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Happy Labor Week

You may have missed out on your chance to visit the Frist Center today on the last day of a few exhibitions before the new ones come in. You may even have missed out on visiting Cheekwood’s Tree House exhibition since today was the final day for that too. Heck, you might even have missed a few other things today, but I hope you’ve had a great day and plan to have a good week ahead. Here are a few things that might help make that possible.

For starters, tomorrow night will allow you to pretend like it’s the weekend by going to 12th & Porter to hear the amazing local band Eastern Block at 8pm playing some old and very very new songs about to be recorded for their latest record. They will be playing alongside The Rouge and Makeshift Prodigy starting at 8pm. I highly recommend you taking time to listen to Eastern Bock before they hit it really big … yes, it is going to happen … trust me.

Then, I skip a few hours and days to introduce you to the wonderment that is Thursday, September 6th. It is literally a “Trio” of fun. First, there is a FREE reception for Watkins College of Art, Design & Film’s annual faculty show called “Trio”-with work by Cody Arnall, Adan De La Garza, and Alethea Norene from 5:30-8pm in the Brownlee O. Currey Jr., Gallery on Campus (2298 Rosa L. Parks Blvd) Second, you should know about the 10th Avenue Toast Community Mixer going down at Brick Factory Nashville (209 10th Avenue South, Suite 126). From 4:30-7:30 pm, local authors Cary Graham (Remnant) and Jenny Hickman (The Mirrors at Barnard Hall) will be selling autographed copies of their tremendous debut novels- I should plug that I am happy to say both of them have their books for sale on the shelves at East Side Story as well. This event is FREE and open to the public as well. Lastly on Thursday, you are more than welcome to join and participate with local muralist Andee Rudloff over at the Hillsboro Village Community Mural at Kay Bob’s (1602 21st Avenue South) from 5-8pm. By coming down to help at that time, you’ll be taking having fun at the Hillsboro Art Crawl to another level altogether. On top of painting and the crawl all around, there will be live music by Frank Rische & The Family Band too! Did I mention this is the LAST Hillsboro Village Art Walk? Well, due to some construction changes on the horizon, there won’t be any more big events in that area after Thursday until Christmas in the Village on December 6th … stay tuned.

Then, another beginning comes from some other beginning’s end-or so I’ve heard. Friday, September 7th, from 6-9pm should solely be dedicated to the GRAND return of The Plowhaus Gallery GRAND OPENING (729 Porter Road, East Nashville). Eight O’ Five Jive will be playing music and food will be provided by Pomodoro’s East while some of the best local art will be showcased at the same location. Don’t believe me? Well, let me name drop a few of them here: Andee Rudloff, AyJey Illustration, Ben Vitualla, Beth Seiters, Bethany Taylor, Buddy Jackson, Carrie Mills, Connie McGhee, David Wariner, Denny Adcock, Diane Stockard, Erika Wollam-Nichols, Franne Lee, Gina Anderson, HARRY, Jay Trimble, Jeff Frazier, Julie Sola, Keith Harmon, Landry Butler, Laurie Poole, Lesley Patterson-Marx, Marlynda Augelli, Martin Cadieux, Mary Sue Kern, Michael ClenDening, Nancy VanReece, Ned Evett, Paul Schneider, Raeanne Rubinstein, Rob Lindsay, Ron Coons, Sarah McTeer Ogburn, Susan Striepe, Susie Monick and more!

Which leads me to Saturday, September 8th and the return of 2nd Saturday @ 5 Points. You can come visit East Side Story and the rest of the creative family over at The Row (aka The Idea Hatchery beside Art & Invention) at 1108 Woodland Street if you want to have tons of fun and see the best of boutiques and books. You can then go across the street to Bryant Gallery to see the one and only Bill Brimm’s Tide Pools at Halibut Point from 6-9:30pm. The exhibit features color photography from Brimm shot while vacationing this past summer on the Northeast shore. The prints are on canvas and were not photoshopped at all.

I’m guessing the above has given you enough to plan out a spectacular week so I won’t give you any more to digest at the moment. I hope you have a wonderful day and week ahead. Thanks for taking the time to read the above and spread the good word around.

As you were, busy but happy,



Good moon rising

As you may or may not remember from last week’s post, I know sometimes time can get kinda hazy for many during a holiday weekend, I briefly threw out the notion that the city and artists within our city need to find better ways to collaborate and progress together.  Well, I’m not going to just say something and not show you a way or two where YOU, the artist, can jumpstart the interaction and prove your worth to the city and people within it.  That said, is it ever too early to talk tomatoes?  The answer is NO!

Talking about TOMATOES, I am so happy that it is that time of year again for Meg and Bret to roll out the festivities to all who would like to help and join in on the fun.  They have just announced recently the most recent call to artists, patrons, vendors, and the like for all to see and share to everyone you know who wants to be a part of the party.  August 11th will mark the 9th annual Tomato Art Show in East Nashville!  It is a wonderful experience by all and a perfect chance for any artist or vendor to make a positive impact on the thousands of people that visit 5 Points that lucky day.  If this is something that you are interested in getting involved with, by all means do the following NOW:  1-Submit 3 examples of your CURRENT tomato-themed work to Art & Invention for jurying (via website or in person).  It doesn’t have to be about tomatoes, but I think it won’t hurt your chances for more fun making it.  Each artist can submit up to 3 pieces of artwork for the show (at least one of them MUST be ‘tomato inspired’).  The art that isn’t tomato inspired should be inspired by other fruit and veggies.  The deadline for entries is just around the corner on July 1st.  All work must be ready to hang when turned in by July 22nd if accepted for the big show.  There is an entry fee per person of $10.  There will be a $250 cash award for Best of Show and $200 cash award for Emerging Fruit or Vegetable and several other cash merit awards too.  Visit www.tomatoartfest.com andwww.artandinvention.com or call Meg at 615-226-2070directly to get this ball rolling.  This is something that every artist and local business should be a part of in some fashion or another.  If you don’t, I’ll just say it … don’t be stupid!  There!

And if you are itching for something not as veggie or fruity, feel free to join the call for artists for Untitled’s Summer Show 2012 called HOT MESS.  It will go down June 15th, from 6-10pm at Welcome to 1979.  To register to be in aHOT MESS, go to www.untitlednashville.org/participate!  Either show, you won’t lose.

Speaking of Fresh Art, leave it to The Arts Company to showcase signature work by a variety of artists this Summer.  Beginning in June, selected series of artists that represent a range of mediums and styles will be on hand in the gallery with a surprising range of talent from Nashville-based artists.  Featured at their stop of the First Saturday Art Crawl will beWayne Brezinka and David Robert Farmerie.  June 2nd, from 6-9pmBrezinka’s paintings and other works will be right beside Farmerie’s splendid photography.  Farmerie’smost recent series, Seven Deadly Sins, was commissioned by a museum seeking a 21st century idea of the seven deadly sins that are both very exciting and contemporary to see in person.

Also around the First Saturday Art Crawl Downtown, you can stick to 5th Avenue to see two other fine galleries atTinney Contemporary and The Rymer Gallery (if you miss out on seeing all three in one night the night before on June 1st for the Collectors Art Night-5:30-8pm).  At Tinney Contemporary, they are please to present Anodyne Frontiers by John Folsom.  It is comprised of mixed media painted photography presented on wood panels.  I find the theme close to my hometown heart because it features landscape images from KY (albeit mostly at Shaker Village near Pleasant Hill, KY, but I did take a field trip there once as a kid last century).  The Rymer Gallery is showing Director’s Choice: Next Generation- featuring new work from Savannah College of Art and Design and the Maryland Institute College of Art graduates.  This show will run though June 30th.

Just across the street from this art good/madness on the same night, you should definitely, while in the neighborhood, check out The Arcade and all it has to offer. Specifically, I give you three good spots to check off the list for the night.  First, the coop gallery in Space 75, from 6-9pm, will be showing Keeping Time by Alicia Eggert.  In keeping with the theme of time, she is including drawings, photography, and kinetic sculptures that create and reveal the hidden mathematics of life (like the book Tinkers of sorts).  That said, there will be a Pulse Machine, an electromechanical sculpture with a human lifespan that was made in collaboration with Boston-based artist and engineer, Alexander Reben on location for the opening reception that should be a blast to see.  Second, over at Blend Studio, artist Denny Adcock will be presenting his lastest Carved Utilitarian Wooden Bowls.  Speaking of time, these said carved bowls have in one way or another existed since the beginnings of civilization.  It is a functional, historical, art lesson literally in your face to enjoy.  Third, as seen in the picture below, you won’t want to miss out on Emily Sue Laird’s TOTEM work at twist etc. gallery at the same time.  I’ll let you see it and talk for yourself.  Fascinating stuff all around really, don’t you agree?

That is all for me coming out of a holiday weekend.  I don’t want to keep you here all day, but I very much appreciate you taking the time as always to read this and share it with all of your friends.  I know the artists appreciate it very much too.

Thanks and much love,




PS- a major PS that is- the best local band that guarantees your socks to be knocked off even when you’re only sporting flippy floppies to the bar, EASTERN BLOCK, is playing aFREE show this Friday, June 1st, at Mercy Lounge at 9pm.  Alongside Josh Foster, The Gills, and The Future, Eastern Block will knock your socks off (twice written because it’s the truth)!  Tell your mama, your dog, and let your dad and the cats follow you there!  You’re welcome.

Long week = longer weekend of fun ahead

And that’s a good thing for all of us going forward … fact.  It all starts with mending your heart actually.  Mending Hearts, a non-profit community and treatment center that provides shelter, hope and healing to homeless women who suffer from substance abuse and/or mental/emotional disorders, is seeking donations to support the Moms and Kids programs.  They don’t want handouts for nothing.  Mending Hearts is having a banquet and auction TONIGHT at Rocketown!  Through story and song, you are invited to come out and support Mending Hearts tonight starting at 5pm.  From 5-6pmthere will be a silent auction and it will be followed at 6pm by the rest of the program and dinner.  Rocketown (located at 601 4th Avenue South) is honored to host such an event that will raise much needed money for the Moms and Kids program at Mending Hearts and to help Mending Hearts also properly rehab their newly acquired buildings purchased with the help from last year’s big event.  All donations and questions should be directed to Jennifer Hall:jenniferjessicahall@gmail.com.

With that said, I need to give a shout-out to the past and present at hand.  The past- last weekend I forgot to mention a nod to the 2nd annual “Salon des Refuses” at the Tennessee Art League that had a special pre-holiday art sale to benefit the Tennessee Art League.  Located at 808 Broadway, you might want to stop by and see the leftovers of their smaller and less formally finished artwork still available for purchase in the sale including works of canvas, paper, sculpture, jewelry, textiles and other stuff.  The present- alsoTONIGHT is another chance for you all to witness the rising local band Eastern Block at 12th & Porter (114 12th Avenue North) starting at 8:30pm sharp.  You won’t regret it!

Also going on right now something that you won’t regret being a part of is a one-of-a-kind kickstarter project that is made for kids and the kids inside all of us.  Local artist Lindsey Bailey has created a collaborative art project called Deliciously Happy.  It is a multi-faceted project that will culminate in a gallery installation at Belmont University with your help to complete.  It is a project about showing how important art is as a tool to spark people into sharing ideas and working together.  An offshoot of Bailey’s graduate research, the gallery show features partnerships with students from 3 Nashville-area schools: the University School of Nashville, Bordeaux Elementary, and Lead Academy and sculpture students from Belmont University.  Students of each school will construct social issue-based stories and create coordinating performance paraphernalia.  Each workshop session and the final performance will be documented in still images and video.  To this point, Bailey has completed 12 of the 24 workshops through self-financing it, but NOW help is needed to reach the finish line.  The project needs more supplies, an editor to pull all of the videos together, and transportation for the students to attend the gallery opening to see their work and talk about it to the public is also needed.  Take a look at the project and how your help will help it become realized and help make a difference for the future … the kids of today.  See that link HERE-www.kickstarter.com/projects/586300314/deliciously-happy.

All of the above brings me to this coming Saturday, November 12th, 2011.

First, if you are looking for unique, LOCAL, one-of-a-kind gifts for your friends and family, then yet again you should drop on by the next Porter Crossing Arts Market this Saturday afternoon from noon-9pm at the intersection surrounding The Family Wash.  It is FREE, INDOOR, and is a wonderful experience to be had by all every second Saturday of every month between September-December.

Second, The Arts Company is hosting the 2nd annual Ads2Art Charity Art Auction with the help of the Advertising Federation of Nashville.  The purpose of this event is to raise awareness for the Nashville Advertising and Arts Community and to also raise funds and awareness for the Nashville Downtown Partnership’s 5th Avenue of the Arts initiative.  The event will start with a Patrons Party and gallery tour at 6pm and the Ads2Art Event will go from 7-9pm.  It is $35 for admission at the door and $45 for the Patrons Party and event admission).  There will be food, beverages, jazz, and a chance to bid on some amazing works of art.  It is all sponsored by Nashville Arts Magazine and its feature editor Paul Polycarpou will serve as the guest auctioneer for the art live auction.  You can RSVP by contacting Samantha Pyle at 615-305-3460 or Samantha@werkshopmarketing.com.

Third, you should definitely at some point this weekend or month stop by The Rymer Gallery to see the legendary local photographer John Guider and his new work called “View From A Small Boat.”  Here is a sneak peek of what you’ll see HERE.  Simply put, Guider sees and captures things that we feel.  He is that good.

I think I’ve given you plenty to think about and go out and see for a few days ahead.  There is always more out there beyond the above, but I hope that you find everything you are looking for.  Thank you for reading and sharing with others.

much love,


A musical sandwich of art for your creative hunger

Starting today (actually last night), there is a jam-packed weekend of events around Nashvillethat will keep you smiling through the scary month at hand.  I won’t beat around the bush, when it comes to frightful fun to be had this month, my advice is that if you can’t avoid them … join them like we did at the Nashville Zombie Walk last week.

Tonight, combining art with music, per usual, the Frist Center is making an appearance at Live On The Green.  Specifically, the Frist Mummy (from the latest Egyptian exhibition at the Frist-who you can actually follow on Twitter HERE) is going to be dancing in the crowd to support his people.  Here Come the Mummies is hitting the stage at the FREE concert at 9pm.  But the art doesn’t stop there my friends.  My friend, Jon Shearer (husband of local artist and marathoner Sarah Shearer), and his friends and band calledEastern Block will be opening for said Mummies at 6:45pm.  It is the perfect storm of art, music, mummies, Halloween, and a good time had by all.  I hope to see you there.

If you are not there dancing in the crowd, I’m sure you are at the latest opening reception and artist’s gallery talk tonight from 5-7pm (gallery talk at 6pm) at the Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery/Cohen Memorial Hall.  Last night they opened the much anticipated Mama/Reciprocal Energy exhibition from Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons which runs through December 8th of this year, but tonight marks the next big thing called Polar Probings: Sculpture by Gabriel Warren.  This show will also be running through December 8th of this year.  The thing that drew me into Gabriel Warren’s masterful creations was that he creates sculptures using natural ice formations as source materials to reflect the beauty of natural sources from which they emerge … simple yet striking.

Friday, the Frist is pulling back the art around town full circle yet again.  Tomorrow, at 6pm in the Frist Center Auditorium, seating is first come, first served for the FREEand open to the public performance art piece called Journeys: a Performance by the aforementioned Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons.  Using her body, voice, and surrounding space, Campos-Pons will expand on the ideas about dislocation that she explores in the accompanying exhibition of her work, Journeys, in the Frist Center Gordon Contemporary Artists Project Gallery.  And if you want to make a full night of Friday and backtrack again to Vanderbilt University from the Frist (I just now realize I’m making you turn your attention like a tennis match), there will be a great performance from the Jazz phenomenon and virtuoso pianist of Alfredo Rodriguez at 8pm.  Rodriguez will be performing in a trio with Francisco Mela and Peter Slavov.  Tickets for this performance are on sale now at the Sarratt Box Office.

Then, you might wake up Saturday early (probably not as early as I will as you’ll see in the extra things below) and want to reacquaint yourself with the East side of town and the artwork that makes it.  If you do, I suggest that you head over to Bryant Gallery to see them proudly present Relique: an exhibition by Gary White.  White, at only the young buck age of 24, brings a very complex background and intricate abilities to creat emotionally mature clay pieces with immediate impacts on the viewers.  White holds a BFA fromWatkins College of Art and Design and a ton of raw talent primed for you to start taking notice on the spot.  The opening artist reception is this Saturday, October 15th, from 5-8pm at Bryant Gallery.  Join other locals as they relish the Relique.

By Sunday, you might be remembering the fond memories you made with the Mummies on Thursday night.  That is precisely why the Frist Center is having their very own Egypt Family Day.  FREE again to get in on Sunday, October 16th, from 1-5:30pm, you and all of your friends can visit the Frist and enjoy a day of discovery and creativity filled with ancient art, stories, music, and folk dancing.  Whether you want to hear the story of an Egyptian Cinderella, make an amulet, try on a pharaoh’s headdress, and sculpt a mummy mask, you can do it all and more at the Frist this Sunday day just in time to take a road trip over to Columbia, TN by 6pm to hear Matt Urmy at RPM live music nights! Urmy has played at the Frist a couple of times, and is yet another local talent that you shouldn’t make excuses to miss.  It will be a limited seat show so you’ll need to RSVP your spot at kimjameson@me.com pronto.

Now, before I go for now … I will cut and paste below two important events and deals that I wrote about last week.  Seriously, take note of the below and if you think that it applies to you and/or your creative friends, feel free to pass it along.  Thanks as always for dropping by and taking the time to feel the pulse of Nashville’s heART.

Be safe, be kind, and no need to rewind … be yourself as you were, busy but happy.

much love,



First, I want to tell you that recently I was fortunate to be asked to take on the position of Editor for the regional art publication called Number.  Most of you reading this are already very familiar with the quarterly art publication based out of Memphis that covers art in the TN, AR, and MS tri-state area and is distributed way beyond its coverage.  I am very excited about the publication growing in numbers of coverage, writers, distribution, and issues in the near future.  That in mind, like Nashville’s heART, it takes a village to make such goals a reality.  So I am going to help build this village by allowing you the opportunity to spread the word that Number is ready to help regional artists, galleries, museums, and art lovers get their own message to the public.  You have two simple options to advertise your name and your artwork.  At a mere donation of $50, you as an artist can have YOUR NAME and contact information (address, website, phone, and email if you so choose) included in the next 4 issues (Number: 69-72).  Or, if you or your organization would like a regular ad, please see this link for more instructions to find quarter page ads for a mere $165 or bigger space for a little more money-www.numberinc.org/advertising.shtml.  Email any questions or thoughts of how Number can help you help art at ads@numberinc.org.  Any way you look at it, this is going to progress coverage for you and for Number.  Like I said, this art game is a team effort.  I’m glad to help anyway I can.

Second, I am wearing another hat this weekend on October 15th.  I am helping coordinate the volunteers for the Nashville Ultra Marathon.  It is an extraordinary event where people from all over the country are coming to Nashville yet again to run over 30, 40, and some over 50 miles in one day!  Anyone who has volunteered at the Music City Marathon or Half Marathon know from experience that the runners need and appreciate your help.  That written, I have never seen any runners who appreciate and are so grateful to the volunteers as those in the Ultra Marathon.  If you help volunteer (meaning cheer the runners on and pass out refreshments and directions), you receive a FREE t-shirt designed by local artist Andee Rudloff and FREE snacks while helping.  You can find out more information and sign up TODAY to help volunteer at www.nashvilleultra.com/volunteer.  No running is required!  I repeat, NO RUNNING is required to volunteer!

The marriage behind art and music

This week, another hot week post CMA and BonnarooFestivals resounding all around us, is one that offers a couple of unique opportunities where visual art and music meet in the middle quite perfectly.  You could even say that these opportunities below are each a perfect match of sorts.

First, add a little bit of music.  Local rockers Eastern Blockwill be releasing a new 7” called “Wing Walker” at Grimey’s this Thursday, June 16th from 6-9pm.  With an in-store performance and brand new songs that you can take home with you afterwards, to say that Eastern Block is riding the wave of their most recent successes and landslide victory while winning Lightning 100’s Music City Mayhemcompetition is the understatement of the year to this point.  These guys deserve all of the accolades, in my humble opinion, and are primed to make the most of every positive opportunity coming their way. If you by chance miss out on their appearance at Grimey’s, by all means run over and catch them on Friday, June 17th at The Rutledge at 10pm.

And typing about running, leave it to Sarah Shearer– a local artist, Assistant Director to the Community Education at Watkins College of Art and Design, and wife of Eastern Block’s lead guitarist Jon Shearer– to also get recognized lately for her efforts.  Besides the fact that she rocks the canvas whenever she puts her paintings on view outside of her Downtown Presbyterian Church studio, Sarah was just bestowed East Nasty of the Week a week ago for her dynamic energy and trail-blazing attitude on and off the road.  I highly suggest you take a moment to appreciate the art the Shearer family is currently bringing toNashville’s table.

Second, add a little bit of music.  Leave it to the Frist Centerto, yet again, make a mark on this writer and art appreciators alike.  This week’s museum concert highlight, again in my humble opinion, is the Music in the Café: In the Round at the Frist.  While each week some of Nashville’s most accomplished and celebrated artists perform at the Frist on Thursday and Friday evenings, this coming Friday, June 17th provides a wonderful setting for the Frist’s version of music “In the Round,” led by Ronny Criss.  Criss, a valued Frist employee, is also a songwriter that is very excited to bring together other local songwriters Bryan Clark, Adam Burrows, Joel Shumake, and Joe Hajek for a night like no other.

But don’t think for one minute that Ronny Criss stops helping other local artists when he clocks out at the Frist Center.  He’s not only a talented artist and songwriter in his own right, Criss has dedicated his spare time to sharing the spotlight on others trying to make Nashville a creative hot spot.  Starting in April of this year, Ronnie started his own interview and video blog titled “Nashville Art Makers” that allows for the general public to and art lovers alike to really get a sense of not only the artwork of local artists that deserve to be seen and heard but also the people and their stories that inspire them to inspire others.  Starting with Beth Inglish in April, and then spotlighting Jeff Bertrand in March, Miss June J just so happens to be someone I know very well and love in Emily Harper Beard (efharper or Emily Frances Harper Beard depending on the press release).

And what kind of husband would I be if I didn’t transition from the Nashville Art Makers’ pick of the month and tell you that efharper will be one of several artists, fashion designers, film makers, musicians, models and photographers taking part in the next RAW show in a little over a week at Mercy Lounge on Thursday, June 23rd (I will remind and give you more details next week, but you can go ahead and buy your ticket online HERE).

So there you have it; a full circle review of family, music, art, and events to make your heart … your Nashville heART smile yet again.  Thanks for tuning in and sharing with your friends.  See you sooner than later.

much love,


After the Supermoon Sets

I’ve heard that some people find a little more creativity when in an altered state of mind.  So, since I just got off the road running 9 miles with Gilda’s Gang, I’m gonna try to spread a little love I’ve seen very recently while I’m in a runner’s high of sorts.  Kids, don’t try this at home … or after school specials.

It all seemed to come over my life all in a few moments last night.  I’m not sure if it was the residual after effects of last week’s so-called supermoon, or if it was just a moment in time and me being aware of it all with eyes and heart wide open, but constantly being surrounded by good friends all week long probably didn’t hurt my mood for the evening.  My realization came after a stellar catch-up dinner with two such good friends at Boscos that shall remain anonymous because I’d prefer to let them tell you about their recent road trip where they just so happened to recently spend the night at a really nice hotel in downtown Atlanta at the exact night that there was also a national convention of Furries staying at the same place (hence, the anonymous note).  While at Boscos, we saw another good friend who is in a local band called Eastern Block.  I say their band name because they are on quite a roll right now while being the first band to make it into the Elite 8 in Lightning 100’s Music City Mayhem contest.  Feel free to check out their website, jump on their literal bandwagon as well, and help get Eastern Block to the championship round and beyond to Live on the Green later in the year.

We left Boscos to get desert at the new hot spot across the street called Hot & Cold.  A perfect marriage between Bongo Java and Las Paletas, again quite literally, Hot & Cold is a small nook beside Fido that serves the best and unique blend of coffees, teas, paletas, chocolates, and interesting ice cream flavors.  We sat down with our plethora of choices, but what really caught my eye away from my two scoops of ‘gravel road’ ice cream (which, anything that can take these eyes away from good ice cream is noteworthy to share with others in my humble opinion) was a very special collection of artwork on the wall beside our table that went straight to the heart.  Someone at the table read the artist’s statement out loud and without typing it verbatim here, the jist was that the artist did a series of paintings on the wall in honor of and stemming from her husband’s love of Star Wars and bunny rabbits.  The part that really struck our hearts was that the husband had passed away and the wall was more of a personal tribute to his creative loves.  The artist, Kelly Kerrigan (usually known for her TrampLamps.com) truly made my night with a variety of original paintings involving dynamic combinations of science fiction characters and moments with an assortment of animals.  But, what really sparked my interest in writing anything this morning was the piece about ‘Marty McFly’.  It is a beautiful, stunning and smart take on the various unforgettable outfits worn by one of my favorites, Marty McFly, in the Back to the Future trilogy; all garments worn by several small, cute chicks.  Do yourself a favor; go see them for yourself and take extra money because it might just pull on your heartstrings enough for you to leave with more sweetness than just ice cream as well.

Then, on the way home, I heard my latest favorite new song on a CD that a new friend of ours who just moved into East Nashville gave to us this past week.  After meeting them at their first performance at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts’ Music in the Lobby, the husband/wife duo of Ben and Emily Roberts who call themselves ‘Carolina Story’ are not only as authentic a duet you’ll find anywhere, but they are just as nice people as they are musically gifted together.  The song aforementioned on the drive home, titled ‘Cheers To Loving Me’, seemed to wrap up this past week’s supermoon after effects and ride perfectly from where I was sitting.

Last but certainly not least, I would feel remiss if I didn’t mention the cherry on top of the night yesterday when I got home just in time to watch the University of Kentuckyovertake the Buckeyes.  Like the ice cream comment, if you know me you’ll also know that I don’t bleed blue, but about 90% of my friends do and I could feel the collective yells, relief, and pure punch drunk joy in the air before I rested my head in bed already waiting to get up and run 9 miles withGilda’s Gang (also worth noting twice).

So, as the runner’s high quickly turns into a n-a-p, I’ll recap by telling you that you should vote for Eastern Block, check out the artwork of Kelly Kerrigan over at Hot & Cold, join me in welcoming Carolina Story to Music City, and cheer for Kentucky basketball because there will be a lot of sad friends if they lose.  Maybe I’ll plant some Professor Copperfield’s Miracle Legumes in the backyard today for good luck in tomorrow’s game.

Please stay tuned for next weekend’s mega art love around town a-coming, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.  As you were, busy but happy.

much love,