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Before the clock strikes and YOU drop the ball

Well, with less than a week left before Baby Jesus arrives (or Saint Nick depending on who you are waiting for more these days), there is not much time to write here anything you already don’t know or are looking forward to in the near future.

Instead of holding you up like Green Hill’s traffic, I just want to make a quick reminder of things on my list to share with you so you don’t forget about them before the New Year ahead.

First things first, DO NOT WAIT or HESITATE to do your last minute gift shopping down on the EAST SIDE of town.  Remember, you have until Christmas Eve night to purchase one-of-a-kind creative gifts at Bryant Gallery’s Christmas Show and Art & Invention’s Holiday Art Show (in the gallery and the idea hatchery).

Secondly, be sure to stop by the station of Cheekwood’s Botanical Garden to see “Trains! Tennessee in G” before they pull out for good on December 31st.  It might not be as bright as the lights at Opry Mills or as cool as the Ice show in that same neck of the woods, but it is worth witnessing before it is gone for good.

Third, don’t forget about visiting the Frist Center fun to be had.  The gift shop has countless deals going on right now for the holidays.  The Egyptian exhibition is coming to an end in the near future, and now is the time to get out of your seat and see a real, living mummy decked out in the halls!  Need I write more?


There are several holiday deals going down at nearly every art gallery in town this week/weekend.  Don’t be a humbug … help the local art scene end 2011 with a bang that will shoot us into 2012 with smiles, hope, and a promise of a brighter and better day to come.

Have the hap hap happiest holiday season you’ve ever had.  Whether you are on the road, on the couch, or in the air, please take time to share the good word about your local art wherever you are and show the creative folk that keep the heartbeat of your streets going know that you truly care!

much love,


ps- I have extended the submission deadline for Number: 70in case you or any of your friends would like to submit possible stories for the next issue.  Even if you don’t write, you might know someone who does.  Even better, you might know of someone who might want to advertise with Number.  Either way; send us what you got and let me know ahead of time if you are working on either a story or advertisement. THANKS!

Call for Papers – Due Jan. 1st, 2012
Number: 70 – Arkansas Art
Number: magazine seeks articles and reviews for publication in its February 2012 issue. The theme for the issue is Arkansas Art. Through this topic, it is intended to provide an in-depth look at the art world of Arkansas from the major museums and institutions to the rural folk art, galleries, and community arts organizations. Submissions can include discourse on established or emerging Arkansas artists; new and old surviving in a tough economy; and public or private art movements ongoing in the area.
In addition to writing focused onArkansas, Number: always seeks writers for reviews, interviews, and regional updates. These writings can be about current or recent exhibitions taking place in the region or about artists residing in the region showing outside of the tri-state area of TN, MS, and AR. Specifics for each type of submission are found below.

· 1500-2000 words
· Addresses theme of the issue
· Includes 2-3 digital images to support the writing

· 500-1000 words
· Critical discussion of works presented in exhibitions
· Title of show/exhibition, name of artist, location, and dates of exhibition noted at the top of the page.
· 3-5 digital images from the exhibition or of the artists work

· 1500-2000 words
· Provided in interview format that includes the question
· Short introduction to the artist or interviewee
· 5-10 digital images of the artists work

· 500 words
· Provides a look at what is happening with the visual arts in your area
· 2-3 digital images to support writing

Guidelines for all writers:
· Submissions are typed in 12 point font, double spaced
· Italicize titles of works of art and books
· Submitted as a .doc (not .docx)
· Include author name, affiliation, and contact information (email, address, and phone #)
· High resolution JPEG or TIFF images (300 dpi @ 5”X7”)
· Cutlines for each image that includes artist name, title of work, size, year, medium and photo credit
· Author cutline (a short descriptive sentence about you)

All submissions must be submitted electronically by January 1st to be considered for publication. Authors of works selected for publication will be notified by January 13th and provided a contract for compensation. Questions regarding submission guidelines and number publication can be directed to Chuck Beard at

Number is a non-profit art journal that strives to stimulate critical discourse on the contemporary visual arts by educating, advocating, and informing the arts communities of the Mid-South region. Past issues of Number: are available at


Tis the Season

Before I even start out of the gate this week, I would like to and am honored to share with you a very special link close to my heart and home that spotlights the fun events going on at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts this week.  I’ll let the link and woman speak for itself HERE:

With that said and shown, tomorrow night, Thursday, December 15th, in accordance with the major Holiday sales ongoing around Woodland until December 24th at bothBryant Gallery and Bret and Meg’s wonderland, there will be a monumental book signing at Art and Invention Gallery.  From 4-8pm, local artist Janet Lee will be on hand to sign your copy of her latest masterpiece, Marvel’s graphic novel adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma for which Lee did all of the illustrations.  If you don’t already have a copy, do not worry.  Meg will totally hook you up.  And not only will Janet Lee be there to sign your new copy, she will also be doingFREE, quick sketches for anyone who asks!  Do yourself a favor and stop by Art and Invention tomorrow … and every day there after.

Then, Saturday, to keep with the festive spirit of the times, roll on over to Cheekwood if you want to bypass the traffic and waiting times and see Santa in a more natural setting. This Saturday, for a mere entrance fee of $10, you can take part in cookie decorating, a magic show, arts and crafts, live music, beautiful decorations, a professional 4×6 picture of you with Santa, and don’t forget to check out the Trains exhibition before they pull out on December 31st.

And when you leave Cheekwood, ready for the night life, why not head on over to The Grand Opening for Cadillac Tramp Designs and False Flag Art of “The Front.”  For the cost of $2, The Front (located at 1022 4th Avenue South) will open in the grandest of style.  From 7pm-whenever you leave, all ages are welcome to see live music, LIVE painting and art by such artists like Adrienne Bailey, Jon Buko, Bryan Deese, Katy Fischer, and Skip PollockThis Saturday’s sneak peak party will give you a chance to enjoy some tasty treats, tramp brew, live art, and also give you a preview of The Front’s upcoming artist showcase “American Made” happening on Friday, January 13th, 2012.  So take advantage of this one-of-a-kind venue with the intentions of providing a creative space for emerging artists with unique perceptions, completely uncensored, and a gem of an opportunity to show art that might not be kosher at other galleries for the public.  Stop by if you want something different this weekend and if you can’t make it feel free to email them directly to ask any questions

Remember to drop by and shop in all of the local art galleries for any and all of your basic and extremeHolidaygifts for the next two weeks.  I will do more of a recap next week for last minute gift ideas, but enjoy your week and weekend ahead in the nice time.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and share it with others you think might care about local art and artists.

much love,


Three wise things

After an epic adventure involving close friends, music, mud, new friends, more music and more mud, I am already fast approaching this week ahead as a recovery week for my mind, body, and soul.  Beginning last Thursday and fast-forwarding through the weekend that was, sometimes too much is just enough … just perfect.  The rain is falling and slowing down everything around.  Here are a few gems I have in my mind this week to share with you around Nashville and art.  Take from it what you will and know that I appreciate you reading these words.

I need to start off by making a correction of sorts that was (as most things are) out of my control.  The Symposium in September for the Parthenon was cancelled, but now it is re-scheduled!  The Parthenon is happy to announce that their Symposium from September, called “Really, Really Early Music: Songs of Ancient Greece” will be held this Thursday, December 8th.  A concert, lecture by the Nashville Early Music Project at the Parthenon will begin at 7pm.  A reception will follow and admission is totally FREE, but reservations are required (call 615-862-8431).  The presentation will discuss issues and difficulties in reconstructing and resurrecting the music of ancient cultures, and the concert will feature performances of surviving ancient music from the Golden Age to the early Christian Era … really, really fascinating stuff.

Similar to last week when Thursday’s instant classic music from Carolina Story playing on the Eastside leading the way into a memorable weekend of art and living all around, this week’s music leads the way right into a historic East Side finish of sorts.  This Saturday night, December 10th, from 6-9pm, marks an Open House Reception at Studio East for “The f-Stops Here.”  This grandiose event that you shouldn’t miss is a juried exhibition of recent work by six Nashville photographers that are not only great artists, but really great people as well.  All six participants are members of an underground group of female photographers located in Nashville and throughout the mid-South.  Comprised of Andee Rudloff, Emily Naff, Kay Ramming, Laura Carpenter, Stacey Irvin, Wendy Whittemore, with the Juror Sharon Lee Hart, this special exhibition will only be on view for TWO DAYS alone!  After the reception Saturday night, the doors at Studio East will be open on Sunday, December 11th, from 1-4pm to wrap up the show.  As mentioned previously, Studio East is going to make a transition in the coming months into Lockeland Table (a new restaurant scheduled to open in early Spring 2012 and become not only a reflection of life on the East Side of Nashville but also a leader in local restaurant style, food preparation and education, and originality in all facets … basically the Studio East of food).  To help along this transition from the extraordinary things that owner John Guider and studio partner Stacey Irvin have enjoyed and produced in 3 short years of creativity and excellence at Studio East, the reception for The f-Stops Here, the final exhibition at Studio East, will have a reception menu prepared by the renowned chef Hal Holden-Bache, an artist with food in his own right and co-owner and executive chef of Lockeland Table

If you are around the area this weekend, it would be an honor for John and Stacey, all of the participating artists in this one-of-a-kind photography show, and the next tenants of the historic spot of 1520 Woodland Street if you take the time to pay homage to the wonderful work that has been accomplished there since 2008, what is to come in the near future for the fresh new Lockeland Table, and to bid John and Stacey farewell to that memorable address as they embark on new creative adventures located in the heart of Nashville from new and different spot.

Then, after you good-bye to Studio East one last time on Sunday, continuing with the Frist’s Holiday Concert Series after last weekend’s superb showing from the very talented Blair School of Music’s Suzuki Strings last Saturday and the stellar group Nashville in Harmony last Sunday, this coming Sunday’s show on December 11th won’t be anything short of amazing either.  This Sunday, at 2pm, FREE admission in the Frist Center Auditorium will allow you to fully appreciate The Nashville Flute Choir as they get you revved up to visit the rest of the museum and truly start celebrating the holidays up ahead.  It is a great way to wrap up your weekend like a holiday gift after beginning it with music again on Thursday night and then rambling around all of the festive galleries and art shows around town the rest of the weekend. 

This is a very special time of year for galleries, art, and local artists in general.  Please find the time to help support the marvelous talent that we are fortunate to have in our city of Nashville.  The efforts you make to help these creative folks will bear imagination and original artistic creations for years to come.

So come, come with the kick drum!

much love,