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Rose Fraser plays at the Frist Center

American Idol hopeful, Rose Fraser, plays in the Grand Lobby of the Frist Center for the Visual Arts


How to juggle a lot of goodness in, around, and even despite the rain

Right now, at this very moment, I can promise you a few things for certain: the rain will end at some point, the sun will come back out eventually, and this weekend most assuredly has the potential to wash clean the rest of your soul that which the rain misses during the rest of the week if you allow it to do so. Are you stuck in a dreary mood, cubicle, or possibly even beneath an imaginative raincloud that seems to follow you wherever you go? Well, don’t worry or run; the fun is about to come your way if you are indeed looking for it. Look no further … look here!

Although the schedules for my weekend’s top three activities cross paths at several points, as always I will do my best to give you the correct information for you to decide and juggle your own schedules all the while writing you the best schedule to follow in order to experience all of the below without it being a perfect world. Wait; it is a perfect world when you think about it.

In my perfect Nashville world (a world that doesn’t include any crime and my bank account is endless to help others of course), this Friday, July 16th, 2010, kicks off the weekend with the first dose of a 2-night doubleheader special of everyone’s favorites, Guilty Pleasures at Mercy Lounge. Doors opening at 8pm, and the best music around starting approximately at 9:30pm (both Friday and Saturday nights), let Guilty Pleasures surround you with another solid as a rock performance with sounds that will have you singing along every note, dancing to every word, and losing and finding yourself again and again in the best of ways all through the night(s).

After I take everyone that was in the band and in attendance out for ice cream, breakfast, or a combination of both (remember, I’m still in my perfect world typing … not to forget to mention the morning and early afternoon with time spent where we feed all of the homeless, build a few homes for Habitat for Humanity, and squeeze in a little pool party on the side), I’d love to send Guilty Pleasures and 1/3 of Friday’s crowd back over to Mercy Lounge for their Saturday show. I’d then send another 1/3 of the crowd and other friends that had plans from the night before after a long week to unwind down at the Douglas Corner Café (2106 8th Avenue) with the always a pleasure to hear talk and sing, Fred Wilhelm. He will be unveiling a few new songs, mixed with a few original favorites, and gladly share the stage with “Can You Duet” stars The Stellas and superstar songwriter John Scott Sherrill. The show begins at 6pm. I suggest that you arrive early if you want to get a good seat and get inside before the packed house gets there for that matter.

Now you may be wondering where the heck I sent the other 1/3 of the crowd of people that begged to listen to my advice? Well, I sent them to the first of another set of doubleheader hit shows taking place on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon for the special cause of helping various cancer support organizations. Saturday, July 17th, at 7pm, and Sunday, July 18th, at 2pm, the majestic group Playing By Air is helping raise money and awareness for a special cause through a fusion of music, circus, and theater! Both show-stopping, high-energy, variety act, full-length stage productions will be performed at the Nashville Children’s Theatre. Past performances have been described by cancer survivors as “tremendously inspiring, impressive, and amusing” and “a gift of laughter and joy.” Can you honestly tell me anything else that gets you refreshed and ready to jump head/heart first into the beginning of another week in your own perfect world!? I didn’t think so.

If you are too busy for any of the above events, and you are not going to Florida to see the grand opening of a friend’s athletic store after he does a sprint triathlon, then I suggest you totally reevaluate your priorities. Seriously … take some quality time to step out of your personal raincloud and rush hour traffic and for once do the things you want to do that you know will be good for yourself and others as well.  You know you deserve it!

Thank you for your time. Come again now and later, ya hear!

Chuck Beard

The Proud Owner of a “Julia Martin”

In support of Ms. Julia Martin’s latest artistic endeavor…and for the betterment of our Beard Casa…Friday, my wife visited Julia’s studio here in Nashville

and came home with this:

"Charlatan" by Julia Martin"

About Julia’s great adventure in her own words:

“I invite you to follow along ( as I embark on the most ambitious creative adventure of my lifetime, packing up my paint gear and setting off to document the unforgettable faces and landscapes of our continent.  Along with this opportunity comes an ***opportunity for you.

My journey begins with 10 days on an island on the French river in Canada, then back to the U.S. via the Michigan border, across the country through the northern states, down the coast of California to weave my way back toward home sweet Tennessee. Much like my approach to painting, this journey begins as a broad loose stroke.  The coarse of which will be refined as I go, leaving me the freedom to fill in the details of my adventure as it unfolds.  I will fill you in as well through the blog with maps, photos and stories.

Along the way, I ‘d like to make key stops and work on location. My goal will be to produce a minimum of two paintings per week for roughly 8 weeks that I will also be sharing through my blog.  I want you to tell me what you would like to see in the work when I return home, i.e. places you have seen that moved you in a particular way, or places you have longed to see but never had the time…

I will also be stopping in major cities to scout out new galleries and round out a national network that will help my business and the businesses of my fellow local artists grow exponentially.

***Here is where I am able to present an opportunity to you.  Over the next 2 weeks, beginning JULY 8th – JULY 22nd, I am opening my studio to a group of friends and collectors. I am flush with an assortment of fresh pieces, most of which have been created in the last 6 mos.  Some of which have not yet been shown to the public.  In an effort to raise funds I am offering up to 40% off.  This is a one-time offer that ends on July 22nd and all of my galleries have been notified to make the same offer.  If you or someone close to you has ever had a desire to purchase a piece of my work, now is the time to leap!”

~Julia Martin

Russ Keller & His Crew: Southern Comfort

If you are a Southern lady & lover of whiskey, you will love this tune. If you are an appreciator of a well-written song, you may just love it too. This is Russ Keller & His Crew playing for a Nashville flood, Harpeth Valley, FLOODraise… didn’t do so well in the setting up of the camera…but I think you will get the gist.

Kickin’ it old school like

Do you remember the good old days? You know; the not-so-distance kodacrhome memories of life before Harry Potter or Twilight series, before Miley or Taylor Swift could even talk or attempt to hold a note, or before there was anything like internet viruses or email scams that constantly ask you to donate your bank account information for the cousins of African Kings. Well, I often think about those days of my budding youth when there were glorious shows and adventures outdoors in the summer sun at such places as Starwood Amphitheatre, Opryland, or even free admission to Riverfront Park for the latest and greatest up-and-coming musicians to stroll through town to enlighten teenagers’ soul education beyond the honky-tonk hubbub or most recent installment of MTV’s “REAL” World before we knew what the thirsty meant in “Thirsty Thursdays.” Ahhhh, the good old days, eh!

Now I’m not going to jump off an imaginary, hopeless ledge and promise you that any or all of those great things will come back, or that all those terrible things will go away, but I can share with you some things that are similar in their own rights and might also bring a smile to your face starting this week in the Nashville area.

First things first, GOOD free music has arrived just outside our doorsteps yet again (pause to celebrate and possibly fist pump at your cubicle or run in place in your seat like Shaggy from Scooby Doo)! Starting this Saturday, July 10th, 2010, from 3-6pm, Musicans Corner-Free Music in the Park will happen at Centennial Park’s southwest corner! Aspiring to be a central point where all of Music City (did I mention it’s free and open to all) can gather to perform and enjoy its eclectic mix of world-renowned music, Musicans Corner-Free Music in the Park is scheduled to take place every Saturday from here on out (or at the very least until the next Miley or Opryland Mall pops up and replaces it). Anyways; come on out this Saturday to the major kick-off event with Mayor Karl Dean (don’t worry, he’ll be smiling, dancing, shaking hands and holding babies…not playing any instruments) and special performances by quality acts such as Damien Horne, Sam & Ruby, Mikky Ekko, Mindy Smith, and CW & The Dynamites. Aren’t you excited (no question marks…don’t answer…just come out)!

And speaking of old school art, I have a treat for you at two classic local hangouts this weekend to get you outside of your normal schedules. First, also this Saturday, July 10th, The Parthenon’s West Gallery is proud to open the exhibition Spatial Schemes: Observations of Nature-paintings by Nashville artist Lisa Rivas. Running from July 10th-October 30th of this year, and open Tuesdays-Saturdays from 9am-4:30pm (and summer months open on Sundays from 12:30-4:30pm as well), Rivas is over-the-moon excited to bring her large computer-generated prints on rice paper to The Parthenon’s archetypal architecture. If you want to stop by this weekend and then come back next Friday, July 16th, from 6-8pm for a free and open to the public artist’s reception, be Rivas’ guest.

Lastly, aside from making the effort to visit all of the rest of the local galleries for fun-filled art that is sure to brighten up your life, I say why not drive on over to The Hermitage to see living history at Sundays Live! presenting, “The American Revolution in the Southern Backcountry.” This Sunday, July 11th, in repeated afternoon programs from 1:30-4:30pm in and around the backyard of the mansion, The Hermitage, legendary home of President Andrew Jackson, is ready to take those who wish to step back in time and learn about in-depth and witness history with their own eyes with the comfort accessibility of modern plumbing and other nice amenities and refreshments on the side of course. Talk about mixing the good old days with the new, eh?

And that is about all I have to say about that and this weekend at the moment. Thanks for coming and sharing the good word about art in our community. As you were … busy but happy.

Chuck Beard

The Smoking Flowers @ The Family Wash

July 2, 2010

Chuck Beard