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Well, the sun is beating everyone down, down, down like a waterfall today and for the extended forecast. I thought that I would give you a few things to cool off with instead of the norm this week. I really like cool things and waterfalls, and actually had my first trek to Cummins Falls this past weekend with some close friends. That was not really steady art information, but I traveled with two visual artists, a musician, and the coolest dog ever (fact) if that counts for inclusion in this post.

Without further ado, let me enter cool event of the week numero uno. Painter Ed Nash is having an Open Studio this Thursday night, June 28th, from 6:30-8:30pm. You’ll need to RSVP for this shindig at ED@EDNASHART.COM, but it will be well worth it. Ed owns/runs one of the most unique art spaces that is a hidden gem in the East side of Nashville. He has currently has exhibitions in Nashville, Knoxville, and Memphis alongside work showing at the Huntsville Museum of Art and being featured in last month’s American Art Collector Magazine. Point being, he’s got some great stuff to check out. So, you have the time, you have the date, you have the RSVP to attend to, and now you have the location – 1015 W Kirkland Ave, Nashville, TN 37216. You are very welcome.

Next on the list is a wee bit early to talk about but the picture on the side says it all. I couldn’t wait a week to talk about it when the picture of someone swimming in a pool could refresh you NOW! This is the unofficial sneak preview for Tinney Contemporary’s The New Real: a contemporary realism exhibition curated by Sarah Wilson that will feature works by 6 nationally recognized artists from across the country. Artists Eric Zener, Ali Cavanaugh, Danny Heller, Kay Ruane, Brian Tull, and Ron Porter are using inventive techniques and captivating subject matter in an attempt to reinvent our perception of it. The opening reception is next Saturday, July 7th, from 6-9pm.

And since good things come in 3’s most of the time, I figured I’d give you something else out of the box for a change while I am at it today. Last week, my wife and I happened to find ourselves in Marathon Village for a non-profit get together with some very interesting people doing some pretty amazing things. We heard several great speakers from The Contributor and several other noteworthy organizations. One that particularly spoke out to us, maybe because she was sitting next to us, was that of Tallu Schuyler Quinn- the Executive Director of The Nashville Food Project. A native Nashvillian, and papermaker and bookbinding artist in her own right, Quinn spoke passionately about her role with The Nashville Food Project and what they are about. Alongside other solid young adults who just so happen to fall into the artists and modern day theologian bunch, The Nashville Food Project provides increased access to healthy foods in homeless and working poor communities across Davidson County. The have gone back to and teach the basics and show people of all backgrounds about how growing and eating good food is a right instead of a privilege. They do what they do by giving out gifts without an expectation of receiving anything in return … and that’s a concept we at Nashville’s heART hold close to our own life and home too. You can check out more information about Tallu and her friends HERE.

And speaking of gifts and great local art, YOU should check out Seed Space’s release of CSArt Summer Bumper Crop of Art like NOW! If you make an order this week, you could get your share in time for the next CSArt Pick Up Party on Friday, June 29th, at 6-8pm at Seed Space (427 Chestnut Avenue). You can get a mini share- $100 includes 2 artworks, a ½ share- $250 includes 5 artworks, or a FULL share- $400 includes 8 artworks. Shares include original, one-of-a-kind artworks from local greats that include small sculptures, mixed media, video, fine photography, and hand painted prints. It is a collectable steal that won’t be around forever. Did I mention that every share is totally unique? It is. See more information about it and the local artists involved HERE. Again, you’re welcome.

That is all for now this week. Be on the lookout for next week’s mega post. Remember, like any cycle worthwhile, the arts tend to rise with the moon as well and the first week of the month next week will lend itself to a bright beginning on a number of levels. Until then, be well and nice to each other.

much love,


PS- THIS JUST IN … Threesquared (also at 427 Chestnut) is having an opening art party this Friday, June 29th, for Nashville artist Matt Christy called Arguing Alone. The exhibition is filled with paintings, prints, textiles, video works, and drawings by Christy. From 6-9pm this Friday, andthrough July 31st during regular gallery hours, you will be able to enjoy Christy’s immense imagination and creative talents for yourself in a superb location. Parking is FREE and light refreshments will be available on site as well.


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HELLO! Allow me to introduce myself, I am Chuck Beard--a thinker by trade (will think for food; food for thought if you will), people observer-questioner, mental note-taker by habit (self-taught mind you), and curator of meaningless words searching for a dome near YOU. I not only write about artists and galleries in and around Nashville, TN but I am also the author of a not-so-tall tale about a boy named Jay, told my Jay, "Adventures Inside a Bright-Eyed Sky." All proceeds from the sale of this self-published novel will go towards cancer research in the hopes that, together, we can find a cure for a decease that effects each and everyone of us. View all posts by Nashville's heART

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