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Good moon rising

As you may or may not remember from last week’s post, I know sometimes time can get kinda hazy for many during a holiday weekend, I briefly threw out the notion that the city and artists within our city need to find better ways to collaborate and progress together.  Well, I’m not going to just say something and not show you a way or two where YOU, the artist, can jumpstart the interaction and prove your worth to the city and people within it.  That said, is it ever too early to talk tomatoes?  The answer is NO!

Talking about TOMATOES, I am so happy that it is that time of year again for Meg and Bret to roll out the festivities to all who would like to help and join in on the fun.  They have just announced recently the most recent call to artists, patrons, vendors, and the like for all to see and share to everyone you know who wants to be a part of the party.  August 11th will mark the 9th annual Tomato Art Show in East Nashville!  It is a wonderful experience by all and a perfect chance for any artist or vendor to make a positive impact on the thousands of people that visit 5 Points that lucky day.  If this is something that you are interested in getting involved with, by all means do the following NOW:  1-Submit 3 examples of your CURRENT tomato-themed work to Art & Invention for jurying (via website or in person).  It doesn’t have to be about tomatoes, but I think it won’t hurt your chances for more fun making it.  Each artist can submit up to 3 pieces of artwork for the show (at least one of them MUST be ‘tomato inspired’).  The art that isn’t tomato inspired should be inspired by other fruit and veggies.  The deadline for entries is just around the corner on July 1st.  All work must be ready to hang when turned in by July 22nd if accepted for the big show.  There is an entry fee per person of $10.  There will be a $250 cash award for Best of Show and $200 cash award for Emerging Fruit or Vegetable and several other cash merit awards too.  Visit or call Meg at 615-226-2070directly to get this ball rolling.  This is something that every artist and local business should be a part of in some fashion or another.  If you don’t, I’ll just say it … don’t be stupid!  There!

And if you are itching for something not as veggie or fruity, feel free to join the call for artists for Untitled’s Summer Show 2012 called HOT MESS.  It will go down June 15th, from 6-10pm at Welcome to 1979.  To register to be in aHOT MESS, go to!  Either show, you won’t lose.

Speaking of Fresh Art, leave it to The Arts Company to showcase signature work by a variety of artists this Summer.  Beginning in June, selected series of artists that represent a range of mediums and styles will be on hand in the gallery with a surprising range of talent from Nashville-based artists.  Featured at their stop of the First Saturday Art Crawl will beWayne Brezinka and David Robert Farmerie.  June 2nd, from 6-9pmBrezinka’s paintings and other works will be right beside Farmerie’s splendid photography.  Farmerie’smost recent series, Seven Deadly Sins, was commissioned by a museum seeking a 21st century idea of the seven deadly sins that are both very exciting and contemporary to see in person.

Also around the First Saturday Art Crawl Downtown, you can stick to 5th Avenue to see two other fine galleries atTinney Contemporary and The Rymer Gallery (if you miss out on seeing all three in one night the night before on June 1st for the Collectors Art Night-5:30-8pm).  At Tinney Contemporary, they are please to present Anodyne Frontiers by John Folsom.  It is comprised of mixed media painted photography presented on wood panels.  I find the theme close to my hometown heart because it features landscape images from KY (albeit mostly at Shaker Village near Pleasant Hill, KY, but I did take a field trip there once as a kid last century).  The Rymer Gallery is showing Director’s Choice: Next Generation- featuring new work from Savannah College of Art and Design and the Maryland Institute College of Art graduates.  This show will run though June 30th.

Just across the street from this art good/madness on the same night, you should definitely, while in the neighborhood, check out The Arcade and all it has to offer. Specifically, I give you three good spots to check off the list for the night.  First, the coop gallery in Space 75, from 6-9pm, will be showing Keeping Time by Alicia Eggert.  In keeping with the theme of time, she is including drawings, photography, and kinetic sculptures that create and reveal the hidden mathematics of life (like the book Tinkers of sorts).  That said, there will be a Pulse Machine, an electromechanical sculpture with a human lifespan that was made in collaboration with Boston-based artist and engineer, Alexander Reben on location for the opening reception that should be a blast to see.  Second, over at Blend Studio, artist Denny Adcock will be presenting his lastest Carved Utilitarian Wooden Bowls.  Speaking of time, these said carved bowls have in one way or another existed since the beginnings of civilization.  It is a functional, historical, art lesson literally in your face to enjoy.  Third, as seen in the picture below, you won’t want to miss out on Emily Sue Laird’s TOTEM work at twist etc. gallery at the same time.  I’ll let you see it and talk for yourself.  Fascinating stuff all around really, don’t you agree?

That is all for me coming out of a holiday weekend.  I don’t want to keep you here all day, but I very much appreciate you taking the time as always to read this and share it with all of your friends.  I know the artists appreciate it very much too.

Thanks and much love,



PS- a major PS that is- the best local band that guarantees your socks to be knocked off even when you’re only sporting flippy floppies to the bar, EASTERN BLOCK, is playing aFREE show this Friday, June 1st, at Mercy Lounge at 9pm.  Alongside Josh Foster, The Gills, and The Future, Eastern Block will knock your socks off (twice written because it’s the truth)!  Tell your mama, your dog, and let your dad and the cats follow you there!  You’re welcome.


Outside the Box

As most of us find out (some quicker than others), some of the greatest things in life seem to just happen … no planning, palm reading, or inkling of control over the situation is ever better than life simply opening up to you and yours at the right time- whether you expected it or not (better, in my humble opinion, when not).  That said, I’d like to start off this week’s post with an interesting short short story (short short meaning short short for once).

Last week, I met with a friend and local artist for lunch to discuss the current landscape ofNashvilleart.  We weren’t talking about styles or names as much as the obvious lack of opportunities for artists to do productive collaborations with the city (and the officials that run the show) and an apparent lack of initiative from many artists in town to do more because of the pile and pile of stagnant ideas that have been on the table like an elephant the size of the new convention center in our city for over 25 years and counting.  I won’t give details or name names, but some pretty cool and productive ideas were tossed around for possible attempts in the near future, pending city official opinions and efforts.  But, point being, near the end of the lunch, our server, who just so happened to be a local artist that, frustrated with the art scene and organization as a whole for her as an alternative artist up-and-coming, spoke to us about possibly moving up North to Louisville or Cincinnati sooner than later-where there are more opportunities collectively with the city behind them in her particular field of interest.  Needless to say, it was perfect timing and a perfect ending to our lunch that proved what we were discussing was both needed and primed for the taking and making in Nashville right now.

Okay, that could’ve been shorter for a short short story, but you got my drift or at least gave the above a second thought or two.  Now, speaking to the title of outside the box, I believe that today is the last day that you can register for a few classes at Watkins this summer.  As for two workshops that are cool and different and might be just what you are looking for to spice up your summer creativity, why not try Glass Fusing (June 23-24) and/or Connecting the Dots: An Introduction to Batik (begins July 23).  You can see the full online catalog available and the process of registering right HERE, but I’m pretty sure you will love these and the other classes/workshops available (and you can sign up for the workshops until 2 weeks before they begin).  With pretty much every class/workshop being taught by a fellow local artist, Glass Fusing being that of Meredith Edmondson and the Batik workshop being led by none other than my beautiful bride, Emily Frances Harper Beard– efharper, your money and time will be well spent for sure.

As far as the rest of the week and events go that you could/should take advantage of in person, the first major thing I would hate not to tell you about is the Creativity Moves Nashville Conference.  Located at the Belmont Black Box Theatre, throughout the entire weekend starting Thursday, May 24 until Monday night, May 28, you will be able to explore various unique opportunities to expand your professional development creatively by participating in building an inspiring vision for future causes in the Nashville Community and beyond.  Seating is LIMITED at these events every day so please register NOW.  I would be remiss if I didn’t single out one or two events that are right down everyone’s alley who is reading this.  First, Playing By Air and its Director Jacob Weiss will be putting on a show like no other on Friday, May 25th and Saturday, May 26th, both at 8pm, called Playing By Air: A Symphony of Action & Comedy.  Second, on Monday, May 28th, from 2-5:30pm, I highly recommend getting tickets NOW for this FREE event titled Young Adult Cancer Survivor Program @ Creative Moves Nashville: The Power of Your Story.  Creativity Moves will be bringing together young adult cancer survivors, family, friends, and caregivers for an afternoon of inspiration, joy, and bonding.  Again, seating is LIMITED so YOU should register HERE for FREE now.  It will be a solid chance for YOU to get inspired with joy, laughter, and learning to share your own story at the same time.

And speaking of outside and outside of boxes, nowhere will this be more clear than at Cheekwood starting this Saturday, May 26, at the opening of their outdoor exhibit Treehouses: Great Works of Literature.  Cheekwood has selected 7 designers for its 2012 summer outdoor exhibition-Treehouses.  Opening this weekend and staying upthrough September 3, Treehouses focuses on great works of literature (self-explanatory) with whimsical and traditional Treehouses in the landscape at Cheekwood.  This exhibition celebrates the 10year anniversary of the first summer exhibition at Cheekwood (my absolute favorite was the one Happily Ever After for selfish and not so selfish reasons of course- Three Little Pigs what?).  This year’s artwork includes The Rainbow Fish, The Jolly Roger, Ocean of Notions, Up and Down Again, A Hobbit’s Tale, Walden Treehouse, Conch House, and last but certainly not least The Giver Tree House.  The names and houses are inspired by great stories and made by some excellent groups of local architect and building firms.  I drove through it last week for a sneak peek and almost ran out of the car while it was still moving because it was so fascinating and tempting to climb each one (even when they weren’t completely finished yet).  Trust me, these summer exhibitions at Cheekwood are made for and are fun for the kid inside all of us.

But if you don’t live too close to Cheekwood and you only have time for one fun event for the entire family this weekend, you should totally head over to the 5th Annual Flatrock Music & Art Festival.  This Saturday, May 26th, beginning at 10:30am and lasting pretty much all day long, the Flatrock Festival is becoming quite the local tradition for good music, fantastic art, a world culture of foods, rockin’ classic cars, and more family fun in the sun than most can handle.  It is very well organized and a treat for everyone that makes the time to visit and enjoy it.  If you have the time, don’t miss out on this one for sure.

Well, I’m gonna go for now for this week.  Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this and feel free to share all of the above with all of your family and friends.  Until next week, enjoy your day and be nice to each other.

As you were, busy but happy.

much love,


Timing is perfect

Two weeks in a row and the lead has something to do with timing … yes it is.  It is perfect timing to say a BIG thanks to everyone who made the efforts to come out and be a part of a wonderful night all around at 427 Chestnut Streetlast Saturday night to support Threesquared, Seed Space, VineaNumber, and more!  Despite the rain and other randomness (like the train that goes about 2 mph every time I wanted to get to or go home from the party), it was a fun-filled, successful night for everyone that came out which is always nice for a change.  Nothing was forced by anyone and everybody seemed to really enjoy themselves. OH, and the latest issue, Number: 71, is HERE!  It’s really nice when people inNashville get together for creativity’s sake and simply enjoy the moments as they come.  I know that it can be difficult at times for many to live in a city that is so full of creative music and art (the best always seems to be the people not in the charts, on the television or radio, or in the public eye all the time) to disregard any opening or concert because you may think that their is going to be another one the next night (sometimes the case), but that just makes it that much better for those organizing events and showing their creative work when people do take the time to come out … and simply enjoy.  Everyone wins!

And speaking of coming out to something that a local artist is putting together to not only let you into their fantastical world behind the curtains, and actually teach you how to do a little bit of the majestic things he does, world-renowned, best in Nashville (fact) photographer Jack Spencer has organized TWO photographic workshops this month.  They are taking place at his studio and on location in Nashville and although there is a tuition fee, I’m fairly sure that you’ll agree that it is beyond worth it to learn from such a talent.  Did I mention that each workshop has a limited class of 10 students?!  So whether you want to attend and learn from Jack (assisted by Jon Morgan … yes, the same AMERICAN DREAMING Jon Morgan you may recall) on May 18-20 or May 25-27 this month, you better go HERE and sign up like NOW!

I’m sorry to be on such short notice with that photography workshop information but I just heard about it.  You know what, I’m not sorry.  In fact, another thing in town that is short notice, someone who plays the most amazing original music that is not yet on the billboards, and will never make you bored … Bill (that was some minor wordplay there so try to stay with me here).  The point is that The One and Only Bill Davis is going to be playing the legendary Music City RootsTHIS WEDNESDAY, May 16th, at the Loveless Barn!  The One and Only Bill Davis is superb by himself, but when he heard that Music City Roots was going to move the seating this week and have an ol’ fashioned hoedown, he decided to invite over 12 others to join him onstage to really tear the barn down with goodness all around.  I hope to see you on the dance floor with me and my wife, but please don’t ask to cut in … I’d hate to throwdown at the hoedown and mess up my business socks.

Then, on Thursday, May 17th, you should be happy to know that the next RAW Artists Nashville event (The Blend) is going down from 8-11pm at Mercy Lounge.  It is a 21+ event, $10 presale or $15 at the door.  The aparent dress is cocktail attire or Havana Nights themed.  So you can go straight from a barn hoedown to little Havana on the next … only in Nashville.  Well, probably not only in Nashville, but it sounded good at the time to type.  Either way, RAW will be on site with a new blend (pun intended) of artists, singers, fashion designers, etc.

But, in case you don’t want to get in the mix of HavanaonThursday night, there is another great option for you to get out and make the most of as well across town at Zeitgeist Gallery.  As part of NCAP’s spring 2012 Insight? Outta Site! participatory potluck forum, Zeitgeist Gallery is very happy to welcome artist Rehema Barber.  A curator, arts administrator, adjunct/part-time faculty member at the University of Memphis and Memphis College of Art, and friend of a lot of my friends (on and off Facebook), Barber will be there to ignite creative discussion about contemporary art and social engagement.  The food/drinks will be from 6-6:30pm and Barber’s talk will be from 6:30-7:30pm.  You can join in the fun for either or both, but please bring a dish/drink/question to share with everyone.

After you get enough art and food to ease your hunger, Friday is going to be a fresh day for you to get your imagination and collaboraton going again.  In fact, Lindsey Bailey, Rebecca Kinslow Berrios, and Camilla Spadafino are going to put together Imagination and Collaboration: A Boys and Girls Club!  Located at the Metro Arts Commision’s Gallery and Roof Top Terrace (800 2nd Avenue South), from 3:30-5pm,  these three amigas are having an “After School Art Filled Playdate” for Lockeland Design Center children and parents.  You should totally come hang out with them and enjoy Lindsey Bailey’s art collaboration combining her imagination with those of Ms. Kessler’s second gade students and the handy work of the entire school’s art happening scheduled for field day.

Also Friday, May 18th, besides it being my Mom’s birthday,Vanderbilt University‘s Space 204 is presenting a new installation by Quintin Owens titled “Aesthetic Predicament.”  With an opening reception from 5:30-7:30pm, Owens’ work is a gathering of past memories and experiences in which he utilizes a wide range of materials, from clay to balloons and taxidermy and construction materials.  If it’s a matter timing that you might not come to the opening reception, don’t fret because they’ll let you come in and visit and see it until it is gone on June 29.

And speaking of timing, The Art of Time is happening this Friday, May 18, at Whiskey Bent Saloon’s Frontier Room (306 Broadway) from 6-9pm.  The Art of Time will be an evening filled with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, entertainment and exciting live and silent auction items featuring local artists where the proceeds will assist the Tennessee Respite Coalition (TRC) and the many programs serving family caregivers of Tennessee.  Tickets are $30 and can be purchased HERE or by calling the TRC office at (615) 269-8687 or emailing

Maybe after doing any and/or all of the above, you might be ready to go home for the weekend.  It’s fitting that StudioHome Sweet Home is having Art Show: An Evening with the Arts this Saturday, May 19th, from 6-8pm at 120 Highway 76 in White House, TN.  Home Sweet Homeoffers a wide range of unique gifts and collectibles on the regular, but this particular evening will have its doors open to invite you to refreshments, meeting the artists, and an evening of music, art and good company.  Home has hardly sounded as fun (for most people).

And if you can’t make it okay to the day when most people rest and you don’t want to simply stay at your actual home on Sunday, here is one last show (literally) that will pull at your heart strings to the core. On Sunday, May 20th, from 2-4:30pm, at the Green Hills Library, the largest GraceArt solo show yet will be on display.  The Final GraceArt 2012 Spring Show: Grace Walker Goad-The Art of Autism is a comprehensive and diverse exhibition all made by Grace, the daughter of local art patron and writer Leisa HammettAll of the art will be for sale on site, all going to a wonderful story and young artist, and there will be lite refreshments and special musical entertainment to enjoy as everyone gets a good lesson about the art and cause of autism in general.

I’ll let you go wherever you want to go from this point this week, but know that any and all of the above will be great fun.  In the end, timing is always perfect to enjoy it.  Enjoy your day and your week ahead they way you want.

much love,



Sure, there are a handful of events, music and art-wise, going on around town this week and weekend that will make you happy if you find the time to experience them, but there are only two things that I have my eyes and heart set on sharing in this read.  It’s pure coincidence that they are both on the same day, but you can find time to make it to both places if you schedule ahead of time and better than TDOT schedules traffic control forEast Nashvilleresidents on the weekend that’s for sure.

First, it is definitely worth your time during such tough economic times these days to celebrate any business whatsoever that can successfully make it to their 1st  birthday celebration.  Who is having such a birthday party and has invited you and all your friends?  Well, it is Bill Brimm and his Bryant Gallery All-Star Show of course.  This Saturday, May 12th, from 6-9:30pm, at Bryant Gallery (1113 Woodland St.), Brimm and over 20 creative artist friends that have shown their work at the gallery during the past opening year will be on hand to show you more stellar art and talk about the wonderful present and future that will be had at Bryant Gallery for many years to come. The celebration may or may not have cake, but it will be a part of the Second Saturday @ 5 Points that is always a blast for everyone who comes out.

The second event that is on my radART this week will all go down at 427 Chestnut Street.  It is almost on par with the forces of Thundercats, Captain Planet, Power Rangers, and Fraggle Rock combined if they could have combined in some imaginary story world (story to be continued).  That is the general feeling that I am feeling when I say that Seed Space,Threesquared, and Number magazine are joining forcesthis Saturday, May 12th, from 6-9pm for an evening of exhibition openings, live music, and the release of the next issue of Number!  Seriously folks, you don’t need to know much more than what I just wrote to get in your car and carpool with loads of friends like 10 clowns in a small car and get on over to 427 Chestnut to this release party.  At Seed Space, you will find a mixed media installation and performance collection by Benton-C Bainbridge called SUPER LONG PLAY!  If you thought Thundercats was old school and you liked it one bit, you’ll fit right in with obsolete VHS and CRT equipment creating an electronic cinema ‘time machine’ back through the creation of a dance and media art work by Bainbridge and help.  Meanwhile, next door to Seed Space, Nashville-based painter Dane Carder will showcase new works called Thirty-nine and One: Endbeginning(coinciding with the artist’s 40th birthday).  Carder will feature a number of large- and small-scale paintings, most of which are a part of a 4-year painting project commemorating the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War.  That said, with it being the 25th anniversary this year for Number magazinecovering art in the tri-state region of TN, MS, and AR, this is perfect timing to jump on the Number bandwagon for years to come.  Number: 71 is the latest issue and has a theme of art in alternative spaces.  Several people associated with the publication will be on hand to help build a better presence in the Nashville area and covering art in the area for the future, to answer questions about how artists, art lovers, and art writers can become more involved with the prestigious publication, and they will be on site to hand out FREE copies of the most recent issue of Number … Number: 71!  Need I say more?!  Just come on out and have a great time why don’t you!

So you don’t have to blame it on the supermoon last weekend, the rain, or anything like that, but all of these parties and birthday celebrations seem like perfect timing for you to crash all of the parties in one night if you ask me.  The fiestas at 427 Chestnut are from 6-9pm, and the fun at Bryant Gallery is from 6-9:30pm.  Whether you go toEast Nashville first or to end your night, all you need to know is that you do have the time to make it to both.  You won’t regret it, you can thank me later, but all you need to have is the effort.  Remember, you will have the time.

Although this post was pretty short, it was filled with a lot of quality to not miss out on.  Feel FREE to invite others to these parties above and share the love.  It definitely takes a village.

Thanks for your time.  Enjoy your day and week ahead.

much love,


A good time for great changes all around

Any frequent visitor to this read knows very well that this is a spot that welcomes all quality art from quality people with quality hearts in and around the Nashville area. To say that it takes a village to help promote the art scene and all of our stellar artists is quite the understatement. It is for that very reason why I open this week’s discussion of the arts by helping introduce another hot spot on Facebook to check out the current Nashville arts in every fashion. Whether it is performing arts, visual arts, or conversations of arts in Nashville, you should definitely LIKE ArtFlash. It was created and is maintained by Nashville social and social media queen, Meagan Nordmann-Rhodes, and is a wonderful local news station for the thriving art scene that we try to keep up with and keep you informed about at Nashville’s heART.

And now let us proceed to the rollercoaster ride of events this week and weekend ahead in your sights. First, this Thursday will provide you a grand opportunity to stroll around Hillsboro Village for another HillsboroVillageArt Walk. This Thursday, May 3rd, from 5-8pm, there is a plethora of cafes, galleries, and stores filled with art for everyone to view. In fact, you might even find yourself walking into the Belcourt Theater to see the final weekend of artist and Twist Art Gallery superstar Beth Gilmore’s show Mischief and Mayhem: dating in the present tense. The show ends on Sunday, May 6th, and that just so happens to be the same day as the opening reception for Watkins College graduate superstar Mandy Stoller and her Funky Catsterz In Outer Space exhibition at the Belcourt Theater. Stoller will be on hand on Sunday, from 5-6:30pm, to sell large prints displaying fun-filled images of how cats created the universe we live in today (you have to see it to believe it). Stoller’s show will run through June 9th.

And then there was the 41st Annual TACA Tennessee Craft Fair for the entire weekend. The Tennessee Association of Craft Artists (TACA) will have 170 artists and an expected crowd of over 50,000 visitors on the lawn of Centennial park to unveil and sell finished local, handmade products such as wood, clay, glass, weaving, papermaking and much more. Everything available to visit and see for FREE, this event will go down May 4, 5, and 6, beginning at 10am each day and continuing until 6pm on Friday and Saturday and 5pm on Sunday. The Parthenon lawn will hardly ever look as good as it will this weekend.

So, before I talk about Sunday and the end of the week, I shouldn’t forget to tell you about a few poignant events taking place this Saturday night.

First, The Arts Company is welcoming the annual artistic pilgrimage of Brother Mel to Nashville. As part of the First Saturday Art Crawl, May 5th, from 6-9pm, Brother Mel will be bringing some special, Nashville-themed sculptural pieces. There will also be large and small abstract paintings, modern abstract guitars, signature large sculptures featuring an art bench, music bench, reading chair, and other sculptures based on art, music and books. Everyone is invited to preview Brother Mel’s latest work in person and wish him well on the occasion of his 84th birthday. Happy Birthday Brother Mel!

Second, over at Blend Studio, you can totally check out the fresh, interactive installation by artists Lindsay Black and Tiffany Dyer titled My Home is a Nest. This is a community collaboration with participants reflecting on their idea of home. It started with an empty nest and viewers are invited to interact with the installation and whatever is already on hand within the nest by entering it and finding their own personal refuge, comforting space, much like home. On top of the gallery exhibit, Black and Dyer will also host a FREE workshop on May 26th, from 12-2pm for all ages.

Third, I need to remind you about Jon Morgan’s one night only show with his American Dreaming photography. It is Saturday, May 5th, from 6-10, at 328 Hill Avenue. As you read last week, and here right now, Morgan’s photography not only captures live in still motion, it truly focuses on what so often is observed as blurred chaos on a daily basis. Again, you need to see this in person to really understand what I’m talking about. Don’t be scared.

AND NOW … the next big preview for next week’s post to keep you hanging cliff-like like no other. Many thanks already in advance to Bradly Bratten, Dane Carder, Adrienne Outlaw, Brandon Gnetz, Oscar Zezatti, Threesquared Gallery, Seed Space, Number magazine, and everyone at 427 Chesnut Street for that matter. Why am I so thankful? Well, we are having a fun get together to help raise more awareness for said galleries and the release of the latest issue from Number Number: 71! As you will see in the following video promo clip that is loosely based on “Caine’s Arcade” (which you may have seen or posted yourself already). Basically, you should visit us at 427 Chestnut Street, Nashville, TN, from 6-9pm, Saturday, May 12th, for a great time getting to know the people at Number, get FREE magazines, and enjoy other art and FREE music, and fun to be had with quality people with quality hearts. And if you like our video, please feel free to post it and share it with any and all of your friends and family, both near and far.

Here it is-

Enjoy your day and week ahead. Thanks as always.

much love,


ps- to all local artists that are now reading this post or friends that know of local artists that would be interested to know the following Call for Artists:


Sacred figurative art national juried exhibition

Exhibit dates: Oct 22-Dec 14, 2012

Entry Deadline: August 15, 2012

Marnie Sheridan Gallery, Nashville, TN

$250 best of show award. $25 to enter 3 images.

All mediums and paths encouraged.

Gallery takes 25% commission, provides insurance, PR, opening reception, and cards for artists.

Professional gallery on campus of private girls school. Prospectus and entry at (click art exhibits on left)

contact: marla faith, gallery director:

pss- same as above:


Then sign up for a Flatrock Festival Artist Review Session now! Email to find how you can be an artist at this years event. Only 10 days left, the deadline is March 10th to apply.