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A little bit of a lot is kinda like chicken soup for your clock!

Yes, thanks to Modern Family returning this week I am obviously in quite the festive mood. This weekend not only contains my youngest brother’s 21st birthday celebration (which I hope my other brother will help contain to an extent), but it is filled with a plethora of artistic celebrations throughout the city of Nashville at every turn you wish to take. As promised in the title, I will try to show a little bit about a lot of stuff going down that is just what you want to see.

To kick things off for an appetizer, why not stroll on over to The Rymer Gallery for their cordial See, Sip, and Support party to honor their 3rd anniversary-which oddly enough coincides with that of Jack Daniel’s 160th birthday as well! Friday, September 24th, from 6-9pm, The Rymer is featuring new works to SEE by Charles Clary while you people of age might SIP a little taste of Jack Daniel’s 160th Birthday Bottle as you learn about the delicate process behind this esteemed Tennessee whiskey and SUPPORT more flood relief by purchasing artwork (10% of all art sales from the event is going directly towards The Community Foundation’s Flood Relief Fund.

If you then wake up on Saturday with the feeling like last night’s party was just that, a perfect appetizer for the rest of the weekend, then you are in for a treat. And speaking of treats and parties, Saturday marks the 2nd birthday of Kat Martin’s petastic doggie bakery, See Spot Eat. With free pupsicles & pupcakes, contests, games, prizes, ice cream, and lots of more fun galore, why not jumpstart your Saturday, any time from 11am-5 pm at 2815 Bransford Avenue, to help make See Spot Eat’s 2nd Birthday PaWty the best dog gone party you’ve ever been to … ever!

After you and your little dog leave the pawty on Bransford, your chariot awaits for you to drive on over to see Alphabet Art from 2-4pm at the Out Central Cultural Center at 1709 Church Street. Simply put, the Music City Sisters have put together quite the show that will teach you how to spell fun. And after you leave there, you can rest for a second at Cloud 12 Gallery at Wonders on Woodland (1110 Woodland Street) as they present The Artistry of Mid-Century Modern Chairs. This wonderful concept at Wonders on Woodland is an exhibit and sale of important chairs from the 1950’s and 1960’s from such distinguished designers as Hans Wegner, Adrian Pearsall, Nana Dietzel, Grete Jalk and equally cool chairs by other well-known and unknown designers.

But trust me, when the music stops at Wonderland, don’t worry if there aren’t any seats left to sit in for if you travel to the wonder in the world next door at Art & Invention Gallery, you will find a treasure not too far away from Never Never Land. Meg has once again opened her doors to the dynamic Proto Pulp-Classic Books of the Future. Running from September 18th-October 17th, this Saturday, September 25th, from 6-9pm, marks the public open reception for this year’s stellar line-up of children’s book authors that you’ll soon hear about all over the place. This year’s featured artists are Julie Sola, Greg Morneau, Bill Elliott, Bethany Taylor, and Athena Workman.

Proto Pulp is different from other exhibits that I’ve ever seen because not all of the ideas are finished on the shelves or walls. It is true that each of the participating artists are aspiring children’s book authors in their own rights, yet the exhibit is a mix of several completed book projects alongside various pieces of art, designs and prototypes for future books to be completed whenever they get completed. One book that I’d like to feature because I was privy to a sneak preview of the finished product that will be on sale at Art & Invention Gallery is Little Girls are Evil written and illustrated by Athena Workman. Having dedicated this extraordinary work to her two daughters who Workman admits is ‘more sweet than evil,’ Workman creates 26 alphabetical characters and worlds that each have characters and worlds of their own. Reminiscent of Shel Silverstein’s universally classic imagery mixed with Edgar Allen Poe’s clever play on words, Workman has drawn a pretty picture of some little girls that don’t always like to paint pretty pictures for others outside of their worlds. From Agatha Ackerbury to Zelda Zoetrope and everyone in between (my favorite is Cordelia Coppersloth), take a look, its in this book, its nothing like Reading Rainbow has ever seen or suggested before … and that’s a great thing, here!

So whether you are turning 2, 3, 29 or 160 and/or looking for a party, pawty, or anything good to get into this weekend, take a peek at all of the above at the very least and just try to have a bad time … you can’t! And if you don’t want to go anywhere else but one place for the duration of the entire weekend without traveling, you can just plop yourself at the 32nd Annual TACA Fall Craft Fair at Centennial Park. I highly suggest you check out Booth A88, where Friday (from 10am-6pm), Saturday (from 10am-6pm), and Sunday (from 10am-5pm) you’ll find the ever so delightful and creativity of Lindatwist Jewelry and Twisted Sisters Art creations alongside others.

Whatever you get into, be well to each other and enjoy safe travels.
As you were, busy but happy!

Chuck Beard


Art surrounding the Nashville road tips and trips all around town

Sometimes you have to step outside of your comfort zone to learn things about yourself and to truly see how lucky you are most of the time without really knowing or thinking about it constantly. That said, occasionally I like to venture outside of the Nashville city limits to peruse through other rural and urban art worlds that surround our thriving local art scene to see just how we are and to observe how wonferfully Nashville’s influence extends and is pleasantly affected by those close to us. I find it both refreshing and inspiring to say the least.

This weekend, as the sun continues to shine and the cool fall breeze rolls off the Cumberland River and down the street where you live, let it take you away. Near or far, it does not matter, but let it take you away. I have a few spots that some friends have mentioned to me that might just peak your interests and allow you the time to get back by Sunday’s final football game without stress.

If you find yourself driving down the road around the general area of Old Fort Park in Murfreesboro, TN, on Saturday, September 18th, say around 10am-4pm, then you’ll drive smack dab into the Greenway Art Festival. Free attendance for the public, you will be amazed by an extraordinary gathering of the finest artisans in Middle Tennessee. The annual event, which expands by the year in talent and numbers, will display and sell works of oils, acrylics, watercolors, pottery, sculpture, glass and more in countless artist booths. With enough art to satisfy your creative hunger, there will also be trailside music, food vendors, and activities for children that make it the perfect locale for your entire family to relax and enjoy a care-free picnic that is sure to rival any plans you have of just sitting in the backyard mowing your grass all day long.

If the winds blow you up north by chance, wouldn’t you know that there is another unique and exceptional art show that will hit you close to home? Yes; the answer is yes, you will know about it. Artists On Main Painting Society has scheduled an art show called 100 for 100. Located at 214 North Main Street in Goodlettsville, TN, on Saturday, September 18th from 9am-5pm and Sunday, September 19th from 11am-4pm, 25 percent of all sales will go directly to Hands On Nashville designated to help for the recent flood victims in Tennessee. Not only will proceeds go towards a noble cause, but the thing about this exhibit is that it prides itself on featuring and providing affordable art pieces by local artists for all art lovers. There will be no excuse why every attendee, including the young and novice buyer, can’t or won’t be able to leave with the piece of art that they fall in love with and feel they must have in their home. With 100 pieces of art for less than $100, artists doing ‘live’ paintings during both days of the event, live music, refreshments (also including and never excluding wine tasting), and larger/more pricey work also on display inside the gallery as well, this event is destined to give everyone a heartwarming experience and relief from the flood that touched all of us in the area.

And if the wind blows you even farther to the north, and you have already been privy to experience CreekFest , Harvest, or any other delightful night off of Penny Lane, then know you are more than likely more than welcome to join the work party for CreekFest 2010 fast approaching. I’m sure Richard won’t mind an extra helping hand preparing for the annual fun as long as the only thing you bring is a positive attitude and the only thing you take are good memories and an impeccable friendship.

As for me, I’ll continue to do the best I can and hope that my friends, family, and our beloved Titans do the same! Whatever you get into, be safe and enjoy your time. You can’t get it back once it’s gone so make it all count. Maybe I’ll see you around town, but if not know I’ll be back here soon enough to give you the scoop on everything going down next weekend. Until then … take care and thanks for sharing the good word about the heART of Nashville.

Chuck Beard