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Another stellar weekend cometh early

Does it have anything to do with the feeling of days getting shorter and nights lasting longer or is it just pure coincidence that this weekend for artistic artastic fun commences on Thursday instead of the typical Friday? I think it might be a little bit of both, but the following events will surely make you agree that sometimes it’s simply better to make things happen instead of waiting for the perfect time. I’m certainly excited … are you ready for this?

Ready or not, here it goes. Forget two for Tuesday, this Thursday has just about all that you can handle in three unique events happening at three unique locations.

First, Katrina Estes Hill cordially invites you (and you and YOU and you) to make a grand appearance and take it all in at the same time while visiting her Opening Reception on October 7th at 5:30pm at the Rosenzweig Art Gallery if you’re on a road trip down to Columbus, Mississippi (well worth the drive to help support or share this link with others in that neck of the woods to help support a Nashville girl done good).

Gary Grier: Just Everyday Living - at TSU from October 4-29.

Second, if you find yourself around the area of Tennessee State University’s Hiram Van Gordon Memorial Gallery say around 2-5pm on Thursday, you can by all means drop in to see the Opening Reception for Gary Grier: Just Everyday Living. Grier has received many honors in his career up to this point and feels great about his next exhibition on display until the 29th of this month. Grier’s current works are influenced by his environment—what he sees every day around him: the people, the places, things often overlooked (with a focus on urban living). Come let it be and let Grier shed a light of beauty and reality on thee as he tries to uncover the substance on the surface and find the truth of the everyday soul.

Third, if you’re not on the road and you need something closer to home than Grey’s Anatomy or The Office, capture a bit of present history discussed at the Parthenon. On Thursday, October 7th, Dr. Joe Rife, Associate Professor of Classical Studies and Anthropology at Vanderbilt, will speak about Life and Death at a Port in Roman Greece: Recent Investigations at Kenchreai. It might sound a lot smarter than the vocabulary they’ll use on this week’s episode at Seattle Grace Hospital, but I’ll assure you that it will be just as entertaining and believable than trying to jumpstart a heart of a deer in the back of a pick-up truck (Emily makes me watch). The lecture will take place at the Parthenon at 7:00 pm, with a reception following. Admission is free, but reservations are required (862-8431).

And then there was Friday … the fresh day. Nothing says fresh days to me quite like a birthday celebration. Birthdays are times of renewal, more specific than a New Year’s resolution, it’s also a time to not only mark another line on the log of life, but to run full steam ahead in the next lap around the sun. Why am I talking about birthdays and running full steam ahead anywhere at all? Well, look no further than the birthday bash for Jack Silverman. Specifically, drive on down to The Family Wash and join in the fun with the sights and sounds and delicious foods of the Jack Silverman Ordeal Birthday Bash! This Friday, October 8th, from 9-11:30pm, bring your festive self and many more to help Jack and his beloved band celebrate, check out some new tunes, eat some shepherd’s pie, and drink some local beer. Your presence is the only present that Jack wished for this year.

And Friday shall become Saturday; a day when most everyone is a happy camper. And speaking of happy campers, come out and see Andrea Steele and her happy camper playwear at her lovely booth at the Loveless Café’s annual Biscuits and Bluegrass Festival on Saturday, October 9th. Andrea’s colorful clothing is for the kid in all of us. There are short sleeve tees and onesies (for the actual kids) on sale right now, and she also has some gift items such as bibs, burp cloths, and plush toys (definitely for the actual kids). So bring your smiles and meet Andrea and her work. She takes orders on the spot as well.

Not to forget to mention one the of the best celebrations that will last the entire month of October, please make the time to check-in at the new Talula Gallery at 114B, South 11th Street (In the same house as Pied Piper Creamery, next to Beyond the Edge). In Talula, from October 9th-November 1st, you’ll find the Plowhaus Artists’ Cooperative presenting its 9th Annual Celebration of Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead).

Tulala Gallery hours are the following: Tuesdays through Fridays: 3pm – 6pm, Saturdays: 11am – 6pm, and Sundays: 12noon – 5pm.

Also at Talula Gallery:

Community “Day of the Dead” Art Workshops:

• Paint and decorate a movable wooden skeleton: children’s workshop Tuesday, Oct. 12 4-6pm and Sunday, Oct. 17: 3-5pm

• Build a clay bird mask : adults or children Sat. Oct 9 from 2-4pm

• Create a shrine for a loved one. An age old tradition of the day of the dead holiday. Adults only: Friday Oct. 22, 5-7pm.

To sign up for a workshop or for more information email: or call 615-262-1060

And with that, I bid you great day and good evening until we meet again sooner than later.

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Much love & Salud,