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The heart of the situation at hand

Hear ye, hear ye, Watkins College of Art, Design & Film has invited you, me, and everybody over tonight, January 27th, in order to find you well, stay warm, and celebrate the conclusion of their 125th Anniversary Lecture Series. As always, it is open to the public and FREE of charge. Tonight there will be a reception at 6:15pm followed by a lecture from painter TL Solien at 7pm. With art that can be found in numerous private and public collections worldwide including the Tate Gallery in London, the National Gallery in Australia, the Singapore Art Museum, among many others, Solien’s paintings are well known worldwide for mixing together familiar pop imagery inside introspective worlds of humor and drama. I have been fortunate enough to attend a handful of such lectures at Watkins in the past and I have always had great times while learning a good deal about important people in the art world gracing Nashville with their artwork and presence.

Now be, now be, it be the time of year that we all begin to gear up for a month dedicated to true and commercially driven love within February. Now, I don’t want to necessarily skip ahead or past this weekend which I am sure all of the galleries will be open and open to give you great art and superb creative conversations to get there and the love started, but to get to the heart of this piece I must and just did.

You see; a good friend, good artist, and even better person that does so very much for the city and people of Nashville largely unnoticed is doing something truly remarkable with another local treasure in town. In a unique effort to bring together art, hearts, and wine lovers in Nashville, Rumours Wine & aRT Bar, 12th South, will be “Going Red” for the entire month of February. Rumours will be hosting Atrial Articulations, an art exhibition by local artist and activist Lori Anne Parker.

Parker, who in mid-2009 at the young age of 38 had two heart attacks followed by an emergency triple-bypass surgery (found to be caused and then necessitated by a rare heart condition called spontaneous coronary artery dissection-SCAD). After surviving such and ordeal, Parker has continued to process her experiences through art and writing. She felt beyond fortunate to not only be alive but also to then become one of 15 national spokeswomen for the American Heart Association’s 2010-11 Go Red For Women campaign. Beginning her work with that cause during this past December by visiting and talking to various people across the country, Parker met Rumour’s restaurant owner Christy Shuff not long after a mutual friend passed along Parker’s story and both brainstormed over what they could do to make a local impact for the cause.

It didn’t take long for both to realize that the combination of the wine and centralized social setting provided by Rumours 12 South with that of a local artist’s literal heartwarming story and art could lend itself to a profound experience to be had and learned from many people in the area. The end result, and to all of our good fortunes, is a calendar of various events during the entire month of February to look forward to attending and rejoicing.

To jumpstart such a schedule of events, Parker and Shuff would like for me to welcome thee and everybody else you know to go on over to Rumours Wine and aRT Bar in the 12th South District this coming Monday, January 31st for the Go Red Wine Social and Art for the Heart launch, from 6:30-8:30pm. The special night’s launch will include enlightening announcements about Art for the Heart month events as well as casual conversations with National Go Red Spokeswomen Lori Anne Parker and Rolanda Perkins about the faces of heart disease in women, which will begin at 7pm. A side note, noteworthy for those who cherish the vine, happy hour wines will be available for $5 a glass.

I will shed light and give more depth as the other following events in conjunction with Rumours and Go Red occur, but here is a brief outline for you go ahead and mark your calendars or blackberries or wherever you need to mark them down to remember for now:

Thursday, February 10th = Go Red Wine Tasting/$20 per person (6-9pm) where 50% of wine tasting proceeds go towards the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women campaign.

Saturday, February 12th = Artist’s Reception (4-6pm) to honor Lori Anne Parker’s art exhibition Atrial Atriculations (on view from Jan. 31st-Feb. 28th).

Monday, February 14th = Art for the Heart Valentine’s Day wine dinner where Rumours will contribute 20% of wine dinner proceeds to American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women campaign (Reservations recommended-call 615-852-9043).

Thursday, February 24th = THE Art for the Heart Wine dinner (seating at 7pm and you will need to call to make a reservation).

Did I mention that Rumours will contribute 40 percent of all art sales to the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women campaign? Well, I think I just did. The bottom line is that Go Red is a chance for Lori Anne Parker to inspire you to become more aware of your own heart health (especially who didn’t fit the bill for someone to have heart health risks before it happened) as well as a chance for Christy Shuff and Rumours to inspire other local Nashville businesses to Go Red in the future. Together, we can all help make a positive difference as long as we have the heart to do so.

So, before I go for now (sometimes I feel like I need a jingle like the original Mickey Mouse Club to sign off, don’t you?), please take a moment to not only pass along the event information above to others you know would love, but to also remind yourself that we are lucky to live in such a city that has tremendous creative talent and such down to Earth people willing to share it.

much love,


A better than the weather weekend forecast … again

With no sight of real sun apparently coming our way any time soon behind the next wave of snow upon wave of snow, I am fortunate to yet again know about a few more things to keep you warm during this prolonged period of southern global colding. Some of the things below might ask of you to hit the road away from your warm homes, but trust me please when I say that they are all worth the trip.

I won’t stall any longer.

TOMMOROW NIGHT, Friday January 21st, at 10 pm central time sharp, you and all of your friends need to pack into Tidball’s (Yep, you read it right. I said Tidball’s; a small and often smoky gem of a locale in Bowling Green, KY that has hosted some of the finest up and coming musical acts this side of the Mississippi. Example- I saw Jonathan Sexton and The Big Love Choir there what seems like yesterday but might have been more like 2009). I am rambling. Like I said, be there tomorrow night at 10pm to hear the latest tunes from some of my favorite people. First, extremely talented singer-songwriter Dax Evans is sure to hit the stage and wow you with his melodic words, smooth riffs, and harmonic vocals. Then, just as you think you can’t get enough great music into one night and one place, Dax will introduce the guys in Starlume (Voted 2nd place behind Kings of Leon as Nashville’s Best Local Band in The Scene 2010). Packed with a strong set list of songs being played all over the country and new tunes that are set to blow up radios near you this next year, Starlume is primed to take off. This is an ample chance for you to attend, meet the bands, and tell all of your friends that you knew them way back when.

-Side note, another close and dear friend’s art that you can check online for the first time (being that it’s the first time you can since his new website and blog just launched recently) is Mark Sloniker and his Natural History Shop.

-You might spend Saturday fixing up new editions to your home, running around the streets of Nashville to help train others and fundraise for Gilda’s Club while enjoying the company of Gilda’s Gang, read your favorite story by Chuck Beard or wonder what he is currently writing, watch a movie with family and/or friends, and enjoy the solace of your Saturday in such a wonderful city. Then again, you might not.

-Jump ahead to Sunday, after you wake up to whatever goodwill you wish to praise towards, take time to take a deep breath and get your body and everybody over to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts for one last look at The Birth of Impressionism: Masterpieces from The Musee d’Orsay before it closes up and heads back to its original Paris place for good (The Frist will be open this Saturday, Jan. 22nd and Sunday, Jan. 23rd until 9pm both days). You will have plenty of time to see the NFL playoff games and highlights before or after you visit the Frist on such a big day.

-And not to go all time travel on you, but while we’re writing and reading about the Frist and its closing of one fine exhibit, I would be remiss if I didn’t give a proper shout out to another fine exhibition that is coming to town as the other is leaving. Anointing the Overlooked opens on Friday, Jan. 21st at the Frist and it is a collection of more than 50 photographs made by William Eggleston, a Memphis, TN resident and one of the most influential artists of his generation. Eggleston was one of the first to introduce color photography in fine art and thus was a major positive influence on subsequent generations of fine art photographers and contemporary artists. Anointing the Overlooked runs from Jan. 21st-May 1st, 2011 at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts.

Before I go enjoy the next wave of snow on a hill by our home (I don’t want to publicize it more than the 3 local news channels did while taping our friends, strangers, and our not so little dogs too- click HERE to see some of the fun had by all), I don’t want to overlook a fun-filled art workshop event happening next week probably before I get to sit and write another piece for you here. Artists from all over the region are dropping by Talula Gallery (114B South 11th St. in the same house as Pied Piper Creamery) Wednesday, January 26th at 7pm for an informative session led by local artist Andee Rudloff. The workshop is recommended for any artists that would like to participate in STARS (Students Taking A Right Stand) Nashville and KOB-Kids on the Block’s annual event, CHAIR-iSH! Even if you are not an artist per say, come out to get some yummy ice cream down the hall and learn more about STARS and KOB and what they creatively do to begin dialogue and creatively educate our community while networking with other artists and be part of the creative, community movement in Nashville.

Some say it takes a village. Some say it takes heart. I say it doesn’t hurt to have both. Thank you for checking in, spreading the good word, and being a part of our Nashville’s heART!

much love,


Despite all of the recent cold rain, ice, sleet, sledding, and snow, I know that you are just as ready to get out of the house and work and work on warming up your soul. Lucky for you and all of us that live around Nashville, we are surrounded by the best of two worlds that I find are key to discover love in everyday life: music and visual art. After all, it’s all about Big Love isn’t it?

And speaking of Big Love this week, if you don’t know yet, you need to know about the rising star that is Jonathan Sexton and The Big Love Choir. Amidst a budding tour, recording a new record, and gaining an ever-growing fan base of new friends consisting of like-minded, good-hearted people, Sir Sexton and his crew are traveling back into town this Thursday packed with positive vibes, melodic rhymes, good weather and times for all to enjoy. The Big Love party is going down this Thursday, January 13th, inside 3rd and Lindsley at 9pm. . Do yourself a favor and BE THERE!

To keep this warm theme of love around this week, leave it to a few local women to spice up the art scene with motherly care. Specifically, TAKE CARE: Biomedical Ethics in the 21st Century is a group exhibition comprised of Libby Rowe, Adrienne Outlaw, Kristina Arnold, Sher Fick and others to consider our civilization’s unease with modern family planning, maternal and fetal care, childbirth and child rearing and make their mark and personal statements via their striking art. These women have taken it upon themselves to apply their creative sides to make the most of such a great opportunity to show others how to better appreciate the complexity of current personal decisions made in a rapidly changing world by mothers and/or soon to be mothers. If you are ready and willing to also make the most of this wonderful opportunity and exhibition, you can start this Friday, January 14th at 855 Highway 46 S in Dickson, TN for the Opening Art Reception for TAKE CARE: Biomedical Ethics in the 21st Century and a few other exhibitions as well from 6-8pm. If you can’t make it by on Friday’s big night, you can stop by to see all this extraordinary work at some point before the run ends on February 5th.

Then, Saturday gives us all the chance to be heard and learn more things about what we are capable of doing for the community at large.

First, the Parthenon is looking for people who are interested in history and art and enjoy talking to people. Specifically, they are beginning a new Docent Training Class on Saturday, January 15th and looking for people who are interested in learning more about ancient Greece, Nashville history and American art and in sharing that knowledge with others. Classes taught by museum staff and local scholars, docents range in age of 17 to 70, give tours to school groups and individuals, answer questions, give directions, and act as ambassadors for Nashville and the Parthenon. If this sounds like something that will make you smile and ask for additional information, call the Parthenon at 615-862-8431 or email at

Secondly, and certainly not for the least, the Frist Center for the Visual Arts is celebrating inauguration day for Tennessee’s next governor, Bill Haslam, by offering FREE admission and extended hours this Saturday, January 15th. Not only is admission FREE, worthy of repeating in itself, but the Frist is extending their hours of admission until MIDNIGHT that evening alongside a number of special activities planned from 5-9pm. A sneak peak of some of the fun to be had at the Frist besides witnessing legendary works of The Birth of Impressionism before its run ends January 23rd is various FREE music in the Grand Lobby (Kristin Hubbard Jazz Trio followed by classical Spanish guitarist Carlos Enrique) as well as special gift shop sale rates with increasing discounts as the night gets later (discounts starting at 5% and then increasing to 15% by the end of the night) among other things in store for the big event. Trust me; it will definitely be worth the trip.

So if you are banking on hand and feet warmers alone to get you through the present winter storm and on the horizon, then you better get up, get out, and do something out of the norm and possibly written above. It will do your body and soul much good. Whether it is music or the arts that you are currently craving, check out any or all of the events mentioned and prepare yourself to pleasantly be surprised.

Enjoy your day and do your part to help spread the good word for the art and Nashville’s heart.

much love,

Portrait of an Artist

by Liz Hume

Time-lapse video of a portrait painting by Liz Hume. The subject is Emily Harper Beard, also an artist, with one of her paintings behind her. Emily’s painting is entitled “Mother and Child.”

Song is “Seven Years,” by Norah Jones.

And in the beginning …

Well, well, well … another year down and another chance to turn your entire world around for the better is yet again here for the taking. Most of you celebrated the holidays with those you love. Most of you made life-changing decisions; whether you admit to using the term ‘resolution’ or not. Most of you hit the rock slide going sideways for a brief out of boat experience moment in a canoe paddling down the Rio Grande near Santa Elena Canyon in between camping out under the stars and surrounded by various wild life to bring in the new year with incredible pizzazz. Wait; maybe the out of canoe experience in cold water to awaken all your senses instantly was just me and one other, but I do believe that we are all in a good spot when it comes to life, art, and a refreshing time of creativity for a new year and beginning all around.

Opening this year and piece, I’d like to go back to the basics; specifically, back to school if you will. No, I’m not taking any classes at the moment, but I’d love to shed a little light on Harpeth Hall School and a very special exhibition opening this Thursday, January 6th, headed by the Director of their Marnie Sheridan Gallery, she of Marla Faith. The Marnie Sheridan Gallery at Harpeth Hall (3801 Hobbs Road, Nashville, TN) is pleased to present an exhibition of the art of Akira Blount and Jane Braddock. Braddock’s shimmering abstract paintings on lush, acrylic canvases have been exhibiting in private and corporate collections nationally for quite some time now. Sculptor Akira Blount, who often collaborates with her husband Larry on unique doll sculptures created from woods and other natural materials, has work in the permanent collections of the Louvre in Paris, the White House in DC, doll museums in Japan and Washington State, and the Tennessee State Museum, among others. Both artists are very unique in their own styles and rights and Harpeth Hall and the Nashville art world are honored to have both in one spot at the same time. Gallery hours are Monday-Friday, 8 am- 4:30 pm, and while this exhibition runs from January 6th-February 23, the public is invited to an opening reception for the artists above on Sunday, January 9th from 3-5 pm.

In order to continue some good things from last year and carry them on over to the new, leave it to the COOP Gallery in The Arcade, Space 75 to present another exhibition by New York artist Dave Hebb. The second of two exhibitions in the same location, this one is a two channel video work that documents landscapes over a long period of time that question the long-term global impact that industrialization has on the environment. The exhibit’s opening will be on Saturday, January 8th, and I think it is a perfect way to see just how what we are doing today has affected the past and throws us into the future.


And speaking of the future, this Saturday, January 8th, will also mark the First Saturday Art Crawl of 2011 which fortunately for us doesn’t appear to be leaving us without primo art and spirits any time soon. With a shuttle that makes frequent stops around all of the galleries that participate in the crawl from 6 pm -10 pm –including Art at the Arcade, located in the historic downtown Nashville Arcade accessible from 5th Avenue. Participating galleries include Twist Gallery (Arcade #73), BelArt Gallery (Arcade #56), Mir Gallery (Arcade #44), and other boutique galleries. Beyond 5th Avenue, Tennessee Art League (808 Broadway), Estel Gallery (115 Rosa L. Parks Blvd), and The Frist Center for the Visual Arts (919 Broadway)– there is never a dull moment for art enthusiasts of any age.

This Saturday, January 8th, Tinney Contemporary is ready to unveil New Works by Encaustic Artist Mary Long-Postal. With exhibition dates running from Jan. 8th-Jan. 30th, and an opening reception Jan. 8th, 6-9 pm, Tinney Contemporary is determined to beat the cold, bitter, and gray days of typical January weather by bringing the color and original wax encaustic style of Long-Postal’s paintings. Memphis-based, Long-Postal is more than excited to have her first solo show in Nashville. Self-taught and after showing her work nationally in such cities as New York City, Taos, and Santa Fe, who’s to say that her work won’t inspire you to do great things after witnessing the wonder she has made?

Who’s to say that all of the new works in all of the local Nashville art galleries won’t inspire you to be a better person all around this year? I know I won’t suggest anything other than the truth, and the truth is that good art does inspire a better way of life. It allows us to visually and mentally transform ourselves into the people we wish to become and the places we want to be. I hope that you have enjoyed the stories I’ve shared here before today, and I hope that this place can continue to be an oasis for you to visit and share with others who are searching for such inspiration.

May this year bring you loads of opportunity for positive personal growth, joy, insight, and hope along your own adventures that in turn make 2011 a truly great one to remember for the ages.

much love,