Giving time to be Thankful

I typically throw as many art related fun events your way on a weekly basis as gallery owners, artists, and friends (all the same really) around town throw them my way to deliver to your virtual doorstep, but I think this week’s lull in opening receptions means that I should flip the script for once.  I mean it isn’t like the first weekend of December (the first weekend after Thanksgiving next week) is filled with a ton of pARTies covering the entire landscape ofNashvilleart galleries.  Wait; next weekend is filled with a ton of openings to keep you as busy with your schedule as trying to coordinate your football viewing plans over tomorrow’s Turkey day.  With that written, let me slow things down a bit (cue the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving theme music).

I think it is important, just as important in opinion and possible fact, as making the effort to visit your local gallery exhibition down the street that you take delight in the simple art that life offers you at every second you turn around.  Don’t believe me?  This weekend take the time to smell the proverbial sweet rose or potatoes.  Be thankful that you have a turkey to eat, shoes on your feet, a wishbone to pick and gamble on, and ample amounts of good-hearted people surrounding you to make any day a great one.  It is in this day and time in particular where we shouldn’t worry about making extreme last minute travel plans if they are stressful for everyone involved.  Simple gesture: be thankful where you are, who you are, and who you are with.

Quick note to help me flip the script this week, you don’t have to rely on others like myself to guide you where to view and purchase art.  Believe it or not, you might have it in you to make your own creative designs to brighten up your walls, homes, and life.  This long weekend ahead is a perfect time to disregard all of those Black Friday (in my opinion dark in so many ways) deals and spend more time looking close to home and seeing all of the little projects and things you can do for yourself to make your personal home a better place to live in (mind, body, soul, and do-it-yourself projects around the house).  No amount of coupon or money is worth spending when the best deal you could ever imagine is finding inspiration to get things done at home (plus you save gas money on top of the rest of the money and time you won’t waste).  Whether you do a painting, fix your bathroom, read a book, write a poem, or make a dinner with friends, creative inspiration is all around you if you take a second to dive in.


And if you try and don’t feel like the results of your efforts are worth hanging on the wall for others to see for themselves, you can always ask your friends over to help you.  I am lucky to be married to once such creative soul I can always default to at any second (I am thankful for her in my life every single day), but I am also fortunate to know other people to call friends who are simply amazing.  One such amazing friend that is currently making a few fun ideas into a reality to make our home (which not only serves as a lovely home but simultaneously as an art gallery for creative friends) better is the always smiling and very talented Miranda Crump.  If you don’t know her art, you should.  Click HERE to see a glimpse inside her artistic world.  But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

My point to all of the above, for stepping aside from my usual trip down Nashville art gallery row for one week before jumping back on board before next weekend, is that NOW (this weekend for starters) is the perfect time for you to slow your crazy and hectic life down wherever you are, feel grateful for everything you have, and be thankful that you are living in a time, place, and around so many good people (I say all of this because I am bias in thinking that if you are reading this that you are somewhat educated and hang around similar good-hearted people that I feel blessed to be around most of the time) that you can fully appreciate and find yourself in awe in the delight of a friendly, insightful conversation, in a single bite of a wonderfully made pumpkin pie, and any moment where you can simply close your eyes amidst company and feel happy and content.  There is art to be found everywhere as long as you are open to seeing and feeling it.  Don’t ever forget that or take it for granted (any day of the year for that matter).

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours this weekend.  And I would feel bad if I didn’t give you my annual recommendation that at some point this weekend you watch two of my absolute favorite holiday movies: Plains, Trains, and Automobiles (I’ll see you tomorrow then … Gobble, Gobble! J ) AND Home for the Holidays.  Watch them both and thank me later.  I promise if none of the above helps you feel better then I am at a loss of words.

much love,


ps- Go Centre College Football Praying Colonels!!!!!


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HELLO! Allow me to introduce myself, I am Chuck Beard--a thinker by trade (will think for food; food for thought if you will), people observer-questioner, mental note-taker by habit (self-taught mind you), and curator of meaningless words searching for a dome near YOU. I not only write about artists and galleries in and around Nashville, TN but I am also the author of a not-so-tall tale about a boy named Jay, told my Jay, "Adventures Inside a Bright-Eyed Sky." All proceeds from the sale of this self-published novel will go towards cancer research in the hopes that, together, we can find a cure for a decease that effects each and everyone of us. View all posts by Nashville's heART

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