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Books, art, book art, music, and everything else your creative heart is seeking

That’s right, everything I just said in this here title above me and more is what you’ll find around Nashville for the week ahead. I won’t beat around the burning bush, not for one more second. Here is what is on fire! Tonight, at 8:30pm, at Bongo Java After Hours Theater, you can find the amazing creative talent that is Craig Havighurst in his “String Theory (Surround Sound Edition): A One-Man Show About Music.” The first showing was last Tuesday and was highly praised and received by many. The show, tonight, will also be on Tuesday, November 13th at the same time and bat channel if you can’t make it tonight. Tickets are $10 to witness a truly remarkable show that covers 12+ years of covering music in and around this music city by Craig. It is a series of monologues, readings, videos, guitar picking’, songs, beats, and vinyl mashed up together to help music fans, players, and lovers be entertained and enlightened. I trust Craig and the people I know that went last week and I say it is a must see. I plan on seeing it the 13th! Who’s coming with me?

Then tomorrow lends itself to be the freaking most awesome day of art talks around town that I believe this city has ever had. Don’t believe me? Consider the following. Tomorrow, from 9am-4pm, introduce yourself to “Nash-Up: Remixing Nashville’s Arts, Culture, and Creative Future” at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. The keynote speaker is the legendary Wayne White (if you don’t know his work by name, shame on you and talk to Google NOW). Panel 1 will be Nashville’s Visual Identity- moderated by Mark Scala with the panelists of Libby Callaway, Brent Stewart, Sam Dunson, and Bryce McCloud. Panel 2 will be Nashville’s Narrative Imagination- moderated by Stephanie Pruitt with the panelists Kevin Gordon, Janet Lee, Christopher Mohnani, and Amelia Winger-Bearskin. Panel 3 will be The Future of Creativity in Nashville- moderated by Jim Ridley with the panelists Stephanie Silverman, Dr. Steven Tepper, Lain York, and Renata Soto. You need more info? Here ya go- I know … I know. Amazing stuff, right!!!

Fast-forward to next month, this Friday, November 2nd, from 3-6pm, at 3101 Wingate Avenue, and join artist LA Bachman in the art studio. Guests are invited to bring friends to enjoy the work, the environment, and refreshments. With the holiday season approaching, there will be works available for purchase and commissioned paintings can be booked. It doesn’t get much more organic in the art process as this y’all! Also Friday, at 7:30pm, you can visit Vanderbilt at their Fall Salon fiesta of sorts. It is there, in the Reading Room at Vanderbilt Divinity School, where poet Kate Daniels will read from her latest work “A Walk in Victoria’s Secret,” music and song will come from songwriter Aimee Wilson and North Carolina’s Songs of Water, and the event it FREE! Can you beat that? Keep reading and try 🙂

Saturday isn’t too shabby either. If you are not running or volunteering in the Nashville Ultra Marathon (I’m volunteering and you can too at so inspiring), you should do 1 or 3 of 3 things. First, you should sign up and participate in the unique “Accordion Book & Creative Writing Workshop” from 1-3pm in front of East Side Story bookstore in the 5 points area of East Nashville. It is there where you will find book artist Jennifer Knowles-McQuistion and author Susannah Felts coming together like super heroes of literature to teach a 2 hour workshop to teach people how to make their own 6-page accordion hardcover book! You can even add to the spirit of the day by bringing your own bottle of wine or hot cup o’ joe too! No book arts experience necessary (Adults only). Cost is $20 and $5 materials fee, and all you have to do is register by emailing … NOW! It is filling up quickly and you don’t want to miss out on this fun.

Then, who on Earth doesn’t like blue skies and jelly beans? Welp, “Blue Skies and Jelly Beans” will be what you see this Saturday from 6-8pm if you visit Crema (located a short walk from downtown in Historic Rutledge hill at 15 Hermitage Ave.). Local husband and wife artists, Aaron and Michelle Grayum, will bring their whimsical collaborations to CREMA with an artist’ reception like no other. The artists will be donating 50% of their sales to Jacaranda Kids, a non-profit organization providing education to children living in the slums in Nairobi, Kenya. Seriously … if you have the time and the heart, you need to be there.

Also Saturday, coinciding with the First Saturday of the month Downtown art crawl with plenty of slender and wonderment, you should definitely stop by Blend Studio from 6-9pm to see Josh Worman, a local artist who recently graduated from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and his latest works of art that questions the use of materials and materiality and what can he use to make art in general. He transforms random materials into art objects and also amuses himself with wordplay, stretching language, and the linguistic phenomena. Plus there is some humor scattered around as well. A can’t miss show.

And finally, as the look ahead to next week highlight, and keeping with the humor, wordplay, what to make of physical materials, and a whole lot of fun, I leave you with the final call for reservations for Tuesday, November 6th, and the first ever East Side Storytellin’ program (selfless plug because I’m a proud puppy of this idea turned reality). The first 30 to rsvp for FREE at Rumours East (615-262-5346) will be able to witness the live event turned radio show for WAMB radio and a podcast at a later date. The first show will be a reading by local author Ann Shayne from her Bowling Avenue sensational book, and then a musical performance like no other by the oober-talented Kim and Scott Collins (who also form together like super heroes of music and call themselves The Smoking Flowers). There will be art, wine, food, interviews, music, readings, wine, food, wine, and a heck of a time had by all. Don’t get left out in the cold on this or the upcoming shows that you can read about at

Have a great week … the best! Because you can!

much love,



Better late…wait, better than ever

So, I have a few seconds to spare to fit the first part of this post in before it actually takes place so here we go without delay. First, RIGHT NOW The One and Only Bill Davis is playing at The Family Wash. Beginning at 9:30pm, TOAOBD is heading back to one of his favorite venues in Nashville to let you unwind from the week with a pint and dinner (the original pint and pie place actually) and a superb show by one heck of a great guy and special guests. Also right now, you can go over to Dinos Bar from 8:30-10:30pm for the Halloween readings of Poetry Sucks! (it is anything but sucky). Another thing that is going on beginning today and running through Sunday is Artclectic. As seen at, you are more than welcome to see the most eclectic art (get it!) show around found at the University School of Nashville located at 2000 Edgehill Avenue.

Fast forward to this coming Saturday, an epic Saturday indeed, to be had by one and all.

-You might find yourself heading over to Cheekwood to enjoy scarecrows, pumpkins, mums, and trains all in the same place. The are promoting art, fall festivities, and El Dia de los Muertos from 11-5pm for kids of all ages to experience.

-You might find yourself heading over to Cumberland Park to enjoy Nashville Sings from 10-4pm. There will be Nashville Food Trucks on site as well, and there will be FREE parking available in and around LP Field. The entire event is FREE and open to the public (a phrase I know many of you, myself included, love to hear and read). The headliner of the event at 3pm will be the Fisk Jubilee Singers, but they will be primed by MNPS Elementary Chorus, I.T. Creswell Arts Magnet Middle School, William Henry Oliver Middle School, MET Singers, Music City Chorus, Nashville Singers, and Nashville in Harmony. Just reading the names out loud is music to my eyes.

Now that your eyes are ready to read more, look no further on Saturday, October 27th, than (a wee bit of self promotion and shameless plug here) East Side Story (1108 Woodland Street, Unit B) and it’s first big Halloween special event called “Nashville: A City of Ghosts Stories!!” Beginning at 7pm, author of A City of Ghosts, Betsy Phillips and spooky poet Elizabeth McClellan (spooky with her words only of course, and not by her demeanor) will be on site to help get you in the Halloween mood with their original tales of ghosts and monsters and spectacular spooktacular times with Nashville as the backdrop for it all. Sometimes the best stories to get your blood moving are right in your back yard. Don’t miss out! There will be books, art, and lots of good people to surround yourself with as always at East Side Story. Check out the newly launched website at as well.

Finally, this Sunday, October 28th, from 3-5pm, you are invited to the Marnie Sheridan Gallery at The Harpeth Hall School (3801 Hobbs Road). There is an Opening Reception for Saints, Goddesses, & Godhisattvas: a national juried exhibition of the divine figure in art. The Exhibition dates are from October 22nd until December 14th, 2012, but there will be 42 works of art by 27 artists from 15 states. I only have to say three words … Jennifer Knowles-McQuistion! Yes, Jennifer will be showing there! That is all I need to say!

I will write again before Halloweeen for sure for next week! In the spooky time between, be well and nice to each other.

much love,

A new dawn … a new day

Hello, hello, hello. I typically use that introduction when I am very happy and today is one of those days. The combination of the weather and creativity all around is very pleasant to behold for sure. It could also be that my monthly taxes and invoices are complete for the month too, but that’s another blog post.

That said, I was just sitting at my bookstore, East Side Story (which just so happened to launch our website fully as of yesterday, and one of the best couples just walked into the store. It’s not what you think when I say couple. It is a mother and son that both beam awesome creativity in everything they do. Whether it is music, writing, painting, folk art, or making book planters out of books and plants, these two do it all. Not revealing much about the minor and latter, the mother is none other than the featured CSArt artist of the week, Lesley Patterson-Marx. Born in Louisville, KY, gotta love the KY connection, she is a master of mixed media, printmaking, and book arts. I have several of her various works at the bookstore and feel very lucky and blessed to be associated with her as a friend on and off Facebook. You should check out her stuff and the CSArt information at and when you have a chance.

Something I am sad to miss out on this Friday night, which I never back out of things once I commit to them and I simply must this time (doesn’t mean you have to too though), is the “Off the Shelf: Book Culture in the Digital Age” at Watkins College of Art, Design & Film. This Friday, at 7pm, Watkins is proud to mark the conclusion of the Handmade & Bound Nashville, Vol. 2 and its juried book arts exhibition, Familiar Relics, with a panel of discussion about the future of book in the face of new technologies. The other panelists that will be on site and extremely well worth coming to listen to are Parnassus Books co-owner Karen Hayes, Austin Peay State University professor/Goldsmith Press director Cynthia Marsh, and Maryland Institute College of Art library director/book artist and Familiar Relics juror Tony White. Watkins photography department chair Robin Paris will moderate. Oh, and the wonderful and talented Jennifer Knowles-McQuistion will be there overseeing everything as usual from behind the scenes. It will be a grand ol’ time for sure! You should go and let me know how it goes, please.
Then, for Saturday’s delight, you should totally make it down to the Tennessee State Haunted Museum. From noon-4pm on the 20th, The State Museum (5th Avenue and DEADerick Street) is sponsoring Explorastory within their larger event, happening downtown Nashville. Come hear 4 hours of storytelling from professional tellers, local Girl Scouts & character actors. Again, not a dull moment at all.

And finally, if you want to know where I’ll be Sunday morning and you guessed church you might be right. But if you guessed at some point that I’ll be getting paint thrown on me by complete strangers for a good cause in the first ever Color Run in Nashville, you would be absolutely correct! If you want to come join us while running, laughing, or laugh at us running … feel free to come on out. There is a party afterwards and lots of good people all around. Basically, this is the motto for Artober in Nashville … a lot of good people all around and tons of pARTies!

Don’t believe me? Well, well, well. I’ll throw you a doozy of one that lasts all weekend. Christ the King is presenting the Belmont Community Celebration of Art Show and Sale Friday-Sunday (Oct. 19th-21st). Friday (6-9pm), Saturday (10:30-6:30pm), and Sunday (9:30-2pm) at 3105 Belmont Boulevard, there will be one heck of an art show and fundraising event dedicated to showcasing local and regional artistic talent, the proceeds of the sale benefit Christ the King School and serve as an inspiration for a future generation of artists. See … believe me now!

Have a wonderful week and weekend.
much love,

Books and more!

Well, after a stellar day at Watkins this past Saturday for their spectacular Handmade & Bound Festival (saw one of my most favoritest teachers I’ve ever had that I haven’t seen in nearly a decade out of the blue that totally made my good day even better), the book fun for all you book lovers around Nashville doesn’t have an end in sight!  This weekend will be filled with activities galore surrounding the 24th annual Southern Festival of Books at the War Memorial Plaza.  From October 12-14th, you can visit downtown Nashville and bombard yourself with over 200 authors offering readings, discussions, and book signings.  Basically, you can get your paper fix downtown and then drop by East Side Story on your way back home to let us know how much fun you had, who you saw in person, and what you bought.  We like to hear your stories too.

Now back to the art scene of course.  I’d like to set aside a paragraph to mention that my good friend and neighbor in The Idea Hatchery, John Cannon, is having his official Grand Opening during the always fun Second Saturday at Five Points.  Amidst the already amazing shows going on at Bryant Gallery (Gary White), Art & Invention, and Winters on Wonderland, at the heart of all of the creative madness you will find John Cannon Fine Art at 1108 Woodland Street, Unit C- right behind me in B!  Saturday, October 13th, from 6-9:30pm, you can stop in to enjoy some wine and hors d’oeuvres and register to win a painting.  John will be donating a portion of day-of-event proceeds to Frankie’s Friends, a nonprofit that involves emergency and specialty care for pets with cancers and other diseases.  Not only can this guy paint out of this world and have a ton of amazing works already finished and for sale on the spot for you to take home with you, but this guy’s got a heart bigger than the space he runs.  You can check out more information at and just drop by his party and space during open hours.

To backtrack one second and let you know about fun things going on before Saturday with music and art for FREE, look no further than LIVE ON THE GREEN on Thursday night and the fabulous pictures by Nashville-based photographer Caroline Allison found at Zeitgeist (1819 21st Avenue South in Hillsboro Village) on Friday.  First, on Thursday, you need to dive into the October holiday season head over heels and find yourself enjoying the local, legendary musical act of Here Comes The Mummies headlining Live on the Green at around 8pm.  It is just great fun for the family and kids of all ages.  Then, on Friday over at Zeitgeist, you can enjoy the new photos by Caroline Allison.  Her latest work, called “More Than You Know”, speak to themes of miscommunication and rewritten histories.  Allison, a graduate of Sewanee, is currently a faculty member at Watkins College of Art, Film, and Design … talk about full circle here with this blog post, right?  Oh well, both events will be a good time.

And speaking of a great big deal of fun that goes behind making history and keeping it in the neighborhood, you should definitely come out in drones to the Shelby Park Centennial Celebration.  Saturday, from 10am-5pm, this FREE event will observe the rich history, nature, and beauty of the park.  Activities are being developed by a team of community volunteers donating their time and resources and dedicated to creating a day full of merriment and celebration in one of Nashville’s oldest parks.  There will be art and live performances to entertain a diverse audience … that means YOU!

So that is your week and weekend in a nutshell.  I hope that is enough to keep you busy and happy, but mainly happy.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and please share with other friends on and off Facebook.  If anythings else, stop by East Side Story for movie night in our front yard this Friday night and hang out for a bit.  We’ve got local books y’all!

much love,



ps- also Friday, check this out just in below!!!!!!  BIG NEWS!!!!!!

Join Mayor Karl Dean (aka The HOLY GHOST because he is EVERYWHERE!) for a groundbreaking celebration for the 5th Avenue of the Arts District.   11:00 a.m., Friday, October 12, 2012 on the Plaza of Fifth Third Bank  at Church and 5th Avenue, North

Fifth Third Bank will host “Fifth Third Friday” with activities including the Nashville in Harmony chorus and Puckett’s Food Trolley. Prize giveaways and Hatch Show Print will be on hand crafting commemorative Artober posters!

After remarks, Mayor Dean will lead a gallery walk along 5th Avenue, including The Arts Company, Rymer Gallery, and Tinney Contemporary. The walk will feature free cupcakes from the Cupcake Collection, gallery tours and free passes to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts.


All of the galleries on 5th and in the Arcade, plus the other businesses on 5th Avenue, North, are ecstatic about these changes–soon to be new street lights, new sidewalks, outdoor dining, and even a piece of sculpture being commissioned by the Metro Nashville Arts Commission as a public sculpture commorating the sit-ins that took place in this  block in the 1960s.  It’s all a part of Nashville changes going on all around the city.

Come be a part of it.  It’s all a part of the city’s Artober celebration of the arts.

Artober is HERE!

HELLO books, art, and book art!


To kick off this wonderful Artober, I am proud to let you know about Handmade & Bound Nashville, Vol. 2 over at Watkins College of Art, Design, & Film this weekend (beginning tonight!).  Tonight there is a community book sculpture going on, tomorrow there is an opening for the gallery exhibition in the Currey Gallery from 6:30-8:30pm, and Saturday is the Handmade & Bound book arts festival and marketplace from 11am-4pm (2298 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard).  Honestly, it is THE BEST festival around town other than the Tomato Arts Fest in my humble opinion and its just getting started.  What could be better than a bunch of book art and book art artists meeting in one place to visit and talk with and buy from for FREE?!  … not much I say 🙂


Then tomorrow night, from 5:30-8pm, Collectors Art Night will be going down yet again at The Arts Company, The Rymer Gallery, and Tinney Contemporary.  All 3 events are hosted by Paul Polycarpou and Nashville Arts Magazine.  Tinney Contemporary kicks it all of at 6pm with Jack Hastings and Arlyn Ende, then The Rymer Gallery has some fun talks at 6:45pm about new works by  Natalie Dunham and Luke Hillestad, and then The Arts Company will close shop at 7:15pm with some works with John Baeder and Jim McGuire.


And then on Saturday, October 6th, more than 60,000 of your closest friends will enjoy 55 performances on 5 stages and stroll the World Market, Children’s Area, Teens United, and the Global Village.  The new Metro Arts Bazaar will feature local artisans selling their hand-crafted artworks.  This annual festival is a very unique opportunity to Celebrate Nashville.  This all goes down at Centennial Park.


Also on Saturday, aside from Dave and Kat getting married, you should take a look at the student-run art gallery OPEN, in the Arcade downtown by some Lipscomb students.  It will be a “One Person Show” by Jen Delos Reyes, the night of the Fifth Avenue Art Crawl.  It will go down in suite 57, from 6-9pm and will only be open by appointment other than every Fifth Avenue Art Crawls.  Also at the Arcade on Saturday night, you should go by Blend Studio to see an exhibition of New Sculpture by Brad Reagan and skip over to 40AU to see Salo: Selected Works by Chasen Igleheart.  You can check out the rest of the Fifth Avenue Art Crawl by visiting


I think that that pretty much says it all for now on my end of things this week.  I have some more exciting ideas taking shape this month that I’ll definitely keep you posted with, but I do want to give you a head’s up for next weekend for one thing in particular.  Saturday, October 13th, you really should make it down to the Shelby Park from 10am-5pm to celebrate Shelby Park’s 100th Anniversary!


That is all … for now.


much love,