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Raindrops and memories keep fallin on my head


Well, well, well, this rain today has made me kinda tired.  It has also made me kinda speechless too.  In fact, it rained so hard this morning that I didn’t even think about texting while driving-a fact my wife would greatly appreciate any day of the week.  I can’t wait to get a smart phone that texts for me while I drive.  Heck, I can’t wait for the car (smarter than a smart car for that matter) that drives for me while I text.  I remember back in the day reading in some magazine about such a car, and seeing pictures for it too, but I guess I’ll have to just throw those false memories of the future ahead in the same files as those cool self-adjusting/drying shoes and the hover-skateboards I saw in “Back to the Future II.” 

Well, well, well, typing about movie memory lane suddenly just reminded me about a few things going on this week that might just bring a smile to your face as well.  First, this Thursday, September 29th, the Hip Zipper Vintage Clothing store is hosting a party to pay homage and help support the Belcourt Theatre.  Located at 1008 Forrest Avenue in Historic East Nashville, the Hip Zipper is opening its doors from 5-8pm to provide a fundraising “Silent Movie House” with an evening of shopping, recalling the stars from a Golden Era, and rolling out the red carpet for cinema refreshments and silent movies while they not only preview their vintage fall best, but tribute the Belcourt Theatre’s treasured history.  One of my favorite places in town to see movies or concerts, the Belcourt Theatre opened its doors in 1925, the same year our house opened its doors too, as a ‘Silent Movie House.’  In their honor, the Hip Zipper is donating 25% of the proceeds from sales on Thursday night to the Belcourt and for every $25 you spend, you get 25% off!  Everyone’s a winner winner chicken dinner!

Then, when you come back to the future on Friday, September 30th, you can whisk away your troubles aside and stop by the next Collectors Art Night on 5thAvenue of the ArtsThis Friday, from 5:30-7:15pm, The Arts Company and The Rymer Gallery will yet again present intimate and insightful art talks by their featured artists and special guest collectors.  The evening is FREE, valet parking in front of Puckett’s is FREE, but RSVPs are required (see details at  With cocktails beginning at 5:30pm, The Arts Company will feature painter Tony Breuer at 6pm and The Rymer Gallery will showcase Vadis Turner at 6:45pm.  And may I suggest that when you stop by Puckett’s, you should take notice of “The Hogfather.”

And if you have so much on Friday night around Downtown, I don’t foresee anything wrong with leaving your car down there and coming back again Saturday night to celebrate the 1stin style.  In a perfect world, without time and other plans, you could easily catch up on every art opening without missing a thing.  But, in an almost perfect world, you might find it easy to stop by a few of the following below anytime between 6-9pm during the First Saturday Downtown Art Crawl:

-Drop by #44 in the Downtown Arcade to celebrate the artist reception for John Reed.  He is over the moon excited to be showing a series of his new work that represents the past 2 and a half years of his studio painting.  It is the first solo exhibit of the work, and it is meaningful series of paintings that were inspired by historical images of the South (“depicting common lives, emotions, and struggles of the people who forged the strength we find in today’s Southern culture”).  The show will run until Halloween.

-While still passing through the Arcade, don’t you dare walk by without checking out the fun Twist is dishing out this month.  Twist is featuring Leah Grimaldi with a lot of paintings that I think, from the brief shots I’ve seen so far, are twisted … in a great way.  And just down the balcony, before you get to the always fun Blend Studio, take a few pictures in front and beside the Twist etc. exhibition focused on the Nashville photography group called SNAP (Society of Nashville’s Artistic Photographers).

-Just around the big balcony fans, you might find yourself smack dab in front of the COOP gallery in #75.  During the month of October, COOP is pleased to present the multi-media work of Oklahoma-based artist, Peter Froslie.  As a child of the 80’s, I am very excited to see how Froslie has made his recent objects (sculptures) from children’s toys that he hacks-such as Etch-A-Sketches and other stuffed animals (kinda like the Toy Story toys but real and kinder).  Other work by Froslie in this exhibition relates history and investigating global relationships through a range of media and technology; fun and deep stuff all in one spot!

-Then you can get your music art fill on at Tinney Contemporary as they present “The Man Who Shot Rock: Works by internationally-recognized photographer and musician Jonathan Postal.”  As seen in the Joan Jett print, the Memphis-based artist was concerned with capturing a moment that was raw, honest, and timeless combined with a unique and quirky style of beauty.  In this exhibition, all of the shots are musically inspired from some of the most iconic musicians in the past 40 years.  It is sure to be a similar rock time machine as the fabulous Warhol Live! was at the Frist recently.  This exhibition will run until November 19thand also have its opening reception this Saturday, October 1stfrom 6-9pm like the others from Saturday above.

Before I sign off for now, be sure to register and sign-up for Untitled’s GLOW Show coming around the bend on October 7th .  If you or another friend is interested in participating, you need to register before the deadline of October 2nd  by midnight at the following address:  GLOW is always a wonderful show for all who partake and attend.  Don’t miss out if you are willing and wanting to be involved!

Well, well, well, I’m starting to get tired again so I should let you go back to your day at hand.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing the news above with others you love and who love art.

As you were, busy but happy.

much love,



Instant Legends of the Fall

 I will just cut to the chase.  Typically in the ebb and flow of how art galleries and their monthly cycles go, the end of the month (as I’ve talked about here and there many times and moons before) is used for gearing up for the next round of shows while the past shows are waning to an end.  This month is totally different and I love it for that (and many other reasons).  If you remember, I mentioned that this is the month of Earth, Wind, and Fire’s September.  I don’t lie.

To set the mood for the weekend blowout of grand opening proportions, what better way other than throwing on a little Barry White or Marvin Gay on the record player than to combine a Two-for-Thursday for the ages.  Yeah, I made that up and said it!  Let me talk about one night and two different places with lots of friendly faces and styles of art.  The first, starting at 6pm and running through 9pm, leave it to my favorite art pusher man, Ed Nash, to open his new studio in an Open Studio of sorts.  Serving as his new studio and gallery space, Nash is providing the space and the party refreshments to celebrate the viewing of new paintings and sculptures.  It is FREE, but you must talk to Nash and RSVP  by clicking HERE before the last minute.  And speaking of parties and last minute, you might just want to make note that my favorite music pusher band, Jonathan Sexton and The Big Love Choir is coming back to Music City for their latest EP Release Party and show this Thursday, September 22nd, starting at 6pm, at Douglas Corner Café (2106 8thAvenue South).  Not only is it a chance for you to help the solid band on the rise release their “Take These Days” EP in style, but JSBLC will be donating $1 for each drink purchased the night of the event to Musicians On Call.  It certainly appears to be a win-win for everyone on Thursday night around these two events.

Then, and I mean THEN, Saturday, September 24this going to be like Haley’s Comet in the 5 Points District.  There will be 4 epic things happening all on the same night and within walking distance of each other.  First and certainly not least, right beside Art & Invention Gallery, you will find the latest brain-child of Bret and Meg in their GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION of The Five Point Collaborative (An Idea Hatchery).  Mayor Karl Dean will be on hand at 1:30pm for an official ribbon cutting ceremony that will be followed later by an Opening Reception from 6-9pm.  In case you haven’t noticed the seismic shift of foot traffic in the Idea Hatcher ever since it opened with this year’s Tomato Fest, introduce yourself to the new faces on the block as in Alegria, Bizen, East Garden, 5 Points Digital Imaging, Glen Miller, Goodbuy Girls, Moss, and This Oktipus Printing Company.

Then, and I mean THEN, right beside the Idea Hatchery, the mother ship of Art and Invention is once again hosting its annual (3rdif you’re counting) Proto Pulp-Classic Books of the Future group exhibit devoted to children’s books and the artists who have created them.  Proto Pulp includes several completed book projects, along with artwork, designs and prototypes for future books from the following featured artists: Adrianne Waxman, Bethany Taylor, Deborah Allen, Janet Lee, Johanna Mueller, Julia Sola, Laura Baisden, Maisy Owen, Marianne Bouldin, Mark Sloniker, Molly Brooks, and Sarah Kaufman.  The opening reception is Saturday, Septemeber 24th, from 6-9pm, and the show will last until October 23rd.  Side note, Los Angeles based artist Guy Lovin is going to have a weekend long Trunk Show with his designer jewelry at Art & Invention (trunk show times are Friday from 11am-6pm and then Saturday from 11am-9pm).

And in conjunction with the festivities at and within Bret and Meg’s creative world, two other neighbors will be open just as late and with just as much fun.  Bryant Gallery, on 1113 Woodland Street, is opening a new group show featuring Green Daniel, Hunt Adams, and many other local artists from noon-9pm.  AND Wonders on Woodland & Back East, on 1110 Woodland Street, will also be open until 9pm on Saturday with their own offerings of eclectic antiques, collectibles, and mid-century modern furniture.  I’d say you will be hard-pressed to find a valid excuse to miss out on all of the fabulous fun in one area that I’ve listed above. 

That said, take what I’ve written you and do what you will.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you end September and begin October with the same excitement as we at Nashville’s heART will.  Be well and be nice to one another.

Until next week’s update, as you were … busy but happy.

much love,


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

 Hello, hello, hello to you and you and YOU!  I think my wife has already gotten sick of me humming and singing that “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”  The seasonal colors are about to change, the temperature is reaching various levels of cool, it’s the perfect climate to attack the rivers with friends and canoes and then camp out with mega-marshmellows, songs, and said friends, “American” football is in full force (maybe someone from the Titans can remember that this coming week), and I have yet to mention what the Nashville art scene has in store for you this week!

Without rambling on and on and taking you away from the Monday grind, I’ll let you know that you won’t have to wait long to stART smiling around town.  Tomorrow night, Tuesday, September 13th, you can walk on down to Zeitgeist Gallery in the Hillsboro Village to see Zeitgeist and AIA Middle Tennessee present “Indeterminacies: The Little Match Girl Passion” performed by the PORTARA New Music EnsembleFrom 6-8pm, FREE and open to the public, you can see the group performing David Lang’s 2008 Pulitzer-prize winning work for vocal quartet and percussion.  Alongside the current art in the gallery by Kurt Wagner and Wayne White, and beside the guest moderator (and critical writer for the Nashville Scene and John Pitcher, Zeitgeist Gallery is primed to kick off their Fall Series of Indeterminacies and this week off in style.  Feel FREE to join them!

And speaking of the Nashville art scene and, YOU have a wonderful  opportunity to meet the NashvilleArts & ArtNowNashville Teams this week at “NAAD at Terrazzo.”  Specifically, this Friday, September 16th, from 5-8pm, at the Terrazzo Penthouse (700 12thAvenue South, The Gulch) marks an “Art After Hours” special event presented by the Nashville Association of Art Dealers (NAAD) that will show off more than 100 works of art from a 12 local galleries all under one roof!  The event is at the time mentioned and extended the following day (Saturday, September 17th, from 12-4pm) as well.  With works from 12 galleries (Bennett Galleries, Cumberland Galleries, LeQuire Gallery, Local Color Gallery, Midtown Gallery, The Arts Company, Two Moon Gallery, Gallery Simin, Richland Fine Art, Richter Gallery of Photography, and Gallery One Contemporary Fine Art) all in one spot, it’s not surprising but a surprising treat to also have the entire NashvilleArts magazine team and everyone helping establish present on Friday evening to discuss art in the media, what they are about, and whatever else you would like to ask in person.  This event is also FREE and open to the public, but the art is for sale.  With complimentary parking, why don’t you drop by and compliment some of the artists and people helping make Nashville visually spectacular!

Now jumping back in time yet again within this mixed up calendar of events and transitions, I briefly direct you to Thursday, September, 15th.  It is Thursday night, from 8-midnight at Mercy Lounge where you will find this month’s RAW event that is titled “Junction.”  For those not familiar with RAW, Raw Artists Nashville pits some of the most ground-breaking and original talent Nashville has to offer in an array of different creative fields also under one roof for one-night-only.  For those who are familiar with RAW, you know that it is always a really fun time and perfect introduction for everyone involved to everyone that makes it out to support the creative cause.  If you are a person who enjoys discovering new local talent in film, fashion, music, visual art, hair & makeup artistry, and performance art within grassroots showcase events, then the Mercy Lounge this Thursday night and RAW Nashville is perfect for you.

Then jump back to the future this Saturday, September 17th, into something new, fresh, and a work in progress.  Literally, “Works In Progress” is a new artshow experiment with you in the studio and in the home brought to you by HAUS Rotations.  Hosted by the group of artists that make up Haus Rotations for a one-night opening within a temporarily-donated home within the Sylvan Park area (3530 Murphy Road, Nashville, TN  37205) from 5-10pm, HAUS Rotations is a collaborative community working to highlight and engage contemporary dialogues and studio discovery across the arts.  This is a fascinating new take on local art and art discussion between local designers, thinkers, and artists that is bringing said people together by breaking down traditions across the board.  If you’d like to know more information about this project or to scedule an interview with HAUS Rotations, feel free to contact Megan Kelley at and get in on this great thing on the ground level.

I have truly enjoyed the little time we have shared here today.  I am sorry to say I have bad news.  If you delayed on visiting the Frist Center the past few months while neglecting my advice to check out the Warhol exhibition,  then you have missed out on one of the most amazing art exhibitions I’ve ever seen because it is no longer at the Frist Center as of yesterday.  You should just kick yourself honestly.  If you have trouble kicking yourself, then you should immediately try to redeem your loss by giving yourself reasons to pat yourself on the back instead.  For instance, you can proudly pat yourself on the back for realizing that you should finally take my advice and visit the Frist Center starting today to see 2 new exhibitions that have recently opened to ease your life post-Warhol transition.  I’m talking about the “A Divine Light: Northern Renaissance Paintings from the Bob Jones University Museum & Gallery” and Tracey Snelling’s “Woman on the Run” Exhibitions respectively.  One is designed as an intimate encounter with the devotional art of the 15thand 16thcenturies and how Northern Renaissance artists expressed central mysteries of faith in several ways and the other is designed as a modern day type of mystery as seen and told through what Snelling defines as 3-dimensional storytelling via various clues found within the art.  Don’t miss out on the fun while it lasts!

Now go out there and tell others about all the fun things going on around town this week on top of all of the galleries already promoting stellar local and regional art during their regular open hours.  AND don’t forget to tell the Titans that they are playing a football game this week.

As you were, busy but happy.

much love,


Rain on mE

How do you bounce back from a holiday weekend for the ages?  Well, I’ve heard a lot of my friends doing so by jumping into a good book or having a beer or two and sharing witty banter together.  It might be too late at this point for you RSVP for Beer, Books & Banter benefiting the Southern Festival of Books just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t head on over to Yazoo Brewing Company with your own friends after their special fundraising event taking place tonight from 5:30-7:30pm to throw together your own mix of spirits.  With only $20 that changes into one free beer and brewery tour (and a shot at a commemorative pint glass for some) with proceeds benefiting the Festival, it never hurts to email and ask for a last minute spot RSVP at

One thing you can be ahead of the game on and won’t need to RSVP for attendance at all is the upcoming juried exhibition put together by the Music City Sisters at Out Central Cultural Center.  This Friday, September 9th, from 6-9pm, you are free to join the Middle Tennessee community for the opening reception and awards ceremony as the Music City Sisters celebrate the talented artists who’ve submitted art for “Alphabet Art 2011: a Juried Exhibition of Queer Artists.”  The exhibition, which you can also see Saturday, September 10thfrom 4-6 pm (also on Sept. 14, 17, 21, and 24), displays works of art expressing a variety of elements that make up the Nashville and beyond world of gay, lesbian, transgender and more community. 

Mixing things up a bit right now even more so and going back in time as in Thursday, September 8th after I’ve written about Friday, September 9th, the Parthenon is again where it’s at.  It’s Thursday, September 8th, starting at 7pm, where the Parthenon kicks off its 2011-12 Symposia Series with a concert/lecture by the Nashville Early Music Project.  The mentioned NEMP is now in its second season performing music of the Middle Agges and the Renaissance in authentic style on reproduction period instruments.  The concert will truly display a genuine Rock of Ages sound like no other since the original time and place, and the presentation coinciding with the performance will discuss issues and difficulties in reconstructing the music of ancient cultures.  There will be a reception following the presentation and admission is FREE to the entire night at the Parthenon, but reservations are REQUIRED (call 615-862-8431 or 8432).  And mixing things up even more in the same paragraph, THIS JUST IN, this Thursday’s Symposium I just wrote about has been cancelled.  I will let you know when it has been rescheduled at a later date as soon as I know for myself.  Sorry for the ultra-confusion.  Let us proceed.

Music inspired paint that instantly struck me on the press release can be seen in the form of an abstract John Lennon on Linen attached to this short story. The rest of the new art by its maker, Green Daniel, and other exciting pieces by fellow creative folks can be seen at the “Group Show at Bryant Gallery: Paintings by Green Daniel and Hunt Adams.”  The open reception is on September 10th, from 5-8pm.  Also showing at Bryant Gallery are the following: Annie Freeman, Beth Seiters, Diane Molner, Donna Rizzo, Hugh Bennett, Jan Bell, Lena Lucas, Lucian Nicholson, Lydia Wilson, Nola Jane, and Ruth Zelanski.  I’ve passed the gallery over a hundred times since opening but I’m really looking forward to really seeing everything showcased inside of the wondrous showcase window in the front during this latest exhibition’s run.  I hope you are just as excited too 

And now that I’m jumping all over the place this week in regards to time, before going to Bryant Gallery at 5pm, know that there is something else luring you over to The Family Wash direction besides the always amazing shepherd’s pie.  That’s right, there is a FREE INDOOR market series running the second Saturday of every month Sept-Dec from noon til 9pm at the intersection surrounding The Family Wash (beginning this Saturday, September 10th).  At this market, you will find a plethora of stunning local jewelry designers, couture clothing designers and a wealth of local artists at the FIRST Porter Crossing Arts Market.  

Also this week, Thursday, September 8th, from 5-7pm, you should definitely check out Vanderbilt’s joint opening reception for two exhibitions that explore books, the art and craft of fine binding, and the intersection of art and text.  If you RSVP at, The Jean and Alexander Heard Libraries and the Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery will cordially invite you to the grand reception for “THE BOOK AS ART: Beautiful Books” (which runs from Sept. 8, 2011-August 12, 2012 at Jean and Alexander’s) and “READING PICTURES: Text and Image in Contemporary Art” (which runs from August 25-Sept. 30 of this year).  Again, RSVP at the email above in this paragraph for the event and to find more information, go HERE.

So take this jumbled-up, new-filled excitement for the Nashville arts and this week’s events with you on your way.  Have a road to holiday recovery and have a blessed day.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing with others the good word from Nashville’s heART.

much love,