April and pollen count … still off the charts

Hi y’all!

Welcome to another week of Nashville’s heART! Whether you are itching to get out and see some creativity this week or your eyes and throat are simply itching because of the pollen count, you are in luck this week in Nashville. I can’t help you alleviate your pollen problems, but I’ll do my best below to let you know about how you can get your fix of fun around town.

Tonight, Monday, April 14th, from 6-8pm, at Necat Network (120 White Bridge Pike, #46, Building 110), YOU are invited to join the Nashville Creative Group April Meeting: Get Exposure on Arts Television. Hosted by the CEO of The Necat Network, Trish Puryear Crist, there will be a private tour of the studio space and discussion of how people can amplify their voice of the arts community. These monthly group meetings are great chances to network and brainstorm creatively with some of the best artists today. If interested at all, just spread the word and show up.

Also today, at 6pm, the ladies of Lockeland Springsteen are happy to present their second Monday musical mix & mingle. Ruination Day Happy Hour will include some of their favorite local musicians covering Gillian Welch’s album Time (The Revelator). It is FREE and from 6-8pm at The 5 Spot (1006 Forrest Avenue).

Speaking of FREE fun times this week, look no further than tomorrow, Tuesday, April 15th, with the celebration of another round of East Side Storytellin’. The 35 of its kind, this one will be unique because we are pulling together two of my favorite things in April … Bluegrass and Baseball. At 7pm sharp, at 1313 Woodland Street, at Mad Donna’s, I will host as author Skip Nipper (Baseball in Nashville) and musicians Rebecca Frazier & John E Frazier III rock the stage and rock your world in the most fun way possible with Baseball and Bluegrass. Can it get much better than that? … I think not. Hope to see you there.


Two other events going on tomorrow, a side of two for Tuesday if you will, is the following:

– at 5:30pm, at the Belcourt Theatre (2102 Belcourt Avenue), you can drop by and see a very cool art reception for Steven Knudson. It’s always a great time and place to see new things at the Belcourt.

– at 7pm, at Darkhorse Theater (4610 Charlotte Pike), you can listen to a staged reading of FLIT- a new play written by John Wesley Lasiter.

Skip on over hump day and get your groove on Thursday. At 6pm, at 2411 Brasher Avenue, you can join the Nashville Folk + Free Skool interest meeting to talk about ideas, classes, workshops, and participation projects you can help start. At 6:30pm, at The Bluebird Cafe, you can fly in for a set of stellar storytelling music by Chris Trapper. Then at 7pm, you can get your art explosion on at The Building (1008 C. Woodland Street), at UnBound’s Arts Presents: Third Thursdays at The Building April Event. The amazing artists Julie Sola and Melita Osheowitz will have some of their latest work on site for sight and you might want to buy it before it gets got. There will be a cool art reception from 7-8pm, and then a musical performance following that from the likes of 3 great bands- Don Gallardo & How Far West, Sergio Webb & Rob Matson, and also Amelia White & The Sidecars. It’s only $5 at the door for admission. A small price to pay for AWEsome.

Oh, and also on Thursday, April 17th, you can go to the Turnip Green Creative Reuse (535 4th Avenue South) for something really cool. From 5-8pm, join in the Green Gallery for incredible reuse works by the lovely Kaaren Hirschowitz Engel and friends: Kem Kem Alexander, Daniel Lai, Carrie Cox, Michelle Hall, Robert Bruce Scott, and Laura Young to be exact. Re-Discovered: a retrospective of sorts featuring Kaaren Engel and friends will probably blow your socks off, whether you have socks on or not. Trust me, be there.

To round off and end your week in style, we’ll keep it simple for ya. First, on Friday, you should hit up the Nashville Convention Center for the Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Festival. It’s the lucky number 13th one of its kind here and there will be over 130 tattoo artists, celebrity guests, contests, entertainment, movies, comics, and more.

Saturday, all you have to do is go to any music store in town and celebrate Record Store Day 2014. There will be ample amounts of great live performances and record deals for one and all. Check all listings for their own line-ups and details, but the main thing is that you just get off the couch and get out there.

And if Record Store Day didn’t blow your mind, leave it to “Head Case” by David Kenton Kring to finish you off for the weekend. Saturday, April 19th, from 6-9pm, at Julia Martin Gallery (444 Humpreys St, suite A), there will be quite the opening reception for the figurative and functional ceramic work by David Kenton Kring. There will be a special tea blend designed by Julia, David, and the fine folks at High Garden, and it will be presented and served with a one of a kind tea mug thrown by David. Talk about cool!

Yep, that pretty much serves up this week on a silver platter for you to enjoy. Don’t bother with this pesky weather this morning. Dry off, brighten up, and walk outside confident and knowing that that the week will only keep getting better and better if you want it to do so. Enjoy and be nice to one another.

much love,




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