right, you really have no excuse but to come on down! 

Chuck Beard

Image:Aged Herakles, first century BCE – first century CE. Bronze, H:16 15/16 x W: 9 3/8 x D:3 11/16. The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore


A clip of Annette Strean  of Venus Hum performing at a Haiti relief benefit concert in Montana. Enjoy!

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