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The Birth of Impressionism: Masterpieces from the Musée d’Orsay at the Frist Center in Nashville


Giving thanks for Thanksgiving’s sake

The time has finally arrived.  My wife and I have been busy for months in our kitchen (literally) preparing the most special holiday meal for you. This Thanksgiving we are serving the best gift for any lover of Nashville and its arts that will keep on giving long after all of your turkey is gobble gobbled and your stuffing has stuffed you beyond your biggest belt size.  Don’t ever let me lead you astray; I’m not going to distract or take you away from your quality family time that you’ve been planning for weeks and weeks upon end now.  No; this announcement now is like the ultimate gravy on top of a mountainous weekend of your favorite homemade mashed potatoes.  With football and family as your two sides, let this special announcement take you to places you never imagined possible before … albeit with fresh biscuit wheels to get you there faster (or scones if you prefer).

Hot off the stove, onto your computer here before you, and smack dab in the press, Emily and I have joined our passions for our own creative endeavors and the ever-growing Nashville arts scene into one definitive website.  Appropriately titled The heART of Nashville, you have three doors to enter in no particular rank or order.  On the left, you have the writer (that’s mE!).  On the right, you have the artist (that’s Emily!).  And in the middle, you have a heart … the heART of Nashville.  Excited yet?!  Check your own vitals and please continue.

You’ll notice that when you click on the heart in the middle of the page that you are fully capable of unlocking the magical art world that awaits you inside if you so choose to enter and instantly be wowed beyond belief.   I don’t want to necessarily spill the milk, the beans, or anything else similar to telling you that the Titanic does indeed sink while The Great Pumpkin never makes an appearance, but I can reveal to you that this website and electric A-venue has been a long time coming since the first time I had the thought. 

In a time where we can IM friends in Africa, sell trinkets to strangers in China, and Google anything under the sun, I found it highly frustrating that I could not find a one-stop shop to easily search for and navigate through the wonderment of all that inspires mE within the world of Nashville I currently reside in and am in awe by on a daily basis.  On top of that, I do throw hissy fits within the confines of other sites at times when they happen to be under construction at just the time I’m trying to post new stories.  So, to bring instant relief for this or any future headache, my wife and I began to formulate a plan.  This is our plan.

Inside The heART of Nashville, you will be able to read up on special events happening all around you by multi-talented people we are fortunate enough to call friends.  You will be able to scroll down the side of the page and peruse through two very important lists: a list of links for every art gallery or art worthy location within the city as well as a list of links for every artist that we know around town (Side note-if you are reading this and notice that we have left you off the list as of now, please contact mE via my website link and let me know.  We did our best in collecting names and websites, but many of our friends and fellow artists either did not have a functional website or a link known whatsoever besides their Facebook account.  That said, we’d prefer to put links for people to click and instantly have access to view your wonderful work without passwords or private settings involved.  Feel free to meet us halfway).

On top of the things mentioned above, we also plan on creating small videos in accordance with artists that meet us halfway when called upon to feature interviews, creative conversations, and showcase old and new works on the scene’s horizon.  We are open for suggestions, comments, and compliments after you take the time to view our initial vision.  We are very excited about this venture and quite honestly so excited that we couldn’t hold it in for ourselves any longer than we have already.  We know that it will take a village to succeed, and we hope to grow side by side with this village we now call home.

And speaking of home, this weekend also marks an opening reception for one of those said artists inside The heART of Nashville with one of the biggest hearts of them all.  Lori Anne Parker is proud to present, in conjunction with Talula Gallery’s holiday show, an exhibition of her work called “The Motion of Home”.  Hitting close to our home, Parker will take you on a twist of the traditional neighborhood tour of homes.  Parker provides a mix of work including various oil paintings from her 2008 East Nashville House Series, as well as large-format works that explore the meaning and phenomenology of home.  Also at Talula’s Gallery, you can partake in their “These are a Few of my Greenest Thing”, a cash-and-carry holiday show of artistic goodness made with recycled, upcycled, earth conscience and found objects.  Both exhibitions open this Saturday, November 27, from 6-9pm during the ArtEast gallery crawl for East Nashville.

So get out there and help The heART of Nashville even more so than usual.  We are very fortunate to be surrounded with so much promise and hope, and I’m not just talking about the artwork and the people that make/share it.  Without your help, we don’t have a pulse.  Let’s make it happen … starting with this jumpstart shock now.  And for that, I truly give you thanks.

As you were, busy but happy.

Much love,

PS- If you don’t get your fill of food on Thursday, I can’t think of a better place to go in Nashville this Friday at 6pm (or any day for that matter) for a quality Shepherd’s Pie than The Family Wash.  You’ll have a solid selection of spirits to choose from, listen to the superb sounds of The Gypsy Hombres live, and get a first look at new works from the legendary artist Franne Lee.  You may have heard of her from such works as costume designer for SNL in its beginning heyday, one of the founders of Plowhaus Artists’ Cooperative, and much much more.  Lee’s latest works up at The Family Wash from Friday, November 26th thru Christmas are called “The OMO Factor” are portrait paintings of children of the OMO Tribes who live in Southern Ethiopia.  It’s a holiday treat outside the box and worth the visit to the Wash any chance you can.

How to follow aMazing

So how do you follow-up an amazing weekend filled with friends, love, music, art and more goodwill than you could fit into an actual Goodwill? That is a very good question. The answer is that it is very tough to follow-up an amazing weekend filled with friends, love, music, art and more goodwill than you could fit into an actual Goodwill. But, as is all of life; we just do it. Somehow, we find ways to surprise ourselves and those around us while smiling all along.

First of all, I would be totally remiss if I didn’t give a personal shout out to the work and success that Nashville’s PR Queens of Amy Hall, Genma Holmes, and Emily Harper Beard did this past weekend for Joseph Hazelwood’s CD release (a must have by the way), the benefit event at The Rutledge, and every other single thing they do on a daily basis for the betterment of Nashville without getting the pay or the credit they deserve. Basically, a simple thank you didn’t seem enough for the buzz they created this past weekend.

"This Woman's Work" by Emily Harper

That said, why not start this coming follow-up week of art by spreading the word and showing up this Thursday, November 18th, to the PEG Studio (120 White Bridge Road-Campus of Nashville State Community College) to shine a little light on the latest artwork for Emily Harper Beard (in case you forgot how good her actual art is when she’s not spotlighting all her friends), Miranda Crump (a modern day Picasso with a pen), and William “Dooby” Tomkins, Jr. (Dooby Dooby doing it oh so well). From 5:30-7:30pm, please find the time to stop by this wonderful open house celebration on behalf of NECAT Network (Nashville Education Community & Arts Television). You will be able to take a tour of our revamped studio, meet their staff and producers, enjoy refreshments from several local vendors and learn about the exciting new developments at NECAT. You will enjoy some stellar art and surround yourself with the live music from The Vespers. You can TeVo The Office and Grey’s Anatomy; this is one show that deserves your attention and credit. PS the fact I’ll be there too (because I want to be). Side note, you should RSVP for free for this event at if you have an inkling, tingling feeling that you might attend.

Then, just as your traditional weekend begins, if you wish to hit the ground running on a wee road trip, you can certainly find enjoyment in introducing yourself to the photography of David Robert Farmerie. This Friday, November 19th, at 7pm, in Custom’s House Museum (200 South 2nd Street, Clarksville, TN), you will smile upon coming face to print with An American Tradition: A Photographic Exhibition by David Robert Farmerie. An American Tradition is a photographic and video documentary on the culture of tobacco farming and families who work the land. The project is focused on the Middle Tennessee area, two years on the making, and worth the time it takes to get there for the opening evening to celebrate the culmination of all of David’s hard work and art.

Upon returning to Nashville for a Saturday, SATURDAY, Saturday of fun, you once again have many options for your art du jour.

First up, (trick question alert) who doesn’t like an Artsy Chicks Art Sale?! That’s right; everyone loves an Artsy Chicks Art Sale! This Saturday, November 20th, 10 am-4pm, at The World Famous Station Inn (402 12th Avenue South) is proud to present 18 women artisans, crafters, painters, jewelry makers and one fabulous cook. The Station Inn will be transformed by more than one lady’s touch and give you more than an ample enough selection for early Christmas gifts if that might be something you are looking for already.

Second across, step into pre-medieval times at The Parthenon’s West Gallery to see Testimony: a new exhibition of artwork by Nashville artist Deneen Coleman-Ruff. Lacking any formal art education, and having overcome immense obstacles in her journey, faith and art have been her salvation. Testimony, nine works on paper and one quilt, is a reflection of raw talent that is not only fantastic to look at but is also socially conscience at the same time. The exhibition will run through March 5th of next year, but this Saturday, November 20th, the artist will be in the gallery to meet and greet guests on the first day of her exhibit from 1-4pm.

Third down, I definitely won’t be alone when saying I’m down to go to the Southern Culture Lowbrow Extravaganza Part II on Saturday, November 20th, at 1330 Dickerson Pike. Beginning at 6pm, a perfect blend of local visual artists and musicians will come together for a night of satirical celebration of all things southern. Such topics as southern food, slang, hot rods, stereotypes and everything else south will be featured visually against a soundtrack by Decatur, Alabama’s Barnstormers. Filled with photography, traditional paintings and illustrations, to sculpture and design to boot, Dustin Dirt!, Jeff Bertrand, Brooke E, Erin Lord and much more is back with more southern satire to keep this us smiling and laughing at and with the honky-tonks down the street. Did I mention the event is FREE to attend?! It is, y’all!

And instead of heading out to Cracker Barrel or Shoney’s after you get out of church or bed Sunday, November 21st to catch up on the gossip you missed this past week, you can round out your weekend by fitting in one more gallery hop to the mix. At New Studio! (117 30th Avenue South), from noon-8pm, relax and take in the recent paintings of the always creatively exquisite Sarah Kaufman along with her dear friend and wonderful artist in her own right, Susan Ruth. These new works will allow you to kick back and take in the beauty of all that you’ve seen and done this coming weekend while preparing yourself for the next follow-up week ahead of us all with complete calm and focus.

I hope you enjoy any and all of the above and continue to come back to check in what people are telling me what fun is all around us on a daily basis. Be safe and take care of yourself and others. That is all; more sure to come soon enough.

As you were, busy but happy!

Chuck Beard

Cancer Benefit at The Rutledge Combined Art and Music

Nashville grassroots nonprofit Adventures Inside a Campus for a Cure hosted an evening of art, music and conversation about cancer at The Rutledge Fri., Nov. 12, 2010. The evening featured works from local artist Jeff Bertrand and performances by Venus Hum, Starlume and Trenton, with all proceeds from the door benefiting Gilda’s Club of Nashville.

 “The mission of Adventures Inside a Campus for a Cure is not to find a cure for cancer directly, although we would all love for that to happen, but to ‘cure’ the lack of dialogue about this all-too-common disease,” said Campus for a Cure’s Founder and President Chuck Beard.

The evening of art, music and discussion kicked off with an artist reception by mixed-media visual artist Jeff Bertrand, followed by three hours of some of the area’s finest music. In between sets, those who have been affected by cancer were invited to the stage to share their testimonials.

“Daddy, Daddy, why didn’t you tell us you had  pancreatic cancer?” was a question Nashville activist, Genma Holmes, and the audience asked as part of an interactive conversation with her deceased grandfather. “If you had told us you had cancer we could have helped you.”

Holmes’ conversation was followed by the personal statements of both cancer survivor Molly Secours and artist Jeff Bertrand. Currently, Bertrand’s father is battling cancer. Proceeds from the sale of Bertrand’s work at the event will go towards his father’s medical bills.

Jeff Bertrand image courtesy of John Brassil

Trenton kicked off the evening with their uplifting tunes. Voted Best Local Band in

Nashville in 2009 and runner up to Kings of Leon in 2010, Starlume followed with their accessible-pop, darker overtones, and full, cinematic sound.

Starlume image courtesy of John Brassil

Venus Hum rounded up the evening’s musical line-up with the eclectic electronic stylings of Kip Kubin and Tony Miracle merging with the powerful yet angelic vocals of Annette Strean. The band was formed in Nashville more than 10 years ago and is now geographically separated–with Strean living in New York, Kubin remaining in Nashville and Miracle in the Midwest–but they reunited for this rare Tennessee show.

Venus Hum image courtesy of John Brassil

“‘Cancer’ is a big, scary word.” Beard concluded. “We believe that the more we can create a platform for conversation about it, the more barriers will crumble and the more hope and resources will rise above despair.”

Christmas done come early this week y’all

As soon as I stepped outside on my front porch this past weekend to sweep out the pumpkins and Halloween remains off to the side, it struck me right in the face. Not a few houses to my left was the glare of Christmas lights. I mean … really. Living on the east side of Nashville, I’m plenty familiar with seeing Christmas sales pop up at general stores in the early fall, people celebrating half birthday parties every other weekend and what I can only imagine are Halloween costumes all year round (whether they are celebrating the actual spooky holiday or making a statement for their next indie album out that very night). I would like to remember and cherish my childhood where we all politely hid our excitement in getting gifts from our individual lists for Jesus’ birthday (Didn’t he get the shaft on that deal, eh?) at the very least until after we had given each other all the proper thanks that we all deserved for Thanksgiving. So before I let myself skip over my personal favorite holiday like so many others in my neck of the woods, I’d like to give Thanksgiving its early due by giving you more than enough chances this week to show your thanks to people that truly deserve it.

First up, patiently waiting in line for his due respect and thanks, I present to you the humble, yet mighty and bearded, Joseph Hazelwood; Joseph Hazelwood from Mister Hazelwood and the New Transcendentalists to be specific. Please don’t kid yourself; it is by no means a mistake by destiny and your journey crossing each others paths that Mister Hazelwood has chosen the date of 11/11 this coming Thursday, November 11th, to release his latest and greatest musical experience to date. In honor of celebrating such a monumental bucket list item for many others who wish to be as inspiring as Mister Hazelwood (trust me, come listen to him once and you’ll be hooked like a fish out of water), Joseph is having a special CD release party at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. Joseph’s first solo album, The Golden Age, produced on Music Row, seems beyond clichés to have caught lightning in a bottle; completed in only three sessions with as many as eight musicians simultaneously performing live at any given time. The finished product is something extraordinarily pure and to be very proud of. Please take a moment this Thursday, at 6pm, in the Frist Center’s Café to witness firsthand the launch of something special.

Then, when you awake to the day that I’ve been looking forward to for months now, you can jump on this bandwagon and meet me at The Rutledge starting at 8pm, this Friday, November 12th to be a part of something greater than ourselves. Adventures Inside a Campus for a Cure, Inc, a non-profit that Andee Rudloff, Johnny Phillips, Matt Baker and I started a few years back in Kentucky and have now finally allowed the stars to align for a proper introduction to Music City. Being a grassroots organization that raises money and awareness for Cancer research and benefit groups while providing education and enlightening art and music via dynamic events, we are proudly bringing together a life force line-up of guest speakers and musical acts and artwork to you for the mere price of $10 at the door. Honored by this week’s Critic’s Pick, all of the money raised at the door will go directly to Nashville’s Gilda’s Club and the artwork and prints sold will help provide much needed relief to the featured artist, Jeff Bertrand’s father’s cancer treatment that he’s currently, bravely fighting head-on. With an artist’s reception for Jeff beginning at 8pm, the music of Trenton at 9pm, Starlume at 10pm, and legendary Venus Hum at 11pm, you have absolutely no reason to stay home and miss out on one of the best overall combination nights of art and music this city has seen in a Halley’s Comet while (Can you sense that I’m bias?). We will have the very funny and witty Rod Jones as emcee and a few special cancer surviving speakers to share their stories throughout the night. Again, you have no valid reason not to be there. I really hope to see you at the door … and then again on the dance floor. There’s nothing like dancing for a good cause, ya know.

And by Sunday, the Titans shall rest for their bye week. You and I should not. After Friday’s extravaganza at The Rutledge, you have two chances the rest of the weekend to visit Studio East’s exhibition opening called FRAMED: Works by Erin Brady Worsham. If you are up and at’em Saturday night at 5:30pm, you are more than invited and welcome to come over to celebrate the remarkable talent and indomitable spirit of Erin Brady Worsham. Worsham, a nationally recognized artist, who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease 16 years ago and has been confined to a wheelchair ever since, uses humor and the element of surprise in her art to encourage the viewer to focus only on the positivity of their lives. With Worsham’s personal, inspirational story as an example of triumph of the human spirit, it won’t be hard to find your own inspiration if you make the journey to Studio East. All proceeds from sales (and donations) during this exhibition will go directly to help the Worsham family during these tough economic and flood relief times of which both became disturbing factors in Worsham’s world this year. Again, if you can’t make it by Saturday and decide not to rest like the Titans on Sunday, you are again more than happily invited to Studio East again on Sunday, November 14th, from 1:30-4pm. If anything, it’s always refreshing to drop by and see Stacey smiling.

So as you can see above, you have plenty of things to be thankful for in your life this week among all the others and a good enough reason to help me start the celebration of Thanksgiving before we just throw in the lists for things we won’t need after the bell tolls December 26th. I think you would agree with me that it’s about perfect timing to start giving thanks to those who truly need it. I hope to see you at all three of these events, and feel free to share this post with all of your friends who can use a little altruistic motivation proclamation.

Enjoy your day … as you were, busy but happy.

Chuck Beard

What is a plethora, boss?

A plethora is defined as 1. Superfluity or excess; overabundance or 2. An excess of blood in the circulatory system or in one organ or area. Yes, indeed; this weekend’s art scene in Nashville is a plethora of talented exhibitions that will make you the creative blood flow to your heart and head. And without further ado, I jump right into the mix for you to take full advantage or your time the next few days.

Starting today, tonight, November 4th, on a brief artistic side note, if you want a good belly laugh, why not come down to the Commodore Ballroom on Vanderbilt’s Campus (310 25th Ave. South to be specific) at 7pm’s kickoff of sorts to see me beside other good samaritans in a fashion show. Yep, I said it. Many who know me know that I am married to a woman that is very fashion forward with a hint of the elegant past. Leave it to her, in cohorts with her friend Genma Holmes, to pass on the chance at the catwalk and throw me into the spotlight to walk and dress up for a charitable cause. As part of Fashion Week Nashville, this fashion show tonight will showcase “fashion for everybody” to support the eating disorders coalition of TN. Obvious, since I apparently shop at the Big & Tall shop after my Ironman experience, it will showcase fashion for everybody of all sizes. By the way, I’ll be sporting some Nashville Clothing Company gear on top of my traditional “Chucks” if you were going to ask. In all seriousness, I am honored and happy to be a part of the fun and good cause.

Before I get into more Nashville art news, let me briefly shine a light on a fellow Nashvillian showing his art just outside of the city limits. Landry Butler, after having his opening reception last night, is currently taking charity to another level within his photography exhibition at Wired Coffee Company (699 Main Street, Hendersonville, TN). Fire Walk: The Landry Butler Photography Show will be running until the end of November with portions of the proceeds of all sales will go towards The Contributor, a worthy paper to grab at most city corners sold by and for various homeless people within our city limits.

Also tonight, November 4th, in case you decide to bail out on me and the fashion hungry, you can also drive over to the Parthenon Symposium-Sand without Lime: Building Disasters, Incompetent Architects and Construction Fraud in Ancient Rome. There, Professor John Oleson will be discussing some of the interesting reasons behind ancient building failures and just how they relate to current construction age-old problems. It will all take place at the Parthenon at 7pm, with a reception following. Admission is free, but reservations are required (862-8431).

Also, also tonight, down the street at Watkins College of Art, Design & Film, join artist Sarah Shearer and others by welcoming artist Keith Carter (not to be confused by Keith Richards but great nonetheless). This takes place at 6:30pm; also enough time to swing by the fashion show afterwards to see the final curtain call 😉

Okay; now I can get back on track to the fantastically filled art schedules and highlights. With everything pretty much starting at 6pm, Saturday, November 6th all over town, I’ll be a little bit fashion forward here and outline it all for you here below. See below:

Aaron and Michelle Grayum: The Gray Umbrella

1- Aaron and Michelle Grayum, husband and wife artists, are over the moon excited to open their exhibition of “Birds, Umbrellas, and Boundaries” at Mir Gallery. Vibrant colors alongside playful paintings and prints will lighten up your night and bring more than one smile to your face. This show will run until November 23rd this month.

2- New, independent curatorial collective COOP (made up of curators, artists, thinkers and professors determined to expand Nashville’s dialogue with contemporary art) presents Reverend Ethan Acres’ performance project “Wraslin’ with God” at the Arcade for November’s Art Crawl. The performance will take place at 7:30pm and will serve as the inaugural exhibition in COOP’s new gallery space at 75 Arcade.

3- SNAP! No, really. SNAP, a well-known collection of local photographers, are presenting their 5th Annual Pushpin Show at Ronell & Co. Art Gallery (83 Arcade), from 6-9pm. The show is a collection of SNAP’s members’ work that is displayed unmated, unmounted, and unframed with pushpins and clothespins. The show runs through the end of the month and will consists of work from 21 artists.

4- Going back to the future a tad bit in regards to order of letting your know about it here, The Rymer Gallery invites you to a private preview for Sound Spectrum: New works by Herb Williams. Friday, November 5th, from 6-8pm. You won’t have to drive 88 or miss out on the events above and below to witness this event. Witness this event.

5- Back to Saturday, November 6th, The Arts Company is throwing a two exhibitions for one month of November while exploring the nostalgia, excess, and humor of America’s culture of consumption in both “Donuts Behaving Badly and Seven Deadly Sins” side by side with “Real Housewives of the 1950’s.” Donuts is an anthropomorphic food exhibit of oil paintings by Denise Stewart-Sanabria while the Real Housewives is an exhibit of sculpture and paintings by Chris Beck. A special preview with the artists is beginning before the art crawl at 5pm and the reception for the artists is from 6-9pm. Both exhibitions continue through November 26th at 215 Fifth Avenue of the Arts, North.

And on the 7th day of the week, we decide not to rest … we decide to ROCK! That’s right, with the Titans in a bye week to rest up for Moss Mania, you have ample amount of time and energy to tailgate and gather up all your friends to come out to 3rd and Lindsley Bar and Grill for ELLE MACHO’s Rock Song Show for Radio. This Sunday, November 7th, from 8-11:30pm, let Butterfly Boucher, David Mead and Lindsay Jamieson end your weekend and jumpstart another great one ahead.

Just to make sure that ELLE MACHO’s show will transition into another superb week ahead, leave it to Malone Entertainment presenting “From Buffalo With Love” on Monday, November 8th, 2010. “From Buffalo With Love” is a music event at 12th & Porter on Monday, November 8th starting at 8pm. Musicians from Buffalo, Detroit and Nashville (such as Joseph Wooten, See Three, Bullfrog Review, Broken Arrow Blues Band, Myron and the ID and many others) are aspiring to raise awareness and funds to help replace what was lost and support long term flood recovery for those affected by the devastating floods this past spring in Nashville. Malone Entertainment hopes to gather donated musical instruments, music equipment, and monetary donations around a silent auction in which all local businesses are encouraged to participate who wish to do so. All proceeds from the sponsored event will be donated to MusiCares and the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

And if that’s not enough for you to take in all at once for the weekend ahead, I’ll remind you that next Friday, you should definitely clear your schedule to come out to The Rutledge on November 12th, from 8pm until whenever. Adventures Inside a Campus for a Cure (a nonprofit that raises money for cancer charities and hospitals) is putting on its first event in Nashville. With the help of Jeff Bertrand’s artwork, and the musical stylings of Trenton, Starlume, and Venus Hum, and a few quality cancer surviving guest speakers, the door money will go towards the Nashville Chapter of Gilda’s Club and the artwork proceeds will go towards Jeff’s Dad’s chemo treatment. It will be the first of its kind in Nashville, and it will not fall short of mere amazement if you and all of your friends attend and experience the ride. It will be $10 at the door and the rest is whatever you make of it.

Chuck Beard

A trick that is sure to scare your socks (or flippy floppies) off yo feet

I kid, I kid; there’s nothing to be scared of here. This is a treat … my treat. Here, you are safe. Here, you will find out everything else fun going down this coming Halloween around Nashville other than the obvious numero uno choice of checking out the annual Guilty Pleasures’ Halloween Show (which just so happens to be this Friday, October 29th, at The Mercy Lounge/Cannery Ballroom, with doors opening at 8pm, and The Freaky Friday Halloween Party starting at 9pm alongside fellow favorite rockers My So-Called Band, Yacht Rock Revue & Glam Hammer).

Yessir indeed; this is going to be one those weekends you won’t want to just sit on the porch eating all of your own candy while judging amateur costumes up and down your street with no name unless you live on Electric Avenue (then of course you’ll be sitting on the porch eating your own candy while judging amateur costumes up and down your street while singing the song you sing every day when you come and go from your street or any street nearby).

Tonight, tonight starts the weekend with Vanderbilt University’s Fine Arts Gallery opening reception for What are they doing in there? Recent Works by the Department of Art. Filled with artwork by the faculty and staff, works range from ceramics to printmaking by some, video art by Mark Hosford, drawing and painting, mixed media, photography by others and even experiments in collaborative pyrotechnics by the legendary Don Evans (and if you’re lucky you may even get asked to carve a pumpkin with them later?. The reception, tonight from 5-7pm at the Fine Arts Gallery and the exhibition are FREE and open to the public.

Tomorrow, Friday, October 29th, aside from going to see The Guilty Pleasures among other things interesting, you should get out in your best garb and check out the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. Fridays are always a great time at the Frist to kickoff your weekend with music in the lobby, but this Friday in particular they will enlighten your day with their opening of Young Tennessee Artists:2010 Statewide Advanced Placement Studio Art. In their Conte Community Arts Gallery, the exhibition, organized by the Frist Center, is FREE to the public and is an exciting opportunity for these quality yong artists-in-the-making to showcase their works in a world-class arts center.

Then, once you’ve awoken from your slumber to the sunlight that has vanquished many a vampire and recovered enough on your feet that you danced thru the night on that you are able to leave the house and not stumble around as if you were a mummy looking for chapstick, I suggest you divide your Saturday evening fun into several locations. My I also suggest that you begin your night by stopping by 111 Woodland Street at the innovative and quaint home of Bill Brimm. Notable photographer, sculptor and furniture-maker, Brimm is ready to show some of his latest work at home during the next two weekends. This Saturday, October 30th, and next Saturday, November 6th, from 5-9pm both nights and then 1-4pm on Sunday, November 7th, you will be able to stroll through his home/studio similar to a HDTV show but 3D live and in person.
And from that locale, you are ready and in a prime location to take full advantage of ArtEast, the East Nashville Art Crawl for this month. Throughout the evening of October 30th, you can stop by a plethora of galleries such as Art & Invention, Billups Art, Open Lot, Talula Gallery and many more with special exhibitions, events, and art galore completely surrounding you. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Flip the script and make the most of every location and deal on the East side. You won’t ever be disappointed.

And just when you think you’ve gotten your fill of a Saturday night, why not let the moon light your way on towards the Hauntings at The Hermitage. On Saturday, October 30th, from 5:30-9pm (and October 31st if it happens to rain on Saturday night), it will be the 10th year in a row for Hauntings at The Hermitage: not only one of the few times they are open to the public after dark, but it is a family-filled, hauntingly fun experience at one of the country’s oldest historic site museums. There will be Hermitage mansion tours, haunted hayrides, fortune telling, chilling military reenactors, living portraits, face-painting, live music, and much, much more!

As with all of the above; I can lead you to water, but I can’t make you drink or get up off of your porch and celebrate this Halloween season like the Dunphys on Modern Family. So don’t let anyone scare you too badly this weekend. Maybe now would be a good time to surprise and scare yourself out of your normal routines and get out on the dance floors, art galleries, and historic homes and see what you can find for yourself. Who knows what’s lurking around the corner just waiting to go home with you. It may be exactly what you needed. Who knows?

Oh well, enjoy yourself and be safe. Don’t steal anyone’s candy, but also don’t hold back when giving to others … especially the ones in good costumes.
As you were, busy but happy.

ps- 2 week notice and weekly reminder to share with others!!
Go ahead and make plans to visit The Rutledge on November 12th, from 8pm until whenever. Adventures Inside a Campus for a Cure (a nonprofit that raises money for cancer charities and hospitals) is putting on its first event in Nashville. With the help of Jeff Bertrand’s artwork, and the musical stylings of Trenton, Starlume, and Venus Hum, and a few quality cancer surviving guest speakers, the door money will go towards the Nashville Chapter of Gilda’s Club and the artwork proceeds will go towards Jeff’s Dad’s chemo treatment. It will be the first of its kind in Nashville, and it will not fall short of mere amazement if you and all of your friends attend and experience the ride. It will be $10 at the door and the rest is whatever you make of it.