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Hitting the right spot

Whether you are busy fighting pollen, monotony, yourself, the good fight, or all of the above and more that you can’t quite see yet around the corner, this weekend’s presentation of art will make you want to jump over the ropes and ring the bell for the fun to begin.  The big prize fight that I’ve found is broken into 3 major events from where I’m sitting; occurring over this Friday and Saturday nights respectively.  With everything just as good as the other, stacked with loads of experience and pizzazz in every corner, this should be a weekend of art where everyone wins and goes home happy all over.

In the first corner, Friday & Saturday, April 1-2, from 6-9pm both nights, let there be no April Fool’s about it at all when you step face to face at St. Cloud Corner (500 North Church St.) with the ArtisTree: The Tomorrow Fund Annual Art Show.  It is here where you can help the Tomorrow Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee in its 7th annual ArtisTree Art Show to benefit the Tomorrow Fund and its grant-making to support programs for children in the Nashville area.  Right from the start, your heart will jump into action with the pleasant distraction of fresh paintings, prints, and jewelry by the likes of the great participating artists including Quinn Ballard, Casey Brooks, Margaret Elliott, Elizabeth Foster, Sarah B. Gilliam, Michael Howard, Julia Martin, Eli McFadden, Trevor Mikula, Amanda Norman, Amanda Sears and Wee Seing.  On top of that, there will also be a special guest painter, Heidi Schwartz, painting during the event on a canvas to be auctioned at the end of the night.  Did I mention that it is FREE admission, cash bar, and music by DJ Scissor?  Well, it is FREE admission, cash bar, and music by DJ Scissor!  Believe it!

In another corner, you can venture deeper downtown Friday, April 1st, from 5:30-8pm to celebrate and weigh in on several options for Saturday’s art crawl that lies ahead.  Specifically speaking, you can RSVP (by emailing to attend Collector’s Art Night: Art Talks on 5th Avenue of the Arts happening this Friday.  The event is FREE admission at Tinney Contemporary but you must RSVP at the mentioned email because there are only 125 spaces available.  The event begins with cocktails at 5:30pm, followed by a discussion featuring Drew Doggett at 6pm, then talks by Luke Hillestad at 6:45pm, and ending with the fabulous Patricia Bellan-Gillen at 7:15pm.  The special event includes refreshments, complimentary valet parking, amazing artwork, and the opportunity to ask questions directly to the artists that have made the work on display.  For more information on this event, check out

In the final corner, for the knockout punch and 2-for-1 dealio, you will find the First Saturday Art Crawl in all its glory.  First, this Saturday, April 2nd, from 6-8pm, you can get things started right by experiencing red carpet treatment at The Arts Company.  In fact, The Arts Company has “Partners In Art” with Nashville Film Festival (NaFF) to present the Fifth Annual Nashville Film Festival (NaFF) Official Preview.  The Gallery’s “Avant-Garage” showcasing, beginning at 6pm, will give you the ultimate sneak peek film experience (including compelling trailers, popcorn and refreshments, meeting Film Festival artistic personnel, and more interactive surprise experiences) for the upcoming 2011 Nashville Film Festival that will take place April 14-21 at the Regal Green Hills Cinema.  But, more real than anything you’ll ever find on the make-believe big screen, if you take a walk inside Art at the Arcade this Saturday night, you will easily spot a must see exhibition opening that you’ll kick and hit yourself later if you miss … literally.  Do yourself a favor and see Blend Studio’s “Floats Like a Butterfly Stings Like a Bee: Who controls Art?” 

A multi-faceted exhibition beautifully arranged by Andee Rudloff, Lindsey Bailey and Allie Sultan, “Floats Like a Butterfly Stings Like a Bee: Who controls Art?” is a splendid combination of 8 mixed media works to be installed on walls and in video to allow the public to vote on who controls art.  The artists are inviting the public to purchase wooden nickels and have the visitors either choose to keep the wooden nickels as keepsakes or donate them to one of 8 categories.  Each category will have an organization associated with it and all donations will go directly to the corresponding organization from the following: Millersville Elementary, Arts & Business Council, Metro Parks Art Programs, Untitled Nashville, friends of Shelby, Welcome Centers/Tennessee Department of Tourist Development, Nashville STARS & KOB, and 5th Ave for the Arts.  By visiting, voting and contributing, this original and innovative art show will become a wonderful gift that will keep on giving.  The opening reception is FREE admission, open to the public at Blend Studio and goes down this Saturday, April 2nd, from 6-9pm.

Remember, you gotta fight … for your right … to do pretty much anything these days.  Why not make this first weekend of April (the best month of the year in my humble opinion) one for the ages by checking out a little bit of everything above.  You’ve got nothing to lose and a world of art and new friends to gain.  And by the way, don’t forget to stop by the other local art galleries downtown and all around the city as well.  Nashville is steadily becoming more than just a Music City, and YOU are an intricate part of this movement and experience if only by showing up to support.  Help the artists and those who promote art by sharing the news above and other sites as well. 

Fight the good fight.

much love,



After the Supermoon Sets

I’ve heard that some people find a little more creativity when in an altered state of mind.  So, since I just got off the road running 9 miles with Gilda’s Gang, I’m gonna try to spread a little love I’ve seen very recently while I’m in a runner’s high of sorts.  Kids, don’t try this at home … or after school specials.

It all seemed to come over my life all in a few moments last night.  I’m not sure if it was the residual after effects of last week’s so-called supermoon, or if it was just a moment in time and me being aware of it all with eyes and heart wide open, but constantly being surrounded by good friends all week long probably didn’t hurt my mood for the evening.  My realization came after a stellar catch-up dinner with two such good friends at Boscos that shall remain anonymous because I’d prefer to let them tell you about their recent road trip where they just so happened to recently spend the night at a really nice hotel in downtown Atlanta at the exact night that there was also a national convention of Furries staying at the same place (hence, the anonymous note).  While at Boscos, we saw another good friend who is in a local band called Eastern Block.  I say their band name because they are on quite a roll right now while being the first band to make it into the Elite 8 in Lightning 100’s Music City Mayhem contest.  Feel free to check out their website, jump on their literal bandwagon as well, and help get Eastern Block to the championship round and beyond to Live on the Green later in the year.

We left Boscos to get desert at the new hot spot across the street called Hot & Cold.  A perfect marriage between Bongo Java and Las Paletas, again quite literally, Hot & Cold is a small nook beside Fido that serves the best and unique blend of coffees, teas, paletas, chocolates, and interesting ice cream flavors.  We sat down with our plethora of choices, but what really caught my eye away from my two scoops of ‘gravel road’ ice cream (which, anything that can take these eyes away from good ice cream is noteworthy to share with others in my humble opinion) was a very special collection of artwork on the wall beside our table that went straight to the heart.  Someone at the table read the artist’s statement out loud and without typing it verbatim here, the jist was that the artist did a series of paintings on the wall in honor of and stemming from her husband’s love of Star Wars and bunny rabbits.  The part that really struck our hearts was that the husband had passed away and the wall was more of a personal tribute to his creative loves.  The artist, Kelly Kerrigan (usually known for her truly made my night with a variety of original paintings involving dynamic combinations of science fiction characters and moments with an assortment of animals.  But, what really sparked my interest in writing anything this morning was the piece about ‘Marty McFly’.  It is a beautiful, stunning and smart take on the various unforgettable outfits worn by one of my favorites, Marty McFly, in the Back to the Future trilogy; all garments worn by several small, cute chicks.  Do yourself a favor; go see them for yourself and take extra money because it might just pull on your heartstrings enough for you to leave with more sweetness than just ice cream as well.

Then, on the way home, I heard my latest favorite new song on a CD that a new friend of ours who just moved into East Nashville gave to us this past week.  After meeting them at their first performance at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts’ Music in the Lobby, the husband/wife duo of Ben and Emily Roberts who call themselves ‘Carolina Story’ are not only as authentic a duet you’ll find anywhere, but they are just as nice people as they are musically gifted together.  The song aforementioned on the drive home, titled ‘Cheers To Loving Me’, seemed to wrap up this past week’s supermoon after effects and ride perfectly from where I was sitting.

Last but certainly not least, I would feel remiss if I didn’t mention the cherry on top of the night yesterday when I got home just in time to watch the University of Kentuckyovertake the Buckeyes.  Like the ice cream comment, if you know me you’ll also know that I don’t bleed blue, but about 90% of my friends do and I could feel the collective yells, relief, and pure punch drunk joy in the air before I rested my head in bed already waiting to get up and run 9 miles withGilda’s Gang (also worth noting twice).

So, as the runner’s high quickly turns into a n-a-p, I’ll recap by telling you that you should vote for Eastern Block, check out the artwork of Kelly Kerrigan over at Hot & Cold, join me in welcoming Carolina Story to Music City, and cheer for Kentucky basketball because there will be a lot of sad friends if they lose.  Maybe I’ll plant some Professor Copperfield’s Miracle Legumes in the backyard today for good luck in tomorrow’s game.

Please stay tuned for next weekend’s mega art love around town a-coming, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.  As you were, busy but happy.

much love,


A not so calm before the spring storm

I’m currently trying not to sneeze or take too much time away from the keys to rub my itching eyes right now.  Every year I tell myself that I can be stronger than the seasonal allergies.  I kindly yet firmly remind myself in the days leading up to the first onset that I can somehow overcome the allergic symptoms by pure will power if nothing else.  Medicine is for the weak I say.  Then, just when I think I might have done it, the eyes, throat, and ears all break down like a flat on the interstate.  I caved in this year, AGAIN, and found myself side by side with another fallen allergic soldier searching for relief in the pharmacy aisle.  Trying to convince the employees that I’m neither stoned from the bloodshot eyes or a producer of meth while picking up and reading the ingredients of every medicine on the shelf while debating on my cure of the season, I leave confident with the answer in hand while telling the other soldier good luck and that we shall win this war!  With such verbiage and fervor, I’m not sure if I’ve convinced the employees about who I am, but I have found a good window to spend some time at the computer instead of attending to the effects of pollen.

That said, it might be a small window so here we go.  And speaking of wars, Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Galleryis ready to show its “Reflections of War: A Selection from the Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery Collection.” This Thursday, March 24th, from 5-7pm, they will have an opening reception for the Reflections of War exhibition at the VU Fine Arts Gallery in Cohen Memorial Hall.  With the reception and exhibition FREE and open to the public,Reflections of War is an examination of war, conflicts, warriors, and soldiers through more than 40 works of art depicting a time span of over 1,500 years of art production.

Also this Thursday, March 24th, from 5-8pm, if you are tired of fighting your weekly battles at work and need a little reprieve, you should find some creative relief at the Art After Work Art Show.  Quite self-explanatory in its title, why not head over to Hanging Around Art Gallery on 8th Avenue South before heading home for the night to join artist Kirk Seufert and other local artists excited to display their art and talk to art patrons who take the time to talk with them.  It is last minute, and basketball is on as well among other shows you say you can’t miss, but Art After Work Art Show is a prime opportunity for art lovers to meet those who love to make art.

And then comes the weekend.  This Friday, kick off your weekend with another fun ARTini at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts.  This Friday, March 25th, at 7pm, the Frist is having an ARTini on Simen Johan: Until the Kingdom Comes. Included with gallery admission, this ARTini is an informal conversation to offer deeper understanding of a few works in the exhibition designed for everyone.  Led by the creative and compassionate local artist and editor at the Frist, Lori Anne Parker (Ph.D.), this ARTini about the New York-based artist Simen Johan should be one for the ages.  If you by chance miss out on the ARTini this Friday, the Frist will have another next Tuesday, March 29th at noon.

Also on Friday, March 25th, from 6-8pm (maybe an appetizer for the aforementioned fun at the Frist), there will be an opening reception for nationally acclaimed photographer Byron Jorjorian and his latest exhibition atThe Parthenon. Titled “Missing Nature,” the exhibit atThe Parthenon’s East Gallery that will be up from March 26-August 20 and features images of locations in Tennessee that have been protected by The Nature Conservancy.  Following Friday’s opening reception also FREE and open to the public, Byron Jorjorian will be on hand to answer questions from the public about the exhibition on Saturday, March 26th, from 1-4pm. Admission to Saturday’s Q & A is included within admission to the museum.


By chance if you are itching as well and ready to hit the road for some fun, you should take full advantage of an Art Show at No Egrets Tattoo Studio (1128 College Street) in Clarksville, TN.  This Saturday, March 26th, from 7-10pm, No Egrets Tattoo Studio is hosting an art show in its warehouse with a theme of retro television shows.  The entire warehouse will be covered in funky and fabulous art that all reflect old school television shows, advertisements, and styles … no limits or censorship.

The local art scene and galleries around Nashville will be open as usual this weekend, but everyone is really gearing up to open Spring and April with a bang on the 1st of the month.  On top of certain birthdays just around the corner (not to name names), and various art crawls from the West to the East and everything in between, Nashville’s next weekend’s art scene is already lit and about to blow up like the 4th of July.  Stay tuned for all of that information early next week.

But before you go and run to grandpa’s old medicine cabinet to cure what ails you this season (insert double sneeze), let me tell you about two other things to ease your excitement for April’s openings.  First, if you want to have fun indoors and in air conditioned, non-pollen air to finish off a great weekend ahead, return to the Frist this Sunday, March 27th, from 1-5:30pm to enjoy FREE admission and special family activities all day long (technically, all day means from 1-5:30pm).  There you can enjoy a FREE Family Day of discovery and fun, filled with art and special interactive art activities based upon the current exhibitions inside the galleries.  Second, after you fight off the Mondays and find yourself in the middle of the final week of March, you should head over to the Bluebird Café on Tuesday, March 29th, from 6-8:30pm to listen to the always wonderful Fred Wilhelm.  Fred, father of Oscar and another on the way, is showcasing his stellar set list alongside a few other notable friends and collaborative songwriting colleagues in an event called Tin Pan South.

All that written, I need to go do a few things while I can still see clearly and talk to a few people without an ‘excuse me’ interruptions while the medication is still good.  If you randomly find a cure for all allergies whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to throw some good news this way.  I’m all ears (and throat, eyes, and runny nose too)!

Enjoy your day and weekend however you live it.  Thanks for checking in and sharing the good news about Nashville heART.  And don’t forget to turn on NECAT: Music City Arts 9 (channel 9) tonight at 5:30pm to watch our first quarterly episode of “Nashville’s heART.” In case you forget or forgot, OUR show airs on channel 9 every Wednesday at 5:30pm and Sundays at 6:30pm.

much love,



Music City Arts 9 adds an extra beat to Nashville’s heART

Like a last second buzzer beater, consider this read a quick timeout in order for us to draw up this weekend’s play for you to win the big game.  Just when you might have been thinking that Nashville’s heART has been doing everything it possibly could think up to help promote the Nashville art scene and do its part to spotlight all of the creative good-hearted people in the area, wouldn’t you know that we were able to go above and beyond the normal protocol with a little help from some new friends. That’s right; it truly is amazing what creative people can do with a little help from others in the position to do so.  And while we didn’t win the lottery, it kinda feels like it.  We have found the perfect media match for what we’re trying to accomplish for the every artist in Nashville and surrounding areas.  We have found our very own defibrillator paddles of sorts to really spark Nashville’s heART if you will … and thank you, we most certainly will!

Yes, the royal we, you and I shall finally see more than a few pictures and clever words on a weekly basis.  Beginning this Sunday, March 20th, amidst the NCAA March Madness, you will be able to change the television channel and witness the next big look for Nashville’s heART.  Since the start of the original Nashville’s heART project which began last year, we have been wanting to not only highlight spectacular events, galleries, and artists in the area, but we have always strived to create a venue for the artists themselves to have an even more direct voice beyond the canvas or various media to the people.  Now, thanks to the good folks at Nashville’s Education, Community and Arts Television’s (NECAT) Music City Arts 9 (cable channel 9), we have found such a place to showcase this idea.

An extension of our blog which tries to post weekly updates of Nashville art happenings, “Nashville’s heART” will be a television series on NECAT Music City Arts 9 (channel 9) that will aim to introduce and bring to light local artists to a larger audience than seeing them at exhibitions, websites or on YouTube.  Starting THIS SUNDAY, March 20th, at 6:30pm, and showing thereafter on Wednesdays at 5:30pm and Sundays at 6:30pm, this new look looks to put a fresh face on the local arts scene for everyone that makes this city and this time so special for the arts.  Every 3–4 months the show will sit down with some of Nashville’s rising creative stars and discuss their background, process, and hopes for the future … not only for themselves but for Nashville’s ever-growing arts scene.

The initial episode to kick off this media match between Nashville’s heART and NECAT: Music City Arts 9 (channel 9) will present interviews with visual artists Miranda “Mecca” Crump, William “Dooby” Tomkins, and Emily Frances Harper Beard (efharper).  The interviews and the individuals’ artwork will be accompanied by the music of Nashville’s own Mister Hazelwood and the New Transcendentalists.  An artists reception and exhibition at the NECAT Network Television Station will follow next month to mark the special occasion, and I’ll be sure to give you those details as time and momentum progresses.

For everyone that is a part of Nashville’s budding arts scene, and for most of the readers here, near and far that check into the art buzz, there is an undeniable feeling in the air that we are now smack dab in the middle of a fortuitous collective creative movement that is slowly and surely laying claim to make Nashville more than just a well-known Music City.  We hope that the introduction of such a new television series, combined with this existing and growing blog, and the regular reporting and video presence with on-going conversations with the artists, musicians, designers, gallery owners, and feedback from the Nashville audience that makes this whole thing work will help in some unique way to better ourselves and the art that surrounds the worlds we dream to live in.

And without further ado, here is a sneak peek preview for the first episode of “Nashville’s heART” first airing THIS SUNDAY, March 20th, at 6:30pm on Music City Arts 9 (cable channel 9).  Enjoy, stay tuned, and feel free to share the excitement with others you know that care about the value of the arts.  It takes a village, and I feel good knowing that we’re all in this thing together.

much love,


A little bit everything art, music and goodness per usual

As suggested in the title above and what you are kinda getting the feeling of love for this website to be, this is a little bit everything art, music and goodness per usual around Nashville and the heart that makes it.  Sometimes there are rhymes.  Sometimes there are none.  Sometimes there are smiles, but always … always there is fun.


And speaking of tomorrow’s fun to be had, who doesn’t like to celebrate a good ol’ birthday (certainly not anyone reading this post)? Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 15th, marks the 244th birthday of one of our nation’s most intriguing and influential presidents in Andrew Jackson of course!  Well, I’m a little behind on buying a birthday gift or knowing what the traditional gift is for a person of that age (maybe I’ll have it down by the time B-Rad’s that old ;), but I can tell you that a ceremonial celebration will begin at 10am at Andrew and Rachel Jackson’s tomb at The Hermitage.  In addition to guest speaker, The Honorable Andy D. Bennett, the day will filled with children’s activities, military demonstrations (not the same thing as children’s activities obvious to some) by Myers Brown of the TN State Museum, signing of “twenty dollar bills” by Andrew Jackson VI (note: it won’t raise the value of the bill in case you were going to ask me that next), wagon and audio tours and on top of all that … HALF-PRICE admission all day long.  It should be a fun celebration although candles and cake don’t seem to be included.


If you are interested in a party by this weekend to attend with great food, festive tunes and fabulous people very much alive on and off stage, then go no further than dinner and a show this Friday night, March 18th at The Family Wash say around 9pm.  It is there where you shall experience the awesomeness of their always delicious shepherd’s pie beside a pint of good hops and a stage presenting The Jack Silverman Ordeal.  Yes, the night is already titled TheJack Silverman Ordeal Rides Again!  Never a miss, and something you shouldn’t in your right mind or left brain miss out on, feel free to mark this event on your calendar like … yesterday!


Then, make sure you do your regular Saturday stroll through all of the fascinating art galleries around town, from the East to the West.  Once you wake up on Sunday morning, even if you are still a week later groggy with the spring forward time shift, get up and wake up for this Sunday, March 20th, night’s stellar musical stylings of Don Gallardo at The Bluebird Café starting at 6pm.  With NO COVER and a show for kids of all ages, Don Gallardo and How Far Westwill bring make wonderful tunes for the backdrop setting of your weekend’s activities.


This post is kinda like a hit and run, but I figured with all of the chaos all around our earthquakes, busy schedules, and random weather you could use a little more wacky to the fun than usual.  To use the ol’ cliff note version of the above:  Celebrate a birthday tomorrow, eat, drink, and be very very merry at The Family Wash with some Jack and Jack or a beer named Sue of what have you, and then settle down Sunday for some refreshing tunes to set your weekend just right (with a little bit of art gallery footage in between as well).


But before I do the run part for now, I should also let you know of two other things noteworthy at the moment to keep you informed if nothing else.


  1. If you happen to be North, say about Bowling Green, KY on this Friday, March 18th at around 5-8 pm, you should take advantage of Bowling Green’s Gallery Hop and check into Memphis Marsha’s Art Gallery on their own hip 12th Avenue.  There you’ll find, in conjunction with the Hop, an opening reception for an exhibition titled “Mixed Media Design Lab: New Works by Delaire Rowe”. No relation to Libby or Ken, but great artwork nonetheless.  Not to mention that Marsha herself is a superb person that runs a lovely gallery in her own right.


  1. This coming week or so be on the lookout for a sneak preview of the next creative step of Nashville’s Heart and art around Nashville just around the corner.  I’m just saying, this is about to get real … really aWesome!


For now, be well and nice to each other.  And just when you think you have something to complain about, remember those suffering and recovering from natural disasters all around the world.  Then, all of the little things bothering you don’t seem as bad.  Heck, even the Titans look quite rosy.


much love,


Putting on the Frist … and a very special ending/beginning

If you are reading this right now (of course you’re reading this right now), then you need to get yourself over to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts by high noon today to get the Curator’s Tour of Vishnu: Hinduism’s Blue-Skinned Savior.  It is included with gallery admission and for Members it’s FREE!  Katie Delmez, curator at the Frist Center, is ready to introduce you to the spectacular art depicting Vishnu, his attributes and the many legends that have developed about him.  I know it’s last minute, but it is totally worth it.  And don’t worry … if you miss the guided tour at noon, you can always take the audio tour that accompanies the exhibition when you do stop by that presents you with a special dialogue between a teacher and student, imitates ancient Hindu scriptures like a welcoming conversation between a sage and an ordinary person interested in learning more about life’s big questions.

Also at the Frist this Saturday, March 12th, at 10:30am, 1pm, and 3pm, you can register your kids for FREE to take part at said times for this month’s Kids Club highlighting a “Magnificent Mandalas” art activity.  The kids are able to use bold colors and simple geometry to make their own wonderful and detailed works of art that are similar to and show homage to the Vishnu exhibition.  Reservations for this activity is required, but all you have to do is pick up the phone and call 615-744-3357.

But don’t leave the Frist and go home quite yet this weekend!  Oh, no!  Just when you think it’s time to watch the sunset of the weekend, this Sunday, March 13th, at 3pm, the Frist is presenting Jazz on the Move: The Art of Composition, with Jeff Coffin.  It’s in the Auditorium, it’s FREE, and it’s first come, first served!  Going a little away from the usual format of the Frist series, this event is less about historical figures and focused more on a modern musical master and saxophonist,Jeff Coffin.  Within the experience, you will become part of a personal discussion and demonstration of how such a local jazz icon approaches composition.  It’s a must see indeed.

And speaking of a must see, must hear, must experience that involves another local modern musical saxophonist and jazz master; I am honored to present you with the news about the latest, truly extraordinary project by Tommy Keenum.  An intrical part behind and in front of the stage for the sensational Guilty Pleasures, a gifted visual artist and designer, and an accomplished side man and solo act in his own right, Tommy’s recent release titled “Sometimes Never Always” hits everyone close to home.  With the help of some of his closest and dearest talented friends, Tommy set out to make an endearing album to pay homage to a personal hero and fulfill a dream all at the same time.

You see, I should preface by letting you know that Tommy’s said hero is his Dad.  Without going into too much detail, it has been quite a tough spell for his hero during the past year.  What many people don’t know about the hero of this tale is that not only is he a huge music fan, but he has always secretly dreamed of being a songwriter.  So what does a talented loving son do for his hero … he makes his dad a real songwriter!  Yep, Tommy found a number of treasured poems that his Dad had written over the years and transformed them into such breathtaking songs that Hollywood would have a difficult time making up such a moving story.  “Sometimes Never Always” is a remarkable release that combines the best of everything good about music from all of our parents’ past: mixing Jazz, retro Country, Blues (the hero’s favorite) and Soul.  I suggest all of you buy your own personal copy and more copies for your friends and heroes of something so worthwhile and about more than just ourselves.  Thanks to Tommy, one of his hero’s dreams has come true.  His dad’s pictures are on the front and back of the cover artwork, but the inside, the heart of the project, is so very special that every person should experience it and in turn become a part of a dream becoming a reality as well.  To find out updates on Tommy’s music and just how you can obtain your own copy of “Sometimes Never Always,” go and LIKE the page.  You can thank me later.  You can also see some of Tommy’s past projects at

Well, okay, I gotta run now.  I would also be remiss if I didn’t give one last shout to all of the art galleries in The Arcade.  Last Saturday’s art crawl had a big crowd filled with tons of heartwarming smiles and fantastic art all around despite the cold rain coming down.  If you have free time in between visiting the Frist this weekend over and over again, you should jaunt over to The Arcade to visit all of the hot spots and exhibitions showing at the moment.  For now, that is all.

Enjoy your day and make your way,

much love,