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The week ahead and then some

Hi y’all!

With summer school starting at Sewanee, give me a slight break and a lot of empathy to allow me to simply give you a quick synopsis of the next two weeks so I can post and be happy to help you get happy.

Before I get started though, I have to say that I just experienced the most amazing art exhibition I’ve ever experienced in the world in my life.  The Frist Center for the Visual Arts has now opened, from June 6-September 1, 2014 an exhibition called “Watch Me Move.”  The Ingram Gallery has been transformed like never before into a complete cinematic adventure.  You can immerse yourself, like I did, into 120 years of animation from pioneers and independent filmmakers to Pixar and Disney and Tim Burton!  It is truly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.  I fully plan on visiting this show more than any other and totally spend up to the entire 12 hours of filming time to catch it all before it leaves in September.  I might have to buy some food in the cafe as a break at that time, but I’m gonna do it!  Check it out! (heads up, on Friday, June 3rd, at 6:30pm, there will be a lecture called “Unlimited Visions, Indelible Dreams: Exploring the Animated Worlds of Watch Me Move” presented by Elliot Wilhelm, curator of film, from the Detroit Institute of Arts.)

Visit www.fristcenter.org/watchmemove to learn more! … NOW!
Also, check this out for more-  http://t.e2ma.net/message/3sjee/jtmd5c

THIS week-

Monday, June 9th (my brother Drew’s birthday) at 6:15pm, Lightning 100 is hosting the 100.1 episode of The 615!  To mark such an epic occasion, they are hosting a huge FREE party at Marathon Music Works featuring The Weeks, Leagues, and Buffalo Clover!  You can join Wells and Hammel in William Collier’s for the live broadcast with live music starting at 7:30pm.

Tuesday, June 10th, from 7-11pm, join Honest Lewis and is bi-monthly series called “A Night of Free Speech” at Logue’s Black Raven Emporium.  It will be a night filled with poetry, prose, rants, and manifestos galore.  Did I mention it’s FREE!?

Wednesday, June 11th, marks the annual Music City Roots BARN DANCE!  From 7-10pm, at Music City Roots (8400 Highway 100) this event will feature the likes of Greensky Bluegrass, Rachael Hester, Music City Doughboys, and Appalachee Relay.  If you can’t make it in person and dance the night away (I highly recommend it, from experience), you can live stream it at www.musiccityroots.com/live-stream and dance in your living room.


Thursday, June 12th, a 2-for-1 deal, has treats for you in person and online too.  First, in person, at The Red Arrow Gallery (1311 McGavock Pike) from 5-8pm marks the closing reception for the Casey Promise Exhibition “Something Within.”  Second, online, you can watch traveling musician and ultra-Nashville fan Chris Trapper live streaming the upcoming concerts at Club Passim, June 12 and June 13, beginning at 8PM EDT.  You can purchase online tickets on a pay-what-you-want basis starting now at http://www.concertwindow.com/shows/6540-chris-trapper-cariad-harmon-opens. The webshow will not be recorded – it’s offered in real time. Please join us at the show!

Friday, June 13th (through 15th), Go to the Holiday Inn Express Nashville Airport (1111 Airport Center Drive) at 3pm if you want to experience “Hypericon.”  There will be fiction, gaming, and art in one convention.  You can see Jack Ketchum, Sam Flegal, Stephen Zimmer, Sara M. Harvey, and Glen Cook (and more!).

Then, sleep well the night before Saturday for a full day of fun-

Saturday, June 14th, see below:

1- Visit The Idea Hatchery for 2nd Saturday at 5 Points!  On top of having the most unique gifts and people in town, total bias, we will also have the most unique YARD SALE ever in 5 Points history!  Fact!  Come out to 1108 and see what we all have in store, all day and night!

2- at 2pm, at Fannie Mae Dees Park (2400 Blakemore Avenue), there will be FREE juggling lessons and demonstration for the city of Nashville in honor of Wold Juggling Day 2014, from 2-3pm.  Enough said.  Be there!

3- from 5:30-8:30pm, at Portland Brew East (1921 Eastland Avenue), join this month’s Poetry in the Brew, featuring Rob Lyric Beats!

4- Then, at 8pm, at the Purple Building of the Performing Artist Co-Op at 5 Points (107 North 11th Street), it is Panama Red’s “Birthday Bizarre!”  “a night of transgressive art” is the one year celebration of Panama Reds Arts, ranging from irreverent poetry, caged humans, dreamy rock & roll, Fluxus performance and whatever Janelle does.  There will be 5 performance based artists in one spot.  Dare to be awesome.

You can sleep here.

Back on Sunday, June 15th, to the park (Nashville Cumberland Park- 592 South 1st Street), from 5:30-8pm for FREE parking, FREE admission, and EXCELLENT live music, featuring some of the areas best local, regional, and national jazz artists, with a beautiful sunset as the backdrop.

That’s one heck of a week, right?

Well, I’ll just give you one thing you really NEED to experience and put on your radar for next week.  Yeah, I’m saying it, it’s East Side Storytellin’ time again!  On Tuesday, June 17th, at 7pm sharp, come hang out with me and author Megan Duke and musician Lauren Lyle to see what everyone and their mom is talking about as one of the best storytelling series in the history of mankind (total bias).  This will be the 39th edition of East Side Storytellin’.  It’s the only show in town that starts on time and never disappoints … NEVER!  Come out early, get a seat up close, and eat, drink, and be merry with stories that you’ll love.  Don’t believe me, check out some of our past shows to catch you up on this awesome deal.  See past shows here- http://eastsidestorytn.com/in-our-own-words/

view from East Side Storytellin' 38

view from East Side Storytellin’ 38

Now, go forth and conquer the world.  It’s waiting on you.  It’s always waiting on you.

As you were, busy but happy,



Full circle’d week of Nashville culture here

Hello, hello, hello y’all!  This week will contain temp highs and lows, and it will probably contain regular highs and lows per usual too.  Leave it to this post to only provide the cultural highs for you all to enjoy though.

To go full circle on you, I’m gonna start with Honest Lewis and his wonderful , bimonthly (on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month) program called “A Night of Free Speech.”  If you venture down to Logue’s Black Raven Emporium (2915 Gallatin Pike) at 7pm, you will witness some of the most daring writing and reading from local scribe anywhere to be found, honest injun!  If you come earlier, you can sign up to read.  If you simply want to enjoy some cheap snacks, spirits, and amazing reading in a warm environment that helps the creative folks in town more than you know, be Honest’s guest!  Heck, invite a friend or two and join this scene already.  It is well worth your time and efforts.  Get out and experience something new!


Also this evening, March 11th, you can help support another local author in that of Craig Havighurst.  He, alongside Radley Balko, Andrew Maraniss, and Tom Wood (author of Karski), will be sharing their works and insight at “Writing a book: An SPJ discussion.”  It is from 6:30-7:30pm at WPLN (630 Mainstream Drive), and this panel of journalist authors will join reporter Blake Farmer in a frank discussion about a few dos and don’ts (lots of don’ts) of turning the daily beat into something more.  It is a happy hour event.  If you bring a small donation for SPJ you can enjoy a craft brew or glass of wine during the talks.  You can show up or take the time to RSVP today with Blake Farmer at bfarmer@wpln.org.  Get out and learn something new!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 12th, if you aren’t at TPAC with Sister’s Act, you might find comfort at the release party for Kendra DeColo’s “Thieves in the Afterlife.”  It is at Parnassus Books, at 6:30pm, and you will have the company of several fine local poets in the crowd that have already commented their intentions of showing up and support.  And if you are on that side of the river for a bit, you might as well head to The Stone Fox and witness the “Night of the Silvermen” too.  At 712 51st Avenue North, at 8pm, admission is FREE for you to see a solo electric violin set by Tracy Silverman that is going to be followed by a full on set by The Jack Silverman Ordeal (featuring Robert Crawford, Viktor Krauss, and Tyson Rogers).  This grand ordeal will be presented by the wonderful folks at the Nashville Fringe Festival.  Get out and visit somewhere you’ve never been before!

Skip on over to Friday, March 14th, from 6-9pm, and finally you’ll have some visual art to stimulate and blow your mind this week.  At Main Street Gallery, 625 Main Street, Michael R. Grine is presenting his “Gleam: An Illuminated Art Show” to help benefit Nashville Classical Charter School.  Also on Friday, at Cult Fiction Underground (2915 Gallatin Pike) will feature the feature “Bubba Ho-Tep”.  To let the art and movies speak for itself, get out and see something you’ve never seen before!

Over the weekend, you should visit all of the art galleries to your North, South, West, and over the river to the East to support the visual arts scene.  There are so many talented visual artists that call Nashville home right now who will be internationally known in the decades to come.  Why not visit and see them before the entire world knows about them.  Spoiler alert, they need your help to get started.  Meaning, they would greatly appreciate YOU buying their artwork to help them continue to do the amazing work they are working on now for the future ahead.  Get out and buy some new art that has never been created before!

Flip over to the other side of early next week, a week from today in fact, on Tuesday, March 18th, at 7pm sharp, with the man that started this week’s post in that of Honest Lewis.  Honest Lewis will be accompanied by the musician Adam Hill in rounding out another rockin’ East Side Storytellin’ show at Mad Donna’s.  It is FREE to attend, starts promptly at 7pm, is over by 8:30pm, and you can eat, drink, and be merry the entire time!  Get out and have fun!

You can read the recap and recording of our show from last week that includes the information about next week’s stellar show here –


Or you can just listen to the recording of last week’s show here-  https://soundcloud.com/eastsidestorytn/sets/east-side-storytellin-32

That about wraps it all up for this week’s post here, but remember to be nice to one another out there.  Despite the heat today, it can be a cold city if you let it.  So don’t let it!

Thanks and remember to come here often and share with all others that might want to read about the above.

much love,

Snow, Rain, Spring, and Everything in Between

Hello and hi ya!

After a rainy, get together with your friends, new and old, kinda weekend, lucky for us we have more opportunities this weekend to get up, get out, and do somethings.  Lucky for us, most of it will come to you if you just let go and let it happen.

If you are anything like me, you might take a moment or two at the beginning of this week to gear up properly for those things to come.  You have ample amount of time to do so the first few days until Thursday pops itself out and smacks you in the face in a good way.  On Thursday, March 28th, this is the first day of the rest of the days this week to pick your lovely, creative poison.  Over at Watkins College of Art, Design, & Film, at 6pm, another round of artist talks and presentations will go down as part of their annual program that welcomes nationally and internationally recognized fine artists, designers, filmmakers, educators, and critics to the campus and the community.  This time, this Tuesday, social practice artist Harrell Fletcher, will have a reception for his work at 6pm, and then he will discuss his unconventional approach to art making at 6:30pm in the Watkins Theater.  The event is FREE to attend and the everyone is invited.  You can find more about the artist and the art series at www.watkins.edu/visitingartistsseries.

Also on Thursday, also at 6pm, over at Cotten Music (434 Houston Street, Suite 131) Zeitgeist and AIA Middle Tennessee presents another round their series called Indeterminacies.  This is the first installment of the Sprint 2013 Indeterminacies program and it will feature the Nashville-based composer and musician Todd Lombardo.  The moderator will be musician, educator, and critical thinker in that of Josh McGuire.  McGuire is a Senior Lecturer in Aural Skills at Vanderbilt University’s Blair School of Music and Lombardo is currently playing acoustic guitar for Dobro legend Jerry Douglas and bassist Viktor Krauss.  This event is also FREE and open to the public.

Then on Friday, March 29th, at 8pm, you might want to get on over for some great music to 318 Elberta Street.  Elberta Presents: Charlie Whitten, Erin Rae, Glassfields, and The Rough and Tumble.  It is a jam-packed line-up with tons of heart and wonderful sounds.  I want to give a quick plug here for The Rough & Tumble (www.theroughandtumble.com) because they will be the featured musicians on the next East Side Storytellin’ on the following Tuesday, April 2nd, at 7pm sharp at Fat Bottom Brewing Co (900 Main Street).  I’m just saying, you should be at both events in this paragraph for sure.  For more details on the Elberta Presents, check out www.facebook.com/events/387761267987743/.

Saturday, March 30th, is bringing sunshine and good times to the table (not sure about the sunshine yet but for sure on the good times).  Located at 1820 21st Avenue South, from 9am-6pm, you will find the EraBellum Spring Pop-up Market for your enjoyment.  This pop-up market in Hillsboro Village is a natural extension of Nashville’s newest artisan co-op.  It will be filled with cool, local handmade and handpicked goods.  There will be handcrafted jewelry, apothecaries, art, woodturned bowls and gifts, purses, paintings, ceramics, greeting cards, vintage clothing, home accessories, and much more!

And, once you’ve had your fill of Hillsboro Village and the market, you can venture back to the East Side for the rest of the night.  One major happening that you shouldn’t miss is “Afghanistan Through the Eyes of a Soldier”: a collection of photographs and video by Duran Bunch at Bryant Gallery.  Bunch, a former high fashion model from Nashville, shows some epic work from his recent tour as a US soldier.  Bunch has gone from Nashville, to the major runways of high fashion around the world, into the frontline of the Afghanistan turmoil, and is back in town to help spark conversation through art.  The Bryant Gallery (1113 Woodland Street) is always committed to showcasing local artists, unique viewpoints, and unexpected avenues of art and express.  One great note about this show is that proceeds from sales will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project … great art for great causes!

Aside from said shows and events above, there is always more to visit and see around town right now.  Spring time is here and ready for everyone to get up, get out, and do everything!  Don’t let the rain, cold winds, or pollen count keep you down.  I hope to see you around.  I’ll be at East Side Story if you want to come say hello in person.

Enjoy your day and be nice to one another.

much love,




Outside the Box

As most of us find out (some quicker than others), some of the greatest things in life seem to just happen … no planning, palm reading, or inkling of control over the situation is ever better than life simply opening up to you and yours at the right time- whether you expected it or not (better, in my humble opinion, when not).  That said, I’d like to start off this week’s post with an interesting short short story (short short meaning short short for once).

Last week, I met with a friend and local artist for lunch to discuss the current landscape ofNashvilleart.  We weren’t talking about styles or names as much as the obvious lack of opportunities for artists to do productive collaborations with the city (and the officials that run the show) and an apparent lack of initiative from many artists in town to do more because of the pile and pile of stagnant ideas that have been on the table like an elephant the size of the new convention center in our city for over 25 years and counting.  I won’t give details or name names, but some pretty cool and productive ideas were tossed around for possible attempts in the near future, pending city official opinions and efforts.  But, point being, near the end of the lunch, our server, who just so happened to be a local artist that, frustrated with the art scene and organization as a whole for her as an alternative artist up-and-coming, spoke to us about possibly moving up North to Louisville or Cincinnati sooner than later-where there are more opportunities collectively with the city behind them in her particular field of interest.  Needless to say, it was perfect timing and a perfect ending to our lunch that proved what we were discussing was both needed and primed for the taking and making in Nashville right now.

Okay, that could’ve been shorter for a short short story, but you got my drift or at least gave the above a second thought or two.  Now, speaking to the title of outside the box, I believe that today is the last day that you can register for a few classes at Watkins this summer.  As for two workshops that are cool and different and might be just what you are looking for to spice up your summer creativity, why not try Glass Fusing (June 23-24) and/or Connecting the Dots: An Introduction to Batik (begins July 23).  You can see the full online catalog available and the process of registering right HERE, but I’m pretty sure you will love these and the other classes/workshops available (and you can sign up for the workshops until 2 weeks before they begin).  With pretty much every class/workshop being taught by a fellow local artist, Glass Fusing being that of Meredith Edmondson and the Batik workshop being led by none other than my beautiful bride, Emily Frances Harper Beard– efharper, your money and time will be well spent for sure.

As far as the rest of the week and events go that you could/should take advantage of in person, the first major thing I would hate not to tell you about is the Creativity Moves Nashville Conference.  Located at the Belmont Black Box Theatre, throughout the entire weekend starting Thursday, May 24 until Monday night, May 28, you will be able to explore various unique opportunities to expand your professional development creatively by participating in building an inspiring vision for future causes in the Nashville Community and beyond.  Seating is LIMITED at these events every day so please register NOW.  I would be remiss if I didn’t single out one or two events that are right down everyone’s alley who is reading this.  First, Playing By Air and its Director Jacob Weiss will be putting on a show like no other on Friday, May 25th and Saturday, May 26th, both at 8pm, called Playing By Air: A Symphony of Action & Comedy.  Second, on Monday, May 28th, from 2-5:30pm, I highly recommend getting tickets NOW for this FREE event titled Young Adult Cancer Survivor Program @ Creative Moves Nashville: The Power of Your Story.  Creativity Moves will be bringing together young adult cancer survivors, family, friends, and caregivers for an afternoon of inspiration, joy, and bonding.  Again, seating is LIMITED so YOU should register HERE for FREE now.  It will be a solid chance for YOU to get inspired with joy, laughter, and learning to share your own story at the same time.

And speaking of outside and outside of boxes, nowhere will this be more clear than at Cheekwood starting this Saturday, May 26, at the opening of their outdoor exhibit Treehouses: Great Works of Literature.  Cheekwood has selected 7 designers for its 2012 summer outdoor exhibition-Treehouses.  Opening this weekend and staying upthrough September 3, Treehouses focuses on great works of literature (self-explanatory) with whimsical and traditional Treehouses in the landscape at Cheekwood.  This exhibition celebrates the 10year anniversary of the first summer exhibition at Cheekwood (my absolute favorite was the one Happily Ever After for selfish and not so selfish reasons of course- Three Little Pigs what?).  This year’s artwork includes The Rainbow Fish, The Jolly Roger, Ocean of Notions, Up and Down Again, A Hobbit’s Tale, Walden Treehouse, Conch House, and last but certainly not least The Giver Tree House.  The names and houses are inspired by great stories and made by some excellent groups of local architect and building firms.  I drove through it last week for a sneak peek and almost ran out of the car while it was still moving because it was so fascinating and tempting to climb each one (even when they weren’t completely finished yet).  Trust me, these summer exhibitions at Cheekwood are made for and are fun for the kid inside all of us.

But if you don’t live too close to Cheekwood and you only have time for one fun event for the entire family this weekend, you should totally head over to the 5th Annual Flatrock Music & Art Festival.  This Saturday, May 26th, beginning at 10:30am and lasting pretty much all day long, the Flatrock Festival is becoming quite the local tradition for good music, fantastic art, a world culture of foods, rockin’ classic cars, and more family fun in the sun than most can handle.  It is very well organized and a treat for everyone that makes the time to visit and enjoy it.  If you have the time, don’t miss out on this one for sure.

Well, I’m gonna go for now for this week.  Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this and feel free to share all of the above with all of your family and friends.  Until next week, enjoy your day and be nice to each other.

As you were, busy but happy.

much love,


Art, television, blog intermingle

Arts Best Bet, The Tennessean, Sunday, April 10, 2011

Portrait of an Artist

by Liz Hume

Time-lapse video of a portrait painting by Liz Hume. The subject is Emily Harper Beard, also an artist, with one of her paintings behind her. Emily’s painting is entitled “Mother and Child.”

Song is “Seven Years,” by Norah Jones.

a few of my favorite things…

Here is a very sweet and special Christmas album by Nashville musicians: The Lovespies.

You may listen to/purchase their CD here: http://soundcloud.com/thelovespies

Support your local artists and musicians!!