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Another month of love and art

I can’t think of a better way for theNashvilleart scene to kick off the 2012 month of Valentine than what it has in store for use around town this week.  In fact, I can’t even think right now about how to build it all up or elaborate more on the events than simply coming right out and telling you where and when to go see them all live.

First, forget your two for Tuesday deals and delay it two more days after that for Thursday.  This Thursday, February 2nd, go west my friends to the Hillsboro Village art walk.  It is there, starting at 6 pm, where you’ll find two of my favorite things going down this Thursday.  From 6-7:30pm, you can turn the corner to The Belcourt to find Jeff Bertrand’s “Turn the page” exhibition.  Combining classic books with instant classic portraits of classic authors and other historical characters, Bertrand’s style is more than remarkable and original cover art; it is both remarkable and original. By using used books as backdrops, Bertrand allows you to gain depth in his latest exhibition into his creative world that is truly beyond words.  You won’t be able to judge his entire scale of art by these covers, but it is definitely a wonderful beginning for all those willing to take the time to see them.  Then, just down the street at Zeitgeist Gallery, you can catch the opening reception for Vesna Pavlovic’s “Search for Landscapes.”  The artist will be present from 5-8pm for her first solo exhibition at Zeitgeist.  Often described as other wordly in her own past exhibitions, “Search for Landscapes” develops around a group of found slides which depict one American family’s travels around the world during the 1960-80’s.  So take your own trip down the west side of town Thursday night to join on the fun, take your own pictures, and write your own stories with those who are doing it for a living.

Then, speaking of hanging side by side with spectacular artists, you won’t have to look any further than this month’s Collectors Art Night on Friday, February 3rd, from 5:30-8pm.  The event is FREE but limitations of space always require an RSVP (by or contacting any of the 3 galleries to RSVP).  With Cocktails beginning at 5:30pm, the party really gets going at 6pm at The Arts Company.  At6pm, at The Arts Company, 3 prominent Nashville art collectors in Jack Spencer, Billy Frist, and David Conradwill be discussing what draws them to photography and why.  Then at 6:45pm, painter Ed Nash will be at The Rymer Gallery to speak about his current series opening this weekend at The Rymer and how his evolving deep spirituality translated to the canvas of his abstract artwork.  Finally, at7:15pm, New York painter Peri Schwartz will be on location at Tinney Contemporary to take on questions about her new paintings and drawings in “The Architect Within.”  Overall, it is a perfect blend of artists, art talk, and amazing art that reflect a solid week and weekend of fresh art around town.

As far as the weekend and Saturday, February 4th, goes, the First Saturday of the month Downtown Art Crawl will be jam-packed with opening receptions, art aficionados, and loads of gallery walks.  One in particular that I want to highlight involves Nashville’s heART’s close friend, Nashville-based artist Lori Anne Parker-Danley.  She is bringing her “The Garden of Evolution” to Twist Etc. from Feb. 4th-26th.  A multimedia installation, this exhibition includes a new series of mixed-media painting, additional works, found objects and effects, and a sound component by local guitarist and composer John Danley.  On top of the creative artwork by Lori, it is no coincidence that this ‘body-centered’ exhibition opens the first week of American Heart Month to support the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women campaign by ‘Going Red’ on opening night and 10% of the artist’s proceeds will be donated to Go Red For Women.  As always, I’ll let the artist tell the rest of the story.  That said, she will be at the opening reception thisSaturday night to share her heartfelt creativity and story.

I have to run, literally, but I hope this is a good preview of another amazing week and month ahead for you all.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing these events and stories to others that you think will care.

much love,



These are OUR days

I must tell you that it has been quite the refreshing week the past 7 days.  In that time, I have met with two friends; one new and another from back in the day.  Both had in-depth talks about the art scene inNashvilleand how it is above and beyond what they first imagined before taking a closer look in person for themselves.  It was not only nice to hear special things said about something that I care about and live within and beside every day as much of you reading this right now do as well, but it was even cooler to know that both of these people are about to jump head and heart first into the art scene instead of just talking about it with others.  Whether it is helping to promote the art scene via writing about it to spread the news to others or grabbing a pen or paintbrush for themselves to create what is going on in their dome, it was inspirational to me to see just how uniqueNashville’s art scene has become.   Sometimes it is easy to forget just how great a place we live in is – where personal expression is for the most part free of censorship or judgments and the art community as a whole (galleries and fellow artists) are so warm and welcoming to newcomers trying to make their mark as well.

Sorry for the mini-novella above without specifics, but I just thought it was worthy to share those sentiments to you all to keep the outlook on the creativity going on around Nashville right now in perspective.  I truly believe that many of the artists that call Nashville home at the moment will be known around the world in the years to come in due time.

That said, here are a few things going on this week and weekend around our city that might inspire you as well.  First, an exhibit that has already had it’s opening reception a few weeks ago but is worth checking out any weekday that you have time to attend is “Common Languages: recent work by Stacey Irvin and Victoria Boone.”  Found at The Marnie Sheridan Gallery at Harpeth Hall School (3801 Hobbs Road), and running thru February 16th, the gallery hours are Mon.- Fri., 8am – 4:30pm is well worth the trip.  It’s a great opportunity to see commonalities between humanity and far-off cultures via paintings and world-class photography.

Date specific, tonight, Monday, January 23rd, kicks off the week right with the first of a 3-part series this week atWatkins.  This week, Watkins is presenting three films by award-winning director and filmmaker Natalia Almada.  Tonight, at 6pm in the Watkins Theater, “El General” is showing.  Almada’s work addresses the history and politics of Mexico from the perspective of ordinary people and everyday life.  I will tell you more about the two additional films after another brief event for Tuesday, but know that all of the 3 films at Watkins this week will be open and FREE to the public.

Then, Tuesday, January 24th, presents you with a historical option for the ages.  It may not be as historical as Eddie George presently as Julius Caesar at Belmont on stage (who would have thunk it?), but deals with art and history nonetheless.  The Parthenon is having another symposium called “Music, Healing and Sacred Space in Classical Greece: a New Interpretation of the Thymele of Epidauros.”  Dr. Peter Schultz will be there to lecture while offering solutions to the puzzling meanings behind the mysterious, elaborate round building at the healing sanctuary of Asklepios near Epidauros that has kept smart people guessing for ages now.  Other possible solutions presented are music-based as well, but the symposium is bound to be entertaining as the others before.  It will take place at 7pm, with a reception following.  Admission is FREE, butreservations are required at (615-862-8431).

On Wednesday, instead of hearing about history, it is your chance to make it.  You can be a part of “Souper Bowl II!”  This event will go on display at the Mid-south Ceramics (also known as the Clay Lady’s Artist Co-op and Galleries at 1416 Lebanon Pike Bldg. A) opening from 6-8pm.  Although the exhibit will run thru Feb. 2nd, Wednesday is a chance for you to get soup and bread that will be served at the opening reception.  Also, those attending are asked tobring a can of soup and/or donate $1 to their favorite bowl.  The money from the cans of soup collected will be given to the Nashville Rescue Mission to help feed the homeless.  It is a chance to yet again see good art, meet good people, and do great things for the community.

If you decide to bypass the Souper Bowl II or leave before the end of the event, you can still catch the 2nd Almada film at Watkins of the week.  On Wednesday, January 25th, again at 6pm at Room #804, the film “Al Otro Lado” will show.  And wouldn’t you know that the following night,Thursday, January 26th, also at 6pm, Almada will be on hand to show the special screening of her film “El Velador.” Not only will Almada be on hand, she will kick off the Thursday with a reception before the movie at 5:30pm.  There will also be a discussion and Q&A led by Watkins assistant professor of art history Tom Williams immediately following the movie.  Overall, it is a one-of-a-kind experience FREE for you to attend and enjoy.  I should note and not boast that I attended another reception and movie screening for Wayne White a few years ago at Watkins and it was top notch.  Watkins is a gem for art lovers and brings in people that are relevant and entertaining all at the same time.  Remember, ALL screenings of the films above are FREE and open to the public.  Just show up.

For the weekend, you can rest or crawl on your own around the art studios and galleries around town.  The weather may be chaotic, but the art in this town is dependable to keep you smiling and enjoying the days at hand.  We are living in a very unique time in art in general and in my humble opinion (I’m sure Mayor Karl Dean would attest)Nashvilleand the region around us is as fertile as any other location for labor and fruit that will flourish for many years to come.  Just by showing up and sharing the word we are all a part of this.

Enjoy your week ahead and have a great day.  Thanks for coming my way today.

much love,


ps- And if you or any of your creative friends would like to be a part of a very special annual Nashvilleevent this Memorial Day Weekend, here is your chance to answer the call for artists for the 5th Annual Hands Together in Flatrock Music & Arts Festival.  To be considered, you need to email to schedule an Artist Review Session on one of the following Saturdays: Feb. 4th, 18th, March 3rd, or 17th.  You’ll need to prepare and bring a small portfolio of 3-5 artworks to show your Artist Review Session, and the deadline to apply is March 10th.  I’ll post this again next month, but it will be better for you to apply as early as you know you are interested.  It is a fantastic festival for everyone who participates and attends.  Best of luck to all who apply themselves … for the festival and in general.

Good will, good art, and good people

One of the best things about Nashville (in my humble opinion) is that even when the weather is dreary, there is a lull in bright lights all over town, and the post new year fervor is tiring down a bit, there are always ample amounts of good-hearted people doing special things around town to make your head and heart smile.  I’ll get right to the point to back me up.

This Thursday, January 12th, from 6:30-8:30pm, lots of people are gathering for a party to help benefit Safe Haven Family Shelter.  The party is located at The Berger Building (162 Rosa L. Parks Blvd), featuring circus photography by the talented Allen Clark, various performers, live music by the band Bear Cub, a silent auction of artwork, and other surprises.  Oh, I forgot to mention that the fiesta is called “Museum & Menagerie: A Circus Celebration from Past to Present.”  There will be rare treasures on hand from the Ringling Museum, and there are seats left for you to be a part of this magical night.  Tickets are $65 in advance (purchase online- and $75 at the door.  For more information about the night email, but know that every dollar and attention paid towards Safe Haven is much deserved and priceless.

Also this Thursday, January 12th, in case you want to pre-game the Safe Haven shindig, YOU are cordially invited to attend the opening reception at Vanderbilt University’s Fine Arts Gallery for their exhibition titled “The Arts of Japan.”  From 5-7pm, you can check out early 17th century paneled screen paintings, 18th century paintings made in mineral colors and gold leaf, a huge range of blue and white porcelain fine ceramics, textiles, scrolls, rare books, outstanding examples of graphic arts, and much much more.  The exhibition will run through February 26th, but Thursday is a chance for you to see it from the beginning … where the reception and exhibition are FREE and open to the public.

Then, skipping to Saturday, January 14th, you can wake up smiling at the fact that you can be the cool parent or aunt/uncle by happily bringing the kiddos over to the Frist Center either at 10:30am, 1pm, or 3pm for their Kids Club: “Flipping” over Film session.  This month’s featured Kid’s Club activity will help kids design and make an original flip book that tells the story they want to tell about their own miniature mystery-inspired by the Frist Center current exhibition of Tracey Snelling’s “Woman on the Run.”  This activity in particular is designed for kids aged 5-10, but know there are other activities on site at the Martin ArtQuest Gallery for kids of all ages to discover, explore, and create art all day long.

Then, Saturday afternoon gives you a chance to treat yourself to meet a living legend in the arts appearing at The Arts Company.  From 2-4pm, the celebrated Village Voice Photographer Sylvia Plachy will be on site taking in the latest exhibition “The South Through Eight Lenses And A Code.”  Plachy will present her own work, provide insights into the creative process as a whole, and talk about behind her famed photographic stories that will be followed by a Q & A session for those in attendance.  Again, this exhibition will run through February 24th, but this is your chance to meet and greet with a living legend and be amongst the best photographers fromNashville and the area sure to be in attendance as well.

And if you aren’t catching up on your NFL Titanless Playoffs on Sunday, January 15th, and don’t have anything planned, why not swing back by the Frist Center any time between 2-3pm in the Auditorium to take in Artful Tales: “An African Cinderella Tale.”  It is FREE to attend, while seating is first come, first seated, and this specific Artful Tales is one where you will be able to listen to an African Cinderella story that explores virtue and naughtiness.  Then, after the story, you’ll have the chance to weave colorful paper “cloth” inspired by the colors and shapes ofAfrica.

Like I said, this week and weekend gives you a chance to surround yourself with good will, good art, and good people.  With NFL football on the side, what more could you ask for mid-January?

Happy New Year if I haven’t seen you in person to tell you myself.  Keep up with the positive changes and viva tu resolution!

much love,


Here we go again my friend

 Is it really steady as we go or are we just trying to go steady?  Is it going to be more of the same or can we have a little bit of some more? Will anything change this year from the last other than a number?  I sure hope so.  I’m banking on that fact actually.  So after a week or two hiatus where I went on quite the adventure out West to try to find answers and a wee bit of peace during the holidays (see VIDEO) and found said peace along with a few new friends and artists alike while still searching for those answers, I am back here and now to let you in on a fresh new outlook for the Nashville art New Year.  First and foremost, thanks for coming back and sharing the above and below Nashville’s heART with others.

Second and fivemost, other than taking a look at the visual video above by the lovely efharper, I should recap a few creative spots and lots that we hit along our trek before trekking home to Nashville.  Long story short, if you are ever near Sedona, Arizona, you should stay with or stop by and talk to Mike and Milena at Cabin Wren B&B.  It is close enough to go hike the must hikes of Bell and Cathedral Rock inside town and far away from everything else chaotic in your life going on at the moment.  If you are near Albuquerque, New Mexico, after you have already driven around the Grand Canyon and took a picture near the Pollos Hermanos (aka Twisted) filming spot from Breaking Bad, you should rest your soul at Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm.  It’s not every day where you can eat, sleep, make cozy fires, take cooking classes, pick your own fruit or surround yourself with the splendid smells from the lavender farm all on one site.  And lastly, to bring Sedona and Breaking Bad altogether, you might even stumble upon taking a few pictures of your own, but you might be lucky enough to meet up with talented artist and photographer Alex Bershaw to see the world through his creative eye too.

Now that that shout out has been shouted out, back to Nashville art once again.  And what better way to kick off the New Year than with some new art shows.  You won’t have to wait for the weekend if you drop by the always pleasant Zeitgeist Gallery this Thursday, January 5th, from 6-8pm, to experience the opening reception for “Exhibit Your Symptom: a group exhibition.”  Everyone is invited to the party this Thursday in conjunction with the Hillsboro Village Merchants Association Art Walk at 1819 21st Avenue SouthZeitgeist, who always prides itself for finding and showing talented artists that not only pursue commercial gallery careers, but also can be found showing in museums, alternative artist-run spaces, and university galleries in Nashville and around the World.  Exhibit Your Symptoms is no different.  Comprised of such featured arists as Caroline Allison, Patrick DeGuira, John Donovan, Richard Feaster, Brady Haston, Alicia Henry, Megan Lightell, Vesna Pavlovic, Greg Pond, Terry Rowlett, Hans Schmitt-Matzen, Brent Stewart, Manuel Zeitlin, and Lain York, this is going to be a show and year like none other! 

And in keeping with the times, before you totally rid yourself of the old before bringing in the new, don’t forget to stop by Tinney Contemporarythis Saturday, January 7th, from 6-9pm, to catch the closing reception for “Suchness: New Works by Jaq Belcher.”  Suchness, an exhibition of works by New York-based artist, Jaq Belcher, has been a successful show showing since last December as a collection of work as a recording of her past 20 months (hand-cut paper pieces serving as imprints of significant events in the artist’s life.  The Exhibition will fully end its run on January 28th, but this Saturday provides a great time to stop by and join the celebration of its success.

Speaking about success, you don’t need to look any further than the art in The Arcade on the second floor to see that Nashville’s independent art scene is in full swing and the future is now.  Somewhere near the always fascinating Blend Studio and Twist Gallery you can find many of the art answers and questions you may be looking for at the impressionable COOP gallery space, Space 75 in The Arcade to be precise.  Whether you want to decipher your dreams or see how others out there are dreaming, a good spot to start is to check out jonathan paul gillette’s “my deepest fear is true, my reality is the case.”  With the work on display this Saturday, January 7th, around 6pm in accordance with the First Saturday Downtown Art Crawl that lasts from 6-9pm at most everywhere, this is a great chance and spot for your creative mind to wake up and start something fresh this coming lap around the sun.  Don’t hit the snooze button and go back to sleep this time around.

To end this round like I began it, with photography and moving pictures of all sorts, you should also know about the photographic exhibition that includes Chuck Arlund, Jerry Atnip, Nicholas Dantona, Robert McCurley, Mark Mosrie, Jerry Park, Pierre Vreyen and the great David Farmerie that is going down at The Arts Company this Saturday, January 7th, within the Downtown Art Crawl hours.  The S8uth Through Eight Lenses & A Code will help you open your eyes with the help of the eyes that make up South Light Photographers.  If anything else, it will be an enjoyable time with fun talk, critical thinking, possibly a little drinking of good spirits all around, and anything but a waste of a good night.

So with all that love above I wish you all a good night and great beginning to another blessed year ahead!

much love,


PS- ONE more thing honorable to mention … this Sunday, January 8th marks the LAST CHANCE to SEE To Live Forever!  To Live Forever: Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum has been a prize like no other for everyone who has recently visited the Frist Center for the Visual Arts during its stay, but it is leaving for good by the end of this weekend.  Alongside special movies in the auditorium, music in the lobby, architecture tours, and much more going on throughout the weekend at the Frist, this is a perfect opportunity to send the mummy off with a bang!  You won’t regret making it a point to walk like an Egyptian one last time in such a grand art museum.