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A quick view from a small computer

I can’t think of words to relate this week’s listing of art happenings around town to check out besides jumping right into the ship … or boat … or talking about the talk about a“View From a Small Boat.”  Tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 28th, from 10-11am, you might want to take your lunch break early and listen to award-winning photographer and adventurer John Guider talk in person.  Guider, who built his own small, motor-less boat and launched it in the Cumberland River and traveled the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico to Key West and then back up the entire East Coast of Florida, will be at Vanderbilt Divinity School (411 21st Avenue) talking about his several year journey while featuring his extensive portfolio of photographs showing the water and land and the people along the way.  Trust me, the story and photos and John in general is very much worth you taking a moment to listen and learn from his extraordinary experience.  Not only will you hear about his journey so far, but Guider is also going to speak about his upcoming trip up the Atlantic coast to New York City in that same boat.  It is definitely an excellent chance to vicariously be a modern day explorer.  Did I mention that the talk is totally FREE and open to the public?  Well, it is.

And speaking of FREE events that are open to the public, fast forward to Thursday night for the monthly Hillsboro Village Art Walk throughout the Hillsboro area.  From 5-8pm, on Thursday, March 1st, you can dip in and out of the various shows, receptions, and events in about a one block radius.  I highly recommend a few stops specifically.  Specifically, I would drop by the Belcourt Theater to view artist Holly Davis’ cool series of prints in her series called “I have a desire for candy.”  Then, since you’re in the neighborhood you might as well walk up Hillsboro to Zeitgeist for the big show.  On the way there, glance over at Nashville’s Smallest Art Gallery featuring a diorama by Michael Eadesbefore joining the party.  The pARTy that I’m typing about is“Indeterminacies” featuring Alan Valentine(President/CEO of the Nashville Symphony) presenting Blair School of Music’s Blakemore Trio for a one-night performance and discussion.  All that, combined with Vesna Pavlovic’s “Search for Landscapes” (showing through March 17th), will be aHillsboroVillage art walk for the ages.

Then, Saturday looks like it is going to be one for the ladies.  Specifically, starting Saturday, March 3rd, at 7am, bright-eyed and bushy tailed, you can check out Jodi Reeve’s new series “W is for Woman” which will be available to see during the business hours of Dunn Bros. Coffee (until April 30th).  What a great way to start your morning or cup of Joe any day of the week when near the corner of Church and 4th Avenue.  And speaking of being in that neck of the Nashville woods, Saturday night will allow you to go art wild in The Arcade.  At Space 75, at the COOP gallery, you’ll be able to see the opening for “sightlines (CEL)” by artist Daniele Genadry from 6-8pm.  On top of that, if want to hearGenadry talk about her art, you can visit a Public Artist Talk on Thursday, March 1st, at 7:30pm at the Lila D. Bunch Library (same building as Leu Art Building) on Belmont’s campus.  Now, back to Saturday night, same Arcade building, in Space 69, from 6-9pm, there will be another opening reception for the solo exhibition of the prints, drawings, and collages of Tiberu Chelcea sponsored by 40AU and HAUS Rotations called “eCartacacoethes.”  I’ll once again let the artwork speak for itself, but you should just go down there and check it all out.  There are other galleries, artists, and creative folks that will be there waiting to share their art and passion for the local art scene that is taking the year over like this warm winter weather.

I literally have to run.  Have a great week and be nice to each other.

much love,



Getting back on track

Whether it is your post-Valentine’s Day feelings or the feelings you are getting from constantly consuming mass amounts of milk chocolate during the last week, you might be like me and need a little bit of something else to get your blood flowing right.  And, when in doubt, if you are giving up or deciding to eat less chocolate, you might as well throw a little bit of wine in the mix … right?

To kick things off this week, tomorrow, Thursday, February 23rd, gives you just the right opportunity for the above with love.  From 7-11pm, the new creative facility called the Brick Factory (at Cummins Station), is celebrating their big opening and their partnership with the DeLiCiOUSLY HAPPY project!  The Deliciously Happy art installation at Belmont University (headed by artist Lindsey Bailey) is coming to theBrick Factory to cover every inch of the place with community creations.  Specifically, teachers and tons of yarn will be on hand to teach you how to finger weave.  The finished products will be used as part of the Deliciously Happy art installation.  There will be a FREE and Family Friendly hour from 7-8pm and then 8-11pm will transform the place into an After Bedtime Craft Party for Grown-Ups (including wine, h’orderves, and delicious sweets with a suggested donation of $5).  By showing up and supporting this monumental night of fun, you will in turn support Craftville, Deliciously Happy, the Brick Factory, and the community arts and crafts ofNashville as a whole.

Then, skipping Friday for rest and relaxation, Saturday, February 25th brings you two stellar opportunities to enjoy creativity and culture at its finest.  First, at 8pm you can visitVanderbilt University’s Langford Auditorium to join the“Spirit of Uganda: a Project of Empowered African Children.”  With outstanding dramatic choreography, standing drums surrounded by layered rhythms and gorgeous call-and-response-vocals, Spirit of Uganda brings the life, sounds, and movements of East Africa to Nashville for one night.  Including 22 performers, ages 8-18, this show is one for all ages and for the ages.  The tickets are on sale now at the Sarratt Box Office, all Ticketmaster locations, and will also be sold the night of the performance at the box office (  Second, you can definitely make time to experience the 2nd Annual Johnny Cash Music and Art Show!  From 8:30pm-2am, at the new “That’s Cool” venue (2309 B Franklin Pike, 37204), creative folks will join together to honor a night for the man in black.  There will be live music by Anthony Billups and guests, live painting by artist Jeff Bertrand, and a dress code of all black.  The cost is $10 to get inside and another $10 will allow you to drink as much as you want if that entices you to come and possibly black all the way out (pun intended).  There will even be a comedy show before the main event if you would like to come even earlier.

And closing out this weeks’ post, I’d like to mention something about Gallery F and its closing party this Sunday, February 26th.  From 5:30-10pm, and keeping with the Scarritt Bennett theme of the weekend, Thomas Helton, Theatre Intangible Live, Craig Schenker, Greenwell and Hiegemann, and JJ Jones are coming together to celebrate the closing of such a great, award-winning art space.  The following day, Gallery F will be converted into a student center (at least it’s not a parking lot, eh?) and Gallery F’s future is uncertain even though there are talks to relocate it.  That said, these are the times we live in.  Is anything or anyone’s future really that certain?  I’m still reeling with the present- my post-Valentine’s Day experience with chocolates.  Anyways, enough about me, enjoy your week and weekend ahead.

Thanks for your time.

much love,


mE cheers to LOVE!


Hello everyone kind enough to take the time to read these words and fun artistic thoughts every time I put them out there on the good ol’ internet.  Today can sometimes be day that a lot of people bash whether they have someone special beside them or not, but the truth is that it should be- at the very least- a reminder that having love in your life in general is a good thing … a great thing … the only thing that makes this entire thing called life seem meaningful at all really.

All that said above, I hope you have the best HEART day yet!  To kick things off in this short but sweeter than milk chocolate piece below, I’d like to share what I am calling the 2012 Valentine’s Day anthem.  It comes from the words and hearts of two dear friends, Ben and Emily Roberts, who just so happen to be married, play beautifully inspiring music on a constant tour as Carolina Story (and should be on the radio constantly in my opinion), and live right around the corner from the Nashville’s heART’s Beard Bodega.   They have a number of solid hits on the albums they have put out the past few years so far, but they recently put together a video of one of my favorites- the aforementioned anthem above in “Cheers to loving me.”  Here it is-  As is always the case with these posts, feel free to share it with anyone that you love or are thankful that has continued to love you during your worst, best, and everyday times.  You’re welcome.

Now … back to this Nashville visual art thing.  There are a few great events you should check out this week and weekend.  First, you should get your plans in check and get on over to register for “Twisted Tales: Animating Fairy Tales and Science!”  Part ONE of a Two-part workshop at the Southeast Branch Library tomorrow, Februrary 15th, at 4:30pm The Frist Center outreach educators and the Nashville Public Library staff are allowing kids 14 and older to register for FREE to explore concepts from the upcoming Frist exhibition “Fairy Tales, Monsters, and the Genetic Imagination.”  Participants will discover and recreate an old fairy tale with a terrific, scientific twist while learning the stop animation film process.  With limited space available, reserve your spot today for tomorrow by calling 615-862-5871!

Then, Thursday, February 16th, I present you with another two for Thursday deal.   First, over at the Leu Center for Visual Arts at Belmont University, you can keep up the art of LA Bachman in her “Keep Up with Jones” series that will is displayed within the “Wealth & Poverty Alumni Art Exhibit” from Jan. 23rd-Feb. 24thThis Thursday, February 16, from 4-5pm, in the Gallery 121 in the Leu Center, you can scope the latest ten acrylic paintings on canvas by Bachman.  Within the series, the paintings bring bright light to extreme representative visuals for people who have nothing to those who have everything and everyone in between.  Second, across town in another direction altogether, Ovvio Arte presents “Tender Moments” by Garland Gallaspy.  What could better represent Valentine’s week as an outlandish masterpiece collection of Polaroid camera pictures that will definitely get a reaction out of you through snapshots of morning drinking, public urination, and random and comical nudity at the most awkward of times?  Yes, you will certainly have some kind of reaction to the after-party shots.  I wouldn’t mind being there to see your reaction to the reaction actually.  Either way, both places will be fun and filled with talented work from creative folks you should have conversations with in the end.  The Ovvio Arte opening reception is from 6-10pm this Thursday.

Which brings me to two more things saved for Saturday to whirl your while.  First, Saturday, February 18th, from 10am-noon, there will be a sustainable living community workshop presented by Tennessee State University at the Sixty-First Avenue United Methodist Church (6018 New York Avenue).  Hosted by Light in the Nations, you can learn about the living art of living smart while saving money, energy, and water all the while reducing waste and improving your neighborhood and the world around you.  It truly is an art form to live a more healthy life and bettering your surroundings.   That said, after you check that out, you can dip over to The Arcade Saturday for more art all around per usual.  Specifically, you should duck into Space 75 occupied by the COOP gallery and its February show “Nice to see you.”  A group exhibition of four of its new members (Alex Blau, Amelia Garretson-Persans, Geoffrey Aldridge, and Paul Collins) to see various drawings, sculptures, video, watercolor, india ink drawings, and luscious geometric airbrush paintings for starters.

Yep, I believe there is a lot of love up above and a lot of love around us- even when we don’t see or feel it too well.  Anyways, have a pleasant heart day your way and if you can’t share any of the above … try sharing a smile or a hug.  You don’t need a special day or much money at all to share those things. 

As you were, busy but happy.

much love,


Hearts and thoughts

In what can often be a complex, stressed out time of year for people who don’t make plans or plan ahead appropriately for the commercial holiday that makes up Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Weekend or Valentine’s Month as it may be (“people” not pertaining to this writer and most of the people reading this right now of course), I will make this coming weekend very easy for you to make it the best one in awhile.  In the forthcoming two nights of Friday and Saturday, I can tell you two definite locations that will make your heart and the hearts of the ones you love smile.

First comes Friday.  The address you need to drive to is 427 Chestnut Street.  It is there where you can purchase and pick-up your CSArt half and full shares at Seed SPACE and view new works by Jodi Hays in her exhibition entitled“Strong in the Broken Places” at Threesquared.  To clarify the CSArt shares, in case you have missed out on knowing about it yet, you can find great deals in two categories.  For $250, classified as a half-share, you can attain five original pieces of artwork (which includes a mystery variety of sculptures, mixed media, photography and hand-pulled prints) from well-known Nashville artists.  For $500, classified as a full share, you can attain ten original pieces of artwork like the above AND a CSArt Hatch Show Print poster on top!  There are a limited number of shares still available and you can either purchase them online or by contactingRachel Bubis at 615-310-6533 (and they DO accept payment plans and ship outside of Nashville).  You’ll be able to pick up for the CSArt shares you buy before this weekendthis Friday, February 10th, at Seed SPACE from 5-7pm.  Then, from 7-8pm at the same location, the public is invited to view the CSArtwork Exhibition display at Seed Space(through Feb. 29th).  Just down the hall, at Threesquared, CSArtist Jodi Hays will have a public opening for her exhibition mentioned above from 6-9pm.  Basically, it’s an art house with a two parties under the same building.  Talk about saving gas and helping the art scene!

Then, on Saturday, February 11th, you only need to put one location into your GPS when you head out for the night … and that location would be 5 points in East Nashville to experience the Second Saturday at 5 Points.    After many requests from the general public to resume the East Nashville Art Stroll, the local galleries and businesses couldn’t resist the temptation.  With that idea in place, this is now going to be an ongoing endeavor that will occur every second Saturday of every month from 6-9:30pm.  For me, personally, there are two places you need to go to this weekend at that time.  First, for an art appetizer, you should visit Bryant Gallery at 1113 Woodland Street in order to see the opening reception for owner/artist Bill Brimm’s latest work called “Baggage: furniture, assemblages and photography by Bill Brimm.”  The reception is from 5-8pmand is FREE and open to the public.  Once you leave Bryant Gallery, which has been priming for this exhibition for a month now, you only have to walk across the street to enter a whole new world.  It is at Art & Invention Gallery, from 6:30-9:30pm, where you can witness the latest from the best painter you’ll ever meet in person (my opinion of course) inDuy Huynh.  A perennial favorite at Art & Invention,Nashville, and this blog, Duy’s paintings are poetic and tell a million stories on each canvas.  I really can’t say anything more about this event.  I’ve been telling people, near and far, about this date and place ever since Meg first told me about it a few months ago.  All I can say is that you should come out and see it for yourself.  You won’t regret it one single bit.  If you do by chance have a valid excuse to miss, then you should make an appointment to visit Art & Invention to see Duy’s work on display through March 4th.

Since this month is all about love and I love me some Art & Invention, there are a few other events going down this week and weekend at Bret and Meg’s place that will get you into the season.  First, they have a Valentine’s Workshop ongoing.  You can decorate a card or wooden heart or invent your own Valentine from their table of goodies.  The cost is a mere $6 per card and $8-10 per wooden heart.  Their motto is “If you supply the time, we will supply the materials!”  Walk-ins are welcome Wednesday-Monday at various times.  Just call Meg to find out when the best time for you and her to meet and greet would be (Call 615-226-2070).  Also at Art & Invention this week you can get your annual psychic reading with Carole Kennedy for $50 and 30 minutes of your time.  This deal is only for adults (18 and up), by appointment only (call above number), and will take place this comingFriday through Sunday.

So that is all my heart can give this week to help make your heart happy.  Do what you will with all of this knowledge and have a safe and happy week and weekend ahead.  All you need is love and art.

much love,