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On the radART

Well, the sun is beating everyone down, down, down like a waterfall today and for the extended forecast. I thought that I would give you a few things to cool off with instead of the norm this week. I really like cool things and waterfalls, and actually had my first trek to Cummins Falls this past weekend with some close friends. That was not really steady art information, but I traveled with two visual artists, a musician, and the coolest dog ever (fact) if that counts for inclusion in this post.

Without further ado, let me enter cool event of the week numero uno. Painter Ed Nash is having an Open Studio this Thursday night, June 28th, from 6:30-8:30pm. You’ll need to RSVP for this shindig at ED@EDNASHART.COM, but it will be well worth it. Ed owns/runs one of the most unique art spaces that is a hidden gem in the East side of Nashville. He has currently has exhibitions in Nashville, Knoxville, and Memphis alongside work showing at the Huntsville Museum of Art and being featured in last month’s American Art Collector Magazine. Point being, he’s got some great stuff to check out. So, you have the time, you have the date, you have the RSVP to attend to, and now you have the location – 1015 W Kirkland Ave, Nashville, TN 37216. You are very welcome.

Next on the list is a wee bit early to talk about but the picture on the side says it all. I couldn’t wait a week to talk about it when the picture of someone swimming in a pool could refresh you NOW! This is the unofficial sneak preview for Tinney Contemporary’s The New Real: a contemporary realism exhibition curated by Sarah Wilson that will feature works by 6 nationally recognized artists from across the country. Artists Eric Zener, Ali Cavanaugh, Danny Heller, Kay Ruane, Brian Tull, and Ron Porter are using inventive techniques and captivating subject matter in an attempt to reinvent our perception of it. The opening reception is next Saturday, July 7th, from 6-9pm.

And since good things come in 3’s most of the time, I figured I’d give you something else out of the box for a change while I am at it today. Last week, my wife and I happened to find ourselves in Marathon Village for a non-profit get together with some very interesting people doing some pretty amazing things. We heard several great speakers from The Contributor and several other noteworthy organizations. One that particularly spoke out to us, maybe because she was sitting next to us, was that of Tallu Schuyler Quinn- the Executive Director of The Nashville Food Project. A native Nashvillian, and papermaker and bookbinding artist in her own right, Quinn spoke passionately about her role with The Nashville Food Project and what they are about. Alongside other solid young adults who just so happen to fall into the artists and modern day theologian bunch, The Nashville Food Project provides increased access to healthy foods in homeless and working poor communities across Davidson County. The have gone back to and teach the basics and show people of all backgrounds about how growing and eating good food is a right instead of a privilege. They do what they do by giving out gifts without an expectation of receiving anything in return … and that’s a concept we at Nashville’s heART hold close to our own life and home too. You can check out more information about Tallu and her friends HERE.

And speaking of gifts and great local art, YOU should check out Seed Space’s release of CSArt Summer Bumper Crop of Art like NOW! If you make an order this week, you could get your share in time for the next CSArt Pick Up Party on Friday, June 29th, at 6-8pm at Seed Space (427 Chestnut Avenue). You can get a mini share- $100 includes 2 artworks, a ½ share- $250 includes 5 artworks, or a FULL share- $400 includes 8 artworks. Shares include original, one-of-a-kind artworks from local greats that include small sculptures, mixed media, video, fine photography, and hand painted prints. It is a collectable steal that won’t be around forever. Did I mention that every share is totally unique? It is. See more information about it and the local artists involved HERE. Again, you’re welcome.

That is all for now this week. Be on the lookout for next week’s mega post. Remember, like any cycle worthwhile, the arts tend to rise with the moon as well and the first week of the month next week will lend itself to a bright beginning on a number of levels. Until then, be well and nice to each other.

much love,

PS- THIS JUST IN … Threesquared (also at 427 Chestnut) is having an opening art party this Friday, June 29th, for Nashville artist Matt Christy called Arguing Alone. The exhibition is filled with paintings, prints, textiles, video works, and drawings by Christy. From 6-9pm this Friday, andthrough July 31st during regular gallery hours, you will be able to enjoy Christy’s immense imagination and creative talents for yourself in a superb location. Parking is FREE and light refreshments will be available on site as well.


In the eye of a creative tornado

I won’t be too creative here today as my brain and body feel like mush from all of the fun I’ve been having on and off the hill in Monteagle the past two weeks and going steady, but I shall do my best. I guess that is all we can do at this point anyways.

And speaking of doing your best, at least doing something at all for that matter, pick up your internet compatible device of choice and let everyone you know who is an artist of any sort know about Metro Arts and’s partnership in offering an enhanced artist directory service for Middle Tennessee! That’s right, the brand stinking new artist profile directory, hosted on, will replace Metro Arts’ Artist Registry and offer singers, songwriters, visual artists, poets, performers and musicians the opportunity to create a profile in the directory with bios, photos, contact information and more. Anyone who had seen the old version instantly realized that many people didn’t take the little time it takes to keep their information updated (I think most people had either moved away or moved on to the upper room, God rest their souls), but this one is a great opportunity for a fresh, new start for everyone. And it’s so so so EASY to do and be a part of. You should be ashamed of yourself if you don’t get in on this action to help promote your creativity. Artists are encouraged to create a profile TODAY! Additionally, FREE training sessions will be offered for arists to learn about the directory so there really isn’t any excuse not to take full advantage of this … AND yes, I’m talking about YOU!!!! The FREE training sessions are Tuesday, June 26 @ 5pm and Wednesday, June 27 @ 2pm. Check HERE for more information and get on it already. Did I mention that once signed up all artists can link to their events on the calendar to inform the masses of their activities? Yes, I just did.

Now, back to the visual arts in town specifically. This Friday, tomorrow, marks a brand new exhibition at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. From tomorrow-September 30, you will have the opportunity to see Constable: Oil Sketches from the Victoria and Albert Museum in the Upper-Level Galleries. The exhibition explores the role of the oil sketch in the artistic practice of John Constable (1776-1837)-who just so happened to be a Revolutionary War baby and later played a major role in the history of landscape paintings while becoming one of the most influential British artists of all time. He’s kind of a really big deal. Again, you should come check out the paintings and see if for yourself.

In fact, tomorrow, June 22, at 6:30pm, you can come and see the Curator’s Perspective: “A Conservative Revolutionary: John Constable and Art History” forFREE at the Frist Center Auditorium. First come, first seated, Dr. Mark Evans, Senior Curator of Painting at the Victoria and Albert Musuem in London (not Kentucky) will talk you through all the wonderment that is within this exhibition. And when you walk out afterwards, not only will you be able to see the exhibition he’s talking about, but you can also check out the Metamorphoses: Drawings by Erin Anfinson, Kristi Hargrove, Mark Hosford, and Chris Scarborough (four Nashville artists) in the Conte Community Arts gallery.

Also in the downtown neighborhood and worth the trip if you are near it, don’t forget to check out ARTWORK AMONG US: Portraits by Juan Pont Lezica at The Parthenon East Gallery (on display through September 15th). Guest curated by Channel 4 news anchor Demetria Kalodimos, photographer Lezica has reimagined iconic paintings and sculptures with posing prominent Nashvillians in settings that reference the original artwork. It, like the location, is something quite epic in itself and worthy of the walk-by if anything else for sure. And if you happen to be in the neighborhood on July 5th or August 2nd from 5-7pm, you might be able to fun into some of the people in the pictures during the various receptions to be had on said dates and times (call 615-862-8431 for more information though on that tidbit).

And last but certainly not least for this week, I’d love to share with you two separate links that made my day recently. Both have to do with attending abstract modern art shows and this person’s take on how to critique and understand what the artists were thinking if at all. This was too funny not to share. Enjoy and have a great day and weekend ahead.

Read first:

And second:

much love,

Here, there, and everywhere around Nashville

Hello again to you fine person of interest within the virtual walls of the Nashville’s heART scene! There has been a somewhat reoccurring undertone in these blog entries the past few weeks if you’ve been catching my creative drift, and that is one of personal initiative. Before I hit your eyes with some fantastic opportunities to catch some of the best art around, I first would like to hit your heart with a fantastic opportunity to be a HUGE part of something great and a totally unique experience. Yep, I’d like to let you in on what some people may think is a big secret although it isn’t at all. It doesn’t cost you a dime to play a major role in the festivities of the 2012 Tomato Art Festival just around the corner onAugust 11th, 2012. That’s right, folks … just click HERE to fill out a form and someone will gladly get back to you promptly with a task that will fit your liking like a glove. Whether you areFREE to help load in, give out information, sell t-shirts, load out, or will do whatever is needed, you should understand that the Tomato Art Fest can not happen at all without the help and support from the local community. So please feel FREE to fill out the application and/or tell everyone else you know that would like to do more for the local community and have lots of fun while doing it! Thank YOU!

Now then, as for this week and fun festivities, you can kick off the week by shuffling your feet or car down the street on the west side of town to Shimai Pottery and Gifts at the Loveless Café in Bellevue. Tuesday, June 12th, marks the final day for their latest exhibit that has showcased the local talents of Troy Duff, John Hillman Brown, and Jennifer Utterback. If you’ve ever been to Music City Roots at the Loveless Barn (which I highly HIGHLY recommend. It’s always great music and better than the Opry … FACT. Actually, it feels like what I imagine the original Opry must have felt like before pop country wrecked it … OPINION), then you have passed right by Shimai Pottery by doing so. Located at 8400 Highway 100 in Bellevue, at the Loveless Café, it is quite the treat to drop in any time during the hours of 10am-5pm, 7 days a week, to see this exhibition or other works of art in a wide range of disciplines involving pottery, paintings, sculpture, glass, turned wood, photography, jewelry, and textiles galore. So don’t be skeered to roll out to Shimai today or tomorrow to catch the latest exhibition or any other day of the week to experience all the goods they’ll have out there next.

Then on Wednesday, June 13th, from 6-9pm, it is time for the Creative Summer Soiree and Arts Immersion by the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville. The summer soiree will showcase music, aerial dance, film, spoken word, visual and performance art from some of the finest local talents to be heard and seen. There will also be a silent auction with items such as co-writing sessions with top songwriters to great offers from local businesses. This event celebrates the combination of Nashville’s creative and business communities and gives them all a big THANK YOU for those that create and those who support because it takes everyone to make it happen at the level Nashville is doing it. It will all go down at The Cannery Ballroom and tickets are$40 at There will be plenty of food and an open bar for all those of age who attend. It will be a superb event and tribute and the proceeds from the event will benefit the Volunteer Lawyers & Professionals for the Arts-which words cannot truly express how important their role is in the emerging creative community.

And after you party like a superstar at the above locations, aside from the regular art galleries you decide to crawl or run towards, there is a great time to be had involving the Frist Center for the Visual Arts and Watkins College of Art, Design & Film this weekend. On Friday and Saturday, June 15 &16, from 10am-4pm, YOU can join San Francisco-based artist Ben Venom, for a 2-day workshop exploring quilt design and construction and challenging the concept that quilting is only folk art or for old ladies with nothing better to do. The workshop will begin at the Frist Center with a tour of the exhibition, Creation Story: Gee’s Bend Quilts and the Art of Thorton Dial, followed by an exquisite lunch. Then, in the afternoon and the following day, the program will jump over to Watkins College where willing participants will create and design their own quilting squares from their own worn out t-shirts or found fabric. No prior quilting experience needs to be had to enjoy this party at all. The cost to join this shindig is $120 per participant, but that cost will cover gallery admission, parking, 2 lunches, and some other vital materials to make the quilts. So don’t be square. You might just like and love the adult studio quilt workshop. To find more information, click HERE, and you can always go see Ben Venom giving a lecture entitled “Heavy Quilting” on Thursday, June 14th, at 6:30pm at the Frist Center beforehand as well.

And a little something extra that you should make time to see in person this week or very soon is Material Glance: A Portfolio of Lithographs by Antoni Tapies and Poems by Shuzo Takiguchi at the Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery and curated by Joseph S. Mella, director. First published in 1975, Material Glance (Llambrec Material)brings two of the most important creative figures of the 20th and 21st centuries together in Antoni Tapies and Shuzo Takiguchi. Tapies (who passed away this year) was one of the most recognized Spanish artist to come on the scene after World War II (best remembered for his paintings but was also a highly accomplished printmaker during his time as well). And Takiguchi (say that 3 times fast and not smile) was a famous Japanese writer, critic, and proponent of avant-garde art during his time. The collaborations of these two greats between the lithographs and poems are often regarded as the most innovative collaborative work in the print medium. This show will run through July 26th, but it is never too late for you to witness greatness before it leaves your back yard. The exhibition will also include other works by Tapies from the gallery’s collection, and some of this stuff will actually be on view for the very first time ever. Try that on for seeing something special. For further information about this exhibit and other quality shows at Vanderbilt in general, you are always one click away from

Thanks again for taking the time to read this and help support the local art scene. I can never say it enough … it takes a village to keep this whole thing going strong.

See you soon.

much love,

I am not kidding you

I’ve found that sometimes when a lot of things are going on in your life, other things slow down a bit to help keep the balance. It seems that is just the case with art andNashvillein my life this week ahead. Like a school kid standing beside the summer pool, I’ll jump right in.

Speaking of a creation story, YOU really should make it a point to drop by the Frist Center to join Shaun Giles, educator for outreach at the Frist Center, for an informal conversation about some of the works included in the exhibition Creation Story: Gee’s Bend Quilts and the Art of Thornton Dial. This event was a big hit last Friday, but it will be even better this time around tomorrow, Tuesday, June 5th, at noon at the exhibition entrance. It is FREE for members and all others are welcome to step right up to the gallery admission to jump in line.

Then you won’t have to wait long for Thursday, June 7th, from 5-8pm, for the next Hillsboro Village Art Walk. The public is invited, that means YOU, and it is a totally FREEevent to attend and witness. There will be a plethora of Hillsboro Village Art Walk receptions, shows, and events hosted by a majority of Hillsboro Village shops and restaurants. Basically, all you have to do is find a parking spot and roam around throughout all of the movies, music, artists, demonstrations, book signings, and much more that you’ll find. Did I mention that there is FREE parking after 6pm behind Cornerstone Financial and on21st Avenue.

Specifically during the Hillsboro Village Art Walk, make a special note to drop by Zeitgeist anytime 6-8pm to see A Bigger Picture. Zeitgeist is presenting work from gallery artists working on larger installations and series and kick it off with Lain York’s latest work called Permian Chaptersrevealed on June 7th. Trust me; you won’t want to miss out on this one. Permian Chapters will be an installation consisting of 12 panels that will change your view on landscapes and geologic time as you know it.

And wouldn’t you know that it’s already time again for anotherSecond Saturday at 5 Points?! That’s right … June 9th (my brother’s 30th birthday) will allow you to yet again witness the Bryant Gallery All Stars show at Bryant Gallery. Art & Invention will be open and ready to share some more creative love as well, but be sure to hit up Bryant Gallery before or after you talk about tomatoes because Bryant Gallery will be closed for the month of July and the 1st week of August like TDOT and bridges to the east side of town. So come on over to our hood and join the fun while you still can and are able.

I guess that last line is true for everything really. Get out and join the fun while you still can and are able. You deserve that much for yourself.

Have a wonderful week ahead and enjoy the time you are given.

Mmuch love,