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Hi y’all!

With all of this current sunshine, combined with the end of the school year for most and beginning of summer school for a few, I felt like it was a good time to go ahead and share the news about the upcoming week ahead … plus the great things today and this weekend. Sound like a good deal? Follow me to creative freedom.

To kick things off, I really feel the need to go back one night and share the celebratory news of yet another 12th & Broad successful community event. My wife and I, and a few friends we saw along the walking path to the Japanese garden, joined 12th & Broad and Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum of Art for a private, interactive garden crawl surrounded by flowers and giant, whimsical sculptures that made us feel like we were in the “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids” movie. The “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids Interactive Garden Crawl” had everything from the movie, pretty much, except a big lawnmower chasing us and a giant Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie (special note, there were cold beverages and cookies on the trail). I highly suggest checking out more special events by 12th & Broad when you get the chance. You can see more of their stuff here-

Talk about a good Friday here today. Don’t worry about the rain possibilities and get out there on the town and enjoy some extraordinary art. First, at 6pm at three squared (427 Chestnut Street, Studio 223), go see the opening of “The Secret Room!” New paintings and video by three art school admissions recruiters at Watkins College of Art, Design & Film (in that of David Hellams, Jaime Raybin, and Jenna Maurice) will be showing together for the first time in this spot. Second, also at 6pm, head over to Third Man Records (623 7th Avenue South) for the “Recidivist Neoist Cromagnon Stomp” in Haze XXL’s (Tom Hazelmyer) ongoing exploration of art intersecting music. The screening for Eric Robel’s “Color of Noise” will be at 7:30pm, located in the Blue Room, and it’s all FREE to attend!! Third, and certainly not least tonight, get your butt over to Barnes & Noble at Vanderbilt University (2501 West End Avenue) to support another great round of Ciona Rouse’s “Lyrical Brew: an evening of local poetry.” Tonight’s show will feature Deborah Bernhardt, Kendra DeColo, and Lisa Dordal. Don’t miss it!

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 31st, I say come by the bookstore and BUY me out! Seriously, drop by and pick up a copy of Kendra DeColo’s poetry books, and every other copy of every other local author I have at East Side Story. Let’s finish May off and start June off right. Don’t be skeered. Side note, don’t be skeered to venture out for some great tunes with an East Side Story twist. With the growing list of East Side Storytellin’ featured musicians growing, it’s no surprise to me that two of them will have great shows going on tomorrow for your enjoyment. First, Adam Hill will be playing at Ugly Mugs Coffee and Tea (1886 Eastland Avenue) at 7pm, and then Caitlin Rose will be at The 5 Spot (1006 Forrest Avenue) at 9pm. It will be a treat, for you at both places.

On the Sunday, I shall rest (if by resting means catching up on everything I need to in order to fully celebrate and be productive next week … then I shall rest).

Monday, June 2nd, to shake things up creatively from music and paintings, I say why not head over to Vanderbilt Dance Studios from June 2nd-June 13th. Over 100 classes will be offered from 10:30am until 6:30pm for 2 solid weeks in all major dance techniques (beginning and advanced levels). Go get your groove on.

Then, after you get your groove back, on Tuesday, June 3rd, head over to Mad Donna’s at 7pm (although you might want to get there early to get a good seat, to witness East Side Storytellin’ 38. You can have more good food, drinks, and culture in the likes of a fantastic reading by the returning home author Jenny Hickman and brand new music followed by the great Grant Terry. Seriously, this event is FREE to attend, starts promptly at 7pm, ends by 8:30pm, has art prints made by artist Clay Brunton and printed by Kevin Anthuis of 5 Points Digital Imaging. It will be epic! Don’t miss this! I repeat, don’t miss this! You can read more reviews and listen to past show recordings, in reverse order, here-


You’ll need another day to definitely rest easy after celebrating with the always wonderful East Side Storytellin’ crew. I’ll spare you Wednesday and throw you a good fastball to hit up on Thursday, June 5th. At The Framemaker (705 North Second Street, Suite B, Clarksville, TN), from 5-8pm, take a short road trip and check out “Placement: Collaborative artwork by Melanie Davis and Miranda Herrick.” The work was created through a playful exchange of ideas, with trading objects and images back and forth, and are ready for you to interact with at this point. Don’t leave these girls hanging!

But then wait … wait for Saturday, June 7th. This will blow your mind. Here it is in outline form, no order of priority shown below- just go!

-noon-5pm, at Chocolate F/X (1006 Fatherland Street, #306A), this is the GRAND OPENING of Chocolate F/X Nashville! See and read more about this to get excited here-

-at 6pm, at Julia Martin Gallery (444 Humphreys Street, Suite A), Julia is inviting you to see an extremely diverse salon style installation by artists Jono Vaughan, Angela Burks, John Bruno, Lisa Weiss and gallery owner/curator Julia Martin called “Bevy: Round One.” More shows to come throughout the summer!!

-at 6pm, at Blend Studio (79 Arcade), visiting artist Joan Branca will bring her fantastical oil paintings with her from New York. Check out her work here before coming there and then-

-also from 6-9pm, still at The Arcade, at WAG (suite 77) you’ll be able to see the “rather sketchy: sketchbooks, brainstorms & process work by Holly Carden! It will be as much fun as it sounds and looks here. C’mon down!


-Then, to finish your night just right, head over to Main Street Gallery (625 Main Street), from 9pm-midnight, to experience “The Groove Presents: SCREEN PRINCE.” There will be numerous artists celebrating Prince’s birthday with screen printed interpretations of his universe. Come see what it looks like when doves cry and you have a great time with or without your computer blue. Food and drink will be provided and the show is FREE!


And if all that wasn’t enough for the week ahead to keep you busy and productive, I have one … no, TWO for the road.

First, on Sunday, June 8th, from 1-4pm, head over to The Building (1008 C. Woodland Street), with $5 in your hand to get in to see “UnBound Arts Presents: Second Sunday Jazz at The Building featuring Donna Venardi and the Ladies and Gents of Jazz. Second, full circle here with school subjects, go to Harpeth Hall School (3801 Hobbs Road) from 3-5pm in the Marnie Sheridan Gallery to celebrate 10 years of art and camaraderie at Platetone Printmaking, Paper and Book Arts! Artists that will be there for the 10th anniversary exhibition called “Past, Present and Future” will be Kaaren Engel, Carrie Cox, Jennifer Knowles-McQuistion, Lesley Patterson-Marx, Megan Kelley, and many others! Seriously, that is one heck of a way to conclude this post with so much going on right NOW!

Now, go forth and have fun. And remember to be nice to one another too. Thanks for dropping by and helping spread the good word around.

Thanks for taking the time to share the good word above and beyond. Hope to see ya tonight or tomorrow!

much love,



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