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Fifth time’s a charm

The month of July this year has glorified us with sky high record temperatures reminding us why pools are so much fun to jump in during the summer and 5 weekends of local gallery crawls all over the place.  As usual every month, the end of the month is a time for winding down exhibitions and gearing up for the new primed for the first weekends of the next month.  That said, instead of telling you more about regular art stops and shops this week (all of them currently have stellar exhibitions and will be open for their regular hours by the way), I want to let you know about a few things going on during the week that I think are equally creative and newsworthy.

First, tonight marks the last time Nashville’s French Quarter Café will host the Nashville Jazz Orchestra.  That’s right, after a decade of hosting artists, bands, musicians, and hoards of performing artists, the French Quarter Café is closing its doors.  NJO is not going away any time soon though.  They will be trying out other stages and venues for its weekly shows, but they are ready to retire theFrench Quarter Café stage in style.  Tonight, from 7-9pm, NJO is putting on a grand show featuring Jeff Coffin and Annie Sellick.  Not to give away all of the forthcoming details of NJO’s future, their Music Director, Jim Williamson will let all audience members know about their August schedule during the show tonight.

Second, tomorrow, July 27th, and Thursday, July 28th, another historic venue is putting on wonderful shows.  TheBelcourt Theater is ready to premiere the films submitted this year for the buzzworthy local 48 hour film project.  For only $7.50 per group screening, you can find quality and quantity short films made by a rising group of Nashville filmmakers.  Groups A & B will be showing on Wednesday night and Groups C & D on Thursday night.  Side note- I’ve heard nothing but great things about the movie called “Mr. Wonderful” made by a Quite Strong Production.  Just saying … if you enjoy good movies and probably know the good people that are making them right here in town, I highly suggest you go ahead and purchase tickets ahead of time for the Belcourt before you have to go all Fandango for them at a later date.


Then, to keep things short for you here this week and allow you more time to surf the net in your busy schedule, take a little time to plan your next and final art crawl of the month (or prepare yourself for the Tomato Art Fest that will be here in no time), my last suggestion (Warhol Live! at the Frist Center included as expected again) is that you surf the net on over to the tidal wave that is the Frist Center for the Visual Arts’ new website.  At the same location and domain name,, you will find a brand new facelift of creativity and visitor virtual interaction between the museum and the public.  After spending quite a bit of thought and time into this next virtual expansion and phase, the Fristhas gone and done it again … made great art fun and more importantly warm and inviting.

And after all, isn’t sharing great art, fun and being warm and inviting to strangers and friends alike what we are all about here at Nashville’s heart?  I’d like to hope so.

But wait! Just when you thought I’d let you slip out of sight before this week’s post, I go and tell you one more thing about a fantastic Frist Center visit that’s 3-D.  Yep, that’s right.  This Friday night, this coming Frist Friday night, July 29th, from 6-9pm, The Frist is turning into something like that of the legendary Studio 54 remixed.  They have invited you to dress up and come out to dance around with the sounds provided by local DJ Ron.  It will definitely be a fun time had by all that show up.

I also hope you enjoy your final week of July and are with me praying that August holds more than one cool breeze in its forecast.

Enjoy your week ahead and thanks for sharing the above with all you love.

much love,



The painting’s on the wall


With the summer sun hitting the summer fun full force in the highest of temperatures these days, it’s always nice to know about a few cool spots to hang out.  This week ahead in the Nashville art world will yet again not disappoint your expectations.  Now is a perfect time for new faces, history in the making, and a change of scenery all around.  Are you ready?

Illuminare! is happening this week.  Illuminare! is the title of the next RAW experience in Nashville.  Those of you who came to the last RAW show at Mercy Lounge already know how much excitement, talent, and entertainment everyone involved within RAW present to the public who attend.  This Thursday, July 21st, from 8-11:30pm, RAW has yet another insane line up at Mercy Lounge for only $10 a ticket.  There will be stage design by Erica Edmonson, LIVE art by Heather Bellgardt, music by Radar vs. Wolf and Alicia Beale, fashion by Sabrina Washington and Nikkay Fashions, and many many more of similar and different art forms throughout the night.

The very next night, Friday, July 22nd, Untitled Artists Group presents one of the most historical nights they have ever put together.  “Retrospective: 20 years of art” is a celebration that honors the 20thanniversary of a group that has been introducing new artists to the Nashville community since 1991.  Untitled, now comprised of several hundred artists, is a non-profit organization dedicated to support artists, reaching new art audiences, and offering alternative visual arts experiences.  The group’s weekly Wednesday meetings and art shows provide opportunities to local artists connect, collaborate and learn from each other.  I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a single artist in town that hasn’t had a pleasant experience with Untitled.  “Retrospective” is the group’s 2011 Summer show.  It is FREE for all ages, a one-night-only art event that will take place at 506 Events Gallery (508 Davidson Street) from 6-10pm.  Hosted by SideShow Bennie, join Nashville’s emerging and established innovative artists for the group’s large reunion show alongside live body painting, food trucks, interactive photo booths, and music by DJs Ugly Lovely and TEE-AYE-SEE-OHH.

Then after two nights of Nashville p-to the ART-ies, you just might want to either relax or get into the act as well.  Luckily, I have caught wind of two events that do just that for anyone interested. 

First, if you are into going on a minor road trip up to Bowling Green, KY, you can paint side by side with muralist Andee Rudloff on location at SKYPAC.  All the details you need to know about the mural project is that you need to be at 623 College Street, Bowling Green, KY on Saturday, July 23rd, from 9-11am and it will be as fun as her last mural as seen on this link-  To rsvp for the fun, please let Andee know you are coming by emailing her before Saturday at

Second, for the relaxed art enthusiast looking for a calm date night of sorts, mosey on over to Bryant Gallery located at 1113 Woodland Street on Saturday, July 23rd, from 5-8pm.  There and then you will find Bryant Gallery presenting paintings and works in clay by Lena Lucas.  The reception is this Saturday, but the exhibition will run through August 8th.  Plus, after you leave Bryant Gallery and Lucas’ new work, you can totally walk across the street to enjoy some good food, good spirits and good conversations at Rumours East.  At least that’s what I would do if I were you.

So until we meet here again, be nice to others and enjoy the day as you were … busy and happy.

much love,


From the biggest to the smallest of sorts

Being that I always like to say what I mean and type what I like to say, I’ll jump right into this week’s mid-month description of good things going down around town by telling you about a few happenings that just dropped into my radar.

First, tomorrow (or today depending on when you are reading this), Tuesday, July 12th, 5:30-8pm, Belmont’s Leu Art Gallery is hosting the opening reception called “Black Drawings.”  Artist and educator Kell Black, who makes art ranging from paper to performance, is making us see the world through black and white drawings.  An artist’s talk will be given at 6:30pm in the library’s multimedia classroom.  On top of all that to take in, Black has also invited 3 of her former students (Rachel Hall Kirk, Miranda Herrick, and Scotty Peek) to display paintings, drawings, and mixed media in theLeu Gallery through September 15th of this year.

Second, Marla Faith, Gallery Director at the Marnie Sheridan Gallery at Harpeth Hall School, wanted me to let you and all of the artists around know that you are more than welcome to be a part of an exhibit to benefit the homeless in Nashville.  The exhibit, titled “Home,” is open for all interested artists to enter.  There is NO entry fee, you can enter up to six images per artist, the artist can retain 50% of sales (if desired), and the deadline to enter is September 1st, 2011.  If you or anyone you know are interested, feel free to contact Marla Faith at 615-301-9282 or email at

Third, and certainly not least, you NEED to visit the Frist Center for the Visual Arts and check out Warhol LIVE!  I told you I’d repeat this nearly every week until it leaves for good on September 11th of this year, and I tend to keep my promises.  This week gives you a few more incentives to visit the exhibition and the Frist in general.  This Thursday, July 14th, at 12pm noon, you can join the Frist Center’s chief curator, Mark Scala for a curator’s tour of “Warhol Live: Music and Dance in Andy Warhol’s Work” that shows in great depth the ways Andy Warhol used the medium of music to transform himself from an avid fan to producer, celebrity rock star, and record album designer.  Not only can you take the tour, but if you want to come back that evening or every Thursday and Friday evening at 6-8pm for Music in the Lobby, you can also take part in Art Making in the Lobby: Vinyl Pop!  Every Thursday and Friday through August 26th, it is FREE to come in, listen to live music, and decorate your own album sleeve using various materials and inspiration from the Warhol exhibition.

Fourth, this just in, moving one week later this month to this Thursday, July 14th, from 5-8pm, Hillsboro Village Art Walk is celebrating a lot on top of corresponding their celebration with that of Bastille Day.  A few things to look out for: a martini tasting @ Jackson’s & Zumi Sushi, a French wine tasting at Boscos, French music in front of Provence– which will have a photography exhibit featuring pictures taken at Bryce and Red Rock Canyons called “Earth & Sky” by Gregg Johnson, poetry readings and paintings at A Village of Flowers, a new line of colorful, vintage swimsuits designed by local artist Terilynn Bartlett at Fire Finch, artistsJessica Wohl and Justin Plakas filling in new art atZeitgiest to kick off the first of two “project space” shows, and much more.  That was a mouthful of a sentence to read, but it will be even better to see in person.

And speaking of Zeitgiest people just down the street in the same Hillsboro hood, you shouldn’t blink while walking past1807 ½ 21st Avenue South or you might just miss out on Lain York’s latest mixed media exhibition on panel.  Found at the always fun and dynamic Nashville’s Smallest Art Gallery (an entire story for a later date coming soon on a television near you…stay tuned), Lain York continues to deal with masks, ritualistic figures, and architecture as artifacts and cultural records in “A Brief History of Swimming Pool Design (2500 B.C.).”  Showing at Nashville’s Smallest Art Gallery from June 2nd – August 2nd, 2011, York’scurrent images are inspired by African, Mayan, Middle Eastern, Greek Archaic masks, figures, and archeological sites.  It is definitely worth your time especially you knowing ahead of time that you can walk around the entire gallery in less than a second.

Another exhibition that opened last month that is only lasting until July 30th that is worth checking out is “Silver:Points of Departure” guest-curated by Carol Prusa over at Tinney Contemporary.  Silverpoint, a drawing medium in which a silver stylus is used to make marks-shimmery traces of silver-on a prepared surface, is stunning to see in person.  The artists involved in this collection on display are Joe Biel, Anne Connell, Lori Field, Marietta Hoferer, Michael Kukla, Kate Kretz, Carol Prusa, Susan Schwalb, and Fran Siegel.  Each of the participating artists in this exhibition has found a unique point of departure with silverpoint, often combining it with other mediums and metals to make a fantastic gallery visit for all who enter.

Then, to wrap up the weekend, you can mosey on over to The Hermitage for their next Sunday LIVE!  All day on July 17th, this particular day in their series of Sundays is dedicated to “Sightseeers & Secessionists: Civil War at The Hermitage.”  The program first begins at 1:30pm in and around the backyard of the Hermitage Mansion and all the programs are FREE with the purchase of regular admission.

And with that, I’ll let you get back to whatever you were doing before getting this update or were planning on getting after you are finished surfing the net.  Thank you for visiting, sharing, and helping everyone stay connected to the art of Nashville’s heART!

much love,


No duds here

 Sometimes it can be difficult for artists and art galleries to grab your attention or get you out to their special exhibitions during the days and weeks after their big opening receptions.  That written, many times it can lead to a better total experience to bypass the crowds and spend quality time with the quality artwork that is available to view and even purchase in most cases.  Not that I was able to purchase anything last Frist Friday, but I definitely had a most wonderful time while taking my time to fully appreciate the entire Warhol Live! exhibition nearly by myself before the huge crowd and band hit the stage at the stroke of 6pm.  Honestly, Warhol Live! is THE must see exhibition of the year (understatement of the blog).

I’d like to take a few lines to give credit to a couple of exhibits around town that already opened last weekend and are deserving of your warm reception.  It’s almost like a 3-for-1 Tennessee Art League deal if you will.  First, at Premiere Gallery, Atlanta artist Judy Bobula presents an exhibit of mixed media.  Bobula works more through intuition during her art-making process than planning her creative journey ahead of time and it tends to lend to pieces that relate to meditative, relaxed states for the viewers.  Second, at Ethel Smith Gallery, local artist John Boegel is finally having the chance to produce art full-time after recently retiring from the United Methodist Publishing House in Nashville as a production and design manager.  Mr. Boegel paints and draws realistically in a variety of media-pastel, oil, watercolor and color pencil.  Third, Poston3 Gallery features the work from the Art Seen painter’s group’s “A Brush with Paint.”  The Art Seen group, similar to last week’s spotlight on Combustion: A Group Show at Blend Studio, consists of 10 members that paint with peers on a regular basis to obtain feedback, encouragement, and constructive criticism on their work (mediums including oils, watercolors, collage and mixed media).  Boegel and the Art Seen group will run through Saturday, July 30thand Bobula’s work will be on display through Saturday, August 27th.  The Tennessee Art League is closed on Mondays and July 4th, but has FREE admission for the public and can be seen more in detail at

Across town, at one of my other near and dear locations in Nashville, Cheekwood Botanical Gardens holds a handful of fascinating, solo, temporary contemporary exhibitions every year.  Close to Cheekwood’s Model Railroad Garden exhibition, “Trains! Tennessee in G” (which takes visitors across enchanting outdoor, miniature representations of historic TN landmarks and colorful gardens inside model trains-running now through the end of the year), Cheekwood is proud to present the sculpture series titled “Vessels” by KY artist David Marquez from July 9th-October 2nd.  Using bronze, steel, iron and ceramics, the purpose of Marquez’s art is to allow views to ponder the uncanny possibilities in familiar objects.  Marquez, who has been teaching sculpture at Western Kentucky University since 2007, hopes to teach us all a positive thing or two that we too often pass by in everyday life as simple and mundane.

Also this coming weekend across cities, from Music City to Memphis, TN, local artist and fine art dealer, Ed Nash, is taking his own art on the road.  As part of a show called “Summer Group Exhibit,” Nash will be showing his latest works with the likes of Mike Coulson, Joan Heiden, Elizabeth Alley, and Martha Stephens at the Harrington Brown Gallery.  If you are in Memphis, TN, this Friday, July 8th, you are more than welcome to join Nash and the other artists from 6-8pm for a big opening reception (the show runs through August 2nd).  But not only is Ed Nash showing his work all over the place these days, he is also excited to let everyone know about the book that he has recently put together with his recent work from 2010-2011.  On top of having a splendid book filled with ample amounts of Nash’s work to spark lots of interesting, artistic conversations for any expert or fan of the art world, there is also an introductory essay from well-respected, local artist Jodi Hays titled “Investigating the Void.”  You can actually take a virtual tour of the book and find out how to purchase your own copy at

Finally, for all those students out there and again telling everyone that the Warhol Live! exhibition currently at the Frist Center is one that you shouldn’t miss (I might keep repeating this comment until it leaves in September as a matter of fact), it should be known by everyone in higher education today that the Frist Center now has College Nights every Thursday and Friday evening from 5-9pm.  If you are a college student and bring your current college or university ID, admission is FREE to this special exhibition during those two nights and is a mere $7 any other time.  Don’t forget that on those same nights of Thursdays and Fridays that the Frist Center also has FREE live music in the grand lobby from 6-8pm.  Sounds like a great date night in the making for many looking for something special and different if you ask me.  And I’ll be sure to tell you about it all even if you don’t ask me too.

Enjoy a great day, week, and weekend ahead.  I’ll see you on the other side.

much love,