HELLO! Allow me to introduce myself, I am Chuck Beard–a thinker by trade (will think for food; food for thought if you will), people observer-questioner/mEntal note-taker by habit (self-taught mind you), and curator of meaningless words searching for a dome near YOU.

I not only write about artists and galleries in and around Nashville, TN-mostly (read even more about it: Nashville Galleries Examiner) but I am also the author of a not-so-tall tale about a boy named Jay, told by Jay, Adventures Inside a Bright-Eyed Sky. All proceeds from the sale of this self-published novel will go towards cancer research in the hopes that, together, we can find a cure of a decease that effects each and everyone of us.

Find out more here: www.campusforacure.com   
Or contact me for freelance work: chasmopop@yahoo.com


4 responses to “About

  • Lori Anne

    Hey Chuck, I like the heart/art image at the top of this page. Nice blog site!

    Lori Anne

  • Brandon Bagby

    Just found this through Nashville Art Magazine’s Facebook page. Very cool and I am looking forward to hearing about other local Nashville artists!

    Brandon Bagby

  • erica ransom

    just found your site!!

  • Mark Acetelli

    Hi Chuck
    I just came across your editorial debut in Number, congrats! Such a vital mag for

    creatives. My wife and I just moved to the area from Los Angeles. I’m an artist “painter” and she is an opera singer.
    I wanted to introduce myself and my work to you.
    Good luck with your writing and looking forward to reading more issues of Number and any other works that you may write.
    Best regards
    Mark Acetelli

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